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Chapter 640: Blazing Sun

Sword Formation Masters were extremely rare and had a unique status in the cultivation world.

Although Sword Formation Masters were not considered as sword cultivators, their killing powers were not inferior!

In fact, if one could set up a powerful sword formation, it could even go head-on against many Golden Core phenomenons with ancient legacies without being disadvantaged!

Of course, Sword Formation Masters had an obvious disadvantage.

Although the speed of setting up sword formations was fast, it could not compare to the speed of releasing spirit arts or secret skills.

If they were to meet with top-tier experts, their opponents would strike and defeat them before their sword formations could be set up!

The ancient remnant beasts in the valley were clearly not sharp enough yet.

The hundred ancient remnant beasts charged over but were minced by the four Hexagonal Sword Formations, causing their flesh and blood to splatter in an extremely miserable sight!


The Golden Lion’s expression finally changed as he roared in Su Zimo’s direction, enraged.

The valley quaked and the leaves of the ancient trees scattered one after another!

The sight of the fresh blood triggered the remaining ancient remnant beasts entirely.

The beasts rumbled and roars reverberated through the valley!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The remaining thousand odd ancient remnant beasts turned around with vicious gazes and sprinted towards Su Zimo, ignoring the blue-robed man’s group even!


The eyes of the blue-robed man lit up as he shouted softly, “Hurry, let’s go!”

Before his words were finished, the blue-robed man leaped into the air and circulated his Golden Core fanatically, turning into a streak of light to bolt to the other side of the valley.

The remaining survivors were stunned and could not react to it.

The beautiful female cultivator was even looking at the blue-robed man with a slightly agape mouth in disbelief.

She had not imagined that he would do something so lowly.

No matter what, the green-robed cultivator was here to help them.

However, the blue-robed man took advantage of the moment when the green-robed cultivator was surrounded by the ancient remnant beasts to escape himself!

How was that different from a lowly ingrate?

“What are you guys waiting for?!”

The blue-robed man who was sprinting in midair turned around. When he saw the beautiful female cultivator and the others still standing on the spot, he sneered, “That man’s about to be devoured by the group of demons soon. If you miss this chance, all of you can wait to die!”

A few cultivators who were initially hesitant were evidently moved.

Everyone could tell that although the green-robed cultivator’s four sword formations were extraordinarily strong, they were definitely not enough to deal with the rush of the thousand odd ancient remnant beasts.

By the time the green-robed cultivator was ripped into pieces, they would be next in line!

Not everyone could be so noble and daring in the face of death.

Furthermore, the reason why everyone cultivated was due to the pursuit of longevity.

If they were to really die here, they would be left with nothing.

A conflicted look flashed through the beautiful female cultivator’s eyes but she still made up her mind and chose not to leave.

However, beside her, around eight of her sect mates soared into the air, wanting to escape from the valley with the blue-robed man.

When he saw the decision of the beautiful female cultivator, the blue-robed man could not help but frown and curse internally, “Truly the epitome of stupidity!”

Just as the blue-robed man was about to turn around and sprint with all his might, he discovered that his sect mates who soared into the air did not catch up to him. Instead, they were frozen on the spot and trembling.

All of them had horrified expressions, as though they had witnessed something extremely terrifying!

It was the same for the beautiful female cultivator – her arm was outstretched and her eyes were filled with fear as she pointed in his direction!

There was a damp aura with a hint of blood stench behind him.

The blue-robed man’s heart sank.

He turned around by instinct and sat a demon beast with a murderous aura standing at the mountain peak before him. It had a huge figure and its golden fur danced with a chilling aura as it glared ferociously with widened eyes.

It was the Golden Lion!

Unknowingly, the Golden Lion had already arrived in front of him. Its mouth was opened wide and it had a menacing expression as saliva dripped alongside streams of nauseating breaths.

By sprinting with all his might, the blue-robed man had almost sent himself into the mouth of the Golden Lion!


The blue-robed man exclaimed and felt his scalp prickle and legs go limp.

It was impossible if he wanted to get away given that distance!

Scared out of his wits, the blue-robed man was about to beg for mercy when a mocking look flashed through the Golden Lion’s eyes. Suddenly, it reached out and closed its massive mouth shut!


The blue-robed man was gone.

Upon seeing that, the cultivators who wanted to take advantage of the situation to escape fell from midair one after another, frightened with pale expressions.

The Golden Lion munched a couple times, seemingly unsatisfied, and extended its grisly tongue to spit out a few pieces of minced flesh with blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

The beautiful female cultivator had a terrible expression and nearly threw up.

In the blink of an eye, a live person was eaten by that pure-blooded ferocious beast!

Am I truly going to die here today?

The eyes of the beautiful female cultivator dimmed as she lamented internally.

Right then, a sound echoed from the direction of the entrance of the valley. It was ordinary, but it seemed to possess a noble might that could calm one down!

“Illumination Sword Formation, transform!”

Everyone subconsciously looked up.

However, dust billowed and their vision was completely blocked by the bodies of the thousand odd ancient remnant beasts at the front and they could not catch sight of the green-robed cultivator at all.

Clang! Clang!

All of a sudden!

The sounds of swords buzzing reverberated through the world!

Sharp streams of light burst into the air one after another.

Immediately after, right in front of everyone, a series of bedazzling sword lights appeared from the entrance of the valley and illuminated the entire world!

27 flying swords gathered with their tips pointed outwards, forming a circular disk of swords.

It was as though a blazing sun had descended upon the valley and released 27 streaks of sword qi. Radiant and domineering, it could tear through the voids and destroy the firmaments!

The might of the Illumination Sword Formation was way more frightening than the Hexagonal Sword Formation!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

A blood mist spewed out.

The thousand odd ancient remnant beasts rushed up but they were minced by the Illumination Sword Formation. Flesh and blood splattered everywhere and corpses were strewn – the entire valley was filled with blood!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless ancient remnant beasts that did not fear death charged forward but none of them could go against the Illumination Sword Formation.

The sword formation started advancing gradually!

When the group of the beautiful female cultivator saw this and heard the sounds of flesh and bone being cut, they were shocked.

The ancient remnant beasts were in chaos and were retreating!

The green-colored figure reappeared in their line of sight.

Riding on the Heaven Bane Wolf, the green-robed cultivator was heading towards them with a calm expression and deep gaze.

The sword formation was gathered right in front of his palm!

The green-robed cultivator merely waved his arm casually and the terrifying sword formation danced in midair, mincing and destroying everything in its path!

The group of people stared blankly.

How was that a sword formation?

In the hands of the green-robed cultivator, it was like a blazing sun that was retrieved from above the skies, annihilating all life wherever it passed!

A bloodied path lined with endless blood, flesh and corpses appeared behind him.

Wielding the blazing sun, the green-robed cultivator traveled through the blood, flesh and corpses like a divine being, looking down at everything with an unquestionable might!

The eyes of the beautiful female cultivator were fixated with a lost expression.

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