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Chapter 642: Bloody Unlucky

The Golden Lion felt itself suffocating from the mounting pressure on its body.

It had to make a decision!

The Golden Lion’s gaze fluttered and finally, it could not take it any longer and snarled, “I can be your mount, but there can’t be a blood oath between you and I!”

That was its bottom line.

As part of the Golden Lion race, it would be disgraced and humiliated by its tribe if it signed a blood oath with a lowly human!

There had been Golden Lions who signed blood oaths with humans in the past.

However, all of those humans were peerless heroes!

Even if they were not emperors, they were Mighty Figures, Patriarchs or even paragons of the generation that looked down on everyone of the same level.

While the human before it was well-versed in some methods and managed to subdue it by luck, Su Zimo was way too skinny in the Golden Lion’s opinion.

The Golden Lion still belittled Su Zimo from the bottom of its heart.

It made up its mind and sneered, making a final gamble. “Don’t sign a blood oath with me if you’ve got the guts!”


Su Zimo nodded.

This time round, the Golden Lion was the one that was stunned.

When it said that, it thought that it was going to die – it had not expected Su Zimo to agree to it so readily.

Did my provocations work?

Or is this lad trying to play a trick on me?

Everyone had to be wary of anyone that wasn’t of the same race as them.

If it was in the same position, the Golden Lion would definitely force Su Zimo to sign a blood oath with it. That way, it could save itself the worry of the latter’s betrayal in the future.

Another situation where a blood oath was not required was if the cultivation realm between both parties was great enough – minimally two major cultivation realms.

That way, one party would not be afraid of the other party’s betrayal. Rather, the former had the confidence of suppressing the latter if a betrayal were to happen!

However, that was a contradictory situation.

If Su Zimo was a Void Reversion or Dharma Characteristic, there was no need for him to look for a Golden Core realm spirit demon to sign a blood oath with.

As the Golden Lion’s thoughts ran wild, Su Zimo released the spirit art and dispersed that mountainous Demon Subduing Seal above it.

The Golden Lion was delighted upon being relieved from its burden!

This lad really let me off without a blood oath!

Although the Golden Lion was trying its best to contain its emotions, it was certain about one thing…

There was something wrong with the brains of this skinny scholar before it!


The Golden Lion laughed wildly in its heart. “He has really let me off! I can leave anytime now! Do you really think that I’m going to be your mount?”

Su Zimo dispelled the Demon Subduing Seal and turned around right away, seemingly unguarded towards the Golden Lion that was now behind him as he headed towards the Spirit Gathering Fruit not far away.

The Spirit Gathering Fruit naturally belonged to Su Zimo.

Initially, the Golden Lion wanted to leave right away. However, a fierce look flashed through its eyes and killing intent surged as it caught sight of Su Zimo’s back!

If it were to pounce forward right now, the scholar would definitely not be able to react!

Even if he could react, the scholar wouldn’t be able to release the same spirit art from earlier on in this brief moment and would definitely turn into his food!

However, the Golden Lion hesitated on second thought.

No matter what, this scholar had just spared its life.

It did not feel comfortable about eating this scholar up like an ingrate.

Bloody hell, does that mean that these demon beasts under my charge died for nothing?

This lad pinned me on the ground earlier on and my head was almost stuffed into the mud! Am I going to let that off just like this?”

The more the Golden Lion thought about it, the angrier it became.

This was something it could not endure!

It could not let things go just like this!

While it was contemplating, Su Zimo had already retrieved the Spirit Gathering Fruit and was heading back.

A thought crossed the Golden Lion’s mind.

When this lad rides on me, I’ll circulate my Inner Core and enlarge my flesh and tendons, causing him to fly in embarrassment!


That’s right! That’s the way!

The more the Golden Lion thought about it, the more excited it became and it could not help but smirk.

Although Su Zimo had plenty of methods, he had not cultivated the Buddhist divine power of telepathy and naturally did not know what was on the Golden Lion’s mind.

However, when he saw how creepy the lion looked with that smile, Su Zimo frowned and threw out a slap. “What are you smiling so stupidly for? Time to go!”

With that, he hopped onto the Golden Lion’s back.

That single slap stunned the Golden Lion.

It stood frozen on the spot, unable to react.

Did this person just… slap me?

H-He slapped me!

The Golden Lion was enraged and growled deeply, circulating its Inner Core wildly to expand its flesh. Demonic qi emanated and its body was about to expand.

Su Zimo had a calm expression and was sturdy as a mountain as a mocking look flashed through his eyes.


Before anyone could see what Su Zimo did, the Golden Lion was sprawled onto the ground with dust flying all over once more.

“Erm… ”

The Golden Lion groaned in pain.

It felt like its spine was nearly snapped by that seemingly skinny scholar!

The legs of the scholar clasped on both sides of its ribs like indestructible iron pillars and it could not free its body at all.

How could it send the scholar flying when it was already close to suffocating from the pressure?!


The Golden Lion yelled internally in disbelief, “How could this skinny scholar possess such a frightening amount of physical strength?!”

Right then, the scholar leaned down close to its ears and whispered, “Be obedient and don’t try anything funny.”

The scholar placed his palm on its head and stroked while saying.

Although the action seemed gentle, the Golden Lion shuddered and felt chills run down its spine!

It could clearly feel the scholar’s fingernails protruding slightly and gliding across its scalp.

His fingernails were even sharper than knives!

It had no doubt that if the scholar exerted strength, five holes would definitely appear on its head!

The Golden Lion wanted to cry.

It had finally realized that this scholar was not a fool – he was just sufficiently strong.

He was so strong that he could suppress it at any moment even without a blood oath!

“Let’s go.”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

Suddenly, the Golden Lion felt its body turn lighter, as though a massive ton of weight had disappeared.

However, that scholar was still riding on it.

Where did this monster incarnate come from? I’m bloody unlucky!

The Golden Lion sighed internally and realized that it was futile to struggle. Instantly, it turned listless and strode to the exit of the valley.

In the Wild Lion Ridge, it was considered as a ferocious beast with status.

When it entered the ancient battlefield, it intended to defeat all the paragons of the human race and look down on all demons, displaying its might and gaining fame throughout the world.

To think that it would suffer such a huge loss a few days after it entered.

And now, there was no need for it to defeat the paragons of the human race anymore as it could only be a mount obediently.

What the Golden Lion was most worried about was encountering demon beast acquaintances in the ancient battlefield later on.

If those demon beasts saw this, it would truly be embarrassed and the Golden Lion race would be disgraced as well!

At that thought, the Golden Lion’s eyes turned misty out of sorrow.

“Senior Sister, take a look! That lion was beaten up so badly that it’s weeping!”

A cultivator at the side said softly.

When it heard that, the Golden Lion’s expression darkened and it stumbled, almost puking out blood.

“Hold steady!”

Su Zimo scolded.


Once again, a slap landed on its head.

This time round, the Golden Lion was truly on the brink of tears.

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