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Chapter 641: Subduing Demons!

The number of ancient remnant beasts in the valley was decreasing rapidly!

Although there were almost a thousand ancient remnant beasts, they could not deal with the Level 3 Illumination Sword Formation!

Mountains of corpses and rivers of blood were formed.

The entire valley seemed to have transformed into a blood-colored purgatory!

Finally, some of the ancient remnant beasts could not take it anymore and the ferocity in their eyes dissipated. Overwhelmed by the fear of death, they started fleeing in all directions wildly.

The Golden Lion stood on top of the mountain peak and looked at the puny human with a grim expression – it had finally stopped underestimating the human.

This human was strong!

That sword formation seemed to possess an extremely ancient power such that even it felt its heart pounding!

However, the more that was the case, the more excited the Golden Lion became as the glint in its eyes shone brighter with a raring battle intent.

If he could subdue such a strong human as a slave, it would be worth it to lose those ancient remnant beasts.


The Golden Lion roared and its blood qi surged, shrouding its body with demonic qi. Descending from the skies, it reached out with its claws and lunged towards the Illumination Sword Formation!

Those watching were always clearer at the end of the day.

Although the sword formation was mighty, every single flying sword had been tainted by the blood of countless ancient remnant beasts up till this point of the battle and their sword lights dimmed gradually.

The bloodline of ancient remnant beasts was powerful.

Even supreme-grade spirit weapons would weaken in strength after being tainted by the demon blood.

In fact, supreme-grade spirit weapons could even be destroyed entirely if they were soaked in demon blood for a long period of time!

It was evident that the circulation of the Illumination Sword Formation was not as smooth as before. The radius of its sword qi had shrunk considerably and its movement was slightly sluggish.

The reason why the Golden Lion waited till this moment to strike was because it wanted to destroy the Illumination Sword Formation in one move!


There was a deafening noise.

The Illumination Sword Formation and the Golden Lion collided against one another.

After a short pause…

The sword formation dispersed and 27 flying swords scattered from the skies one after another – all their sword lights had dimmed completely.

Everyone who was watching engrossedly could not help but exclaim.

They were even more worried than Su Zimo was at the sight of the sword formation’s destruction.

On the other hand, Su Zimo was not surprised and his gaze was calm. He put away the 27 flying swords into his storage bag expressionlessly.

Once this battle was over, the flying swords could be returned to their original states after wiping away the demon blood on them.

The Golden Lion was sent flying and rolled on the ground before getting up once more. Its claws trembled slightly with an intense pain.

Even so, the Golden Lion’s eyes could not conceal their excitement.

It had finally managed to destroy that scary sword formation with a full-powered attack!

The Golden Lion reared its head in laughter and shouted, “Useless one, your strongest technique has already been destroyed by me, hahahaha!”

“Strongest technique?”

Su Zimo had an odd expression.

The Golden Lion looked down at Su Zimo in the valley with glowing eyes. “If you give up obediently now and sign a blood oath with me, you can suffer less. Otherwise… fufu!”

It sneered menacingly and threatened Su Zimo directly.

“Let me return that statement right at you,”

Su Zimo gave a fake smile and jumped down from the Heaven Bane Wolf. “Yellow lion, if you sprawl before me obediently to be my mount right now, you can suffer less.”

The Golden Lion was enraged.

However, the Heaven Bane Wolf was delighted and howled in joy as it sprinted towards the entrance of the valley.

“Useless one, you’ve made me angry!”

The Golden Lion ground its teeth and saliva drooled from its fangs slowly as it snarled word by word, “You had better ask for mercy as soon as possible or I’m going to eat you alive once I change my mind!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo smiled.

The Golden Lion was triggered at the sight of Su Zimo smiling and roared. All its fur stood on end and its blood qi surged, causing its body to enlarge completely!

“I’m going to eat you up!”

The Golden Lion roared.


Su Zimo retracted his smile and extended his palm suddenly, intertwining his fingers to conjure a spirit art before pointing at the Golden Lion.


A wild wind howled and spirit energy surged.

The beautiful female cultivator’s group could clearly feel the spirit qi in the valley converging towards Su Zimo’s spirit art like a stream of water.

It was as though a spirit qi vortex was being formed!

“What a frightening spirit art!”

Everyone was shocked.

In the blink of an eye, a gigantic palm of spirit energy appeared before Su Zimo; its fingers were outstretched and its palm prints could be seen clearly.

That gigantic palm blanketed the skies and pushed down fiercely towards the Golden Lion!


The Golden Lion’s expression changed.

It could sense an extremely terrifying aura from the conjured palm.

In fact, the palm was clearly suppressing its blood qi!

“What is this?”

The Golden Lion circulated its Inner Core wildly and demonic qi rumbled and circled it.


Suddenly, a Sanskrit sound boomed in an earthshaking manner!

The Golden Lion shuddered and its fur fell instantly. Its blood qi dissipated irreversibly and the speed of its Inner Core’s circulation slowed down as well!

“How could this be?”

The Golden Lion was internally shocked.

In reality, this was the first time that Su Zimo had released the Daming Dharmic Seal together with Daming Mantra after he cultivated Daming True Sutra.

At the same time, the reason why this Dharmic Seal had such a clear suppression effect on the Golden Lion was because…

It was the Demon Subduing Seal!

The Demon Subduing Seal was meant to subdue demons!

The ancient remnant beasts at the side who had not managed to escape yet found the blood qis in their bodies dissipating as they sat on the ground limply with frightened expressions.

The reason why the Golden Lion was able to hold on forcibly was because it was a pure-blooded ferocious beast.

However, the Demon Subduing Seal was descending right above its head!


Right as the Golden Lion was about to stand up to go head-on against the spirit energy palm, it was pushed right back down!

Against the spirit energy palm, the massive body of the Golden Lion could only tremble.

One had to possess tremendous power if they wanted to subdue demons!

The bloodline of the Golden Lion trickled slowly within its body, unable to flow properly.


The Golden Lion knelt on the ground with an aggrieved expression. Although it was indignant, its massive head had no other choice than to bow down!

“Ee.. ”

It did not give up and there was a low growl that came from the depths of its throat.

However, no matter how it struggled, it could not do anything to the Demon Subduing Seal!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

They were at a stalemate but the power of the Demon Subduing Seal was evidently growing stronger.

Cracking sounds could be heard coming from the bones in the Golden Lion’s body and its body was shrinking repeatedly with its blood qi suppressed!

The beautiful female cultivator’s group was dumbstruck.

The pure-blooded ferocious beast with a torrential arrogance moments earlier was now pinned on the ground, unable to budge!

The green-robed cultivator’s methods were truly frightening!

The spirit energy palm was still pushing against the Golden Lion’s body.

Su Zimo strode before the Golden Lion and said indifferently, “I can spare your life if you become my mount for a period of time.”

The eyes of the Golden Lion shone with an endless ferocity as it ground its teeth jarringly.

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold.


The power of the Demon Subduing Seal intensified once again!

The Golden Lion gave a dull thud and nearly spat out blood from the pressure – its organs were being squashed together!

It realized that it was going to be killed if it continued to be stubborn!

However, the Golden Lion was aggrieved and indignant!

It was a pure-blooded ferocious beast with a noble bloodline from one of the eight demon regions, Wild Lion Ridge – how could it become a mount for a lowly human?

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