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Chapter 639: Blanketing Sword Formation

The legs of the Heaven Bane Wolf shivered against the gazes of a thousand ancient remnant beasts.

At that moment, it could only force itself to head inside reluctantly.

“Here comes another puny ant!”

The Golden Lion sneered coldly when it could not sense any threat from Su Zimo.

The surviving cultivators that were surrounded looked at Su Zimo expectantly. However, they could not help but feel disappointed when they could not sense any spirit energy fluctuation from the green-robed cultivator.

Su Zimo carried the Mingwang Prayer Beads and had remained dormant at the bottom of Dragon Burial Valley for 20 years, reciting sutras and studying Buddhism daily. Right now, his bearing was extraordinary and ordinary people were unable to see through him.

“I’m going to take these humans in as my slaves because their strengths are acceptable. But you? You’re a worthless ant that isn’t even qualified to be my mount!”

The Golden Lion gazed down with an icy stare at Su Zimo before commanding indifferently, “Kill him!”


Two demon beasts that were closest to the entrance of the valley turned around with ferocious gazes. Their Inner Cores circulated and they lunged towards Su Zimo with surging demonic qi!

Su Zimo slapped his storage bag with a calm expression.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Two flying swords appeared in midair.

The swords buzzed continuously with bright spirit lights!

Four spirit patterns, they were supreme-grade spirit weapons!

If this was in the cultivation world, it would be rather remarkable for him to release two supreme-grade spirit weapons right away.

However, this was the ancient battlefield.

Everyone who was qualified and had the capabilities to enter were the paragons and elites of major sects and factions – it was considered normal for them to have a couple of supreme-grade spirit weapons with them.

The surviving cultivators exchanged glances and shook their heads disappointedly.

“He truly has a death wish.”

“If he wants to fight these demon beasts with just those two supreme-grade flying swords, it’ll be equivalent to an ant trying to shake a massive tree.”

“He looks young. I think he must have gotten famous in his teenage years and is inexperienced and cocky without having experienced setbacks before, sigh.”

The two ancient remnant beasts were expressionless when they saw Su Zimo’s flying swords and continued charging at an even faster speed.

However, the next moment, their expressions changed!


The two flying swords vanished right before everyone and there was only the sound of the void tearing!

The two ancient remnant beasts felt their hearts skip a beat.

Although they were ancient remnant beasts and had tough flesh and skin, the sharpness of a supreme-grade flying sword could still threaten their lives!

Poof! Poof!

Before the two ancient remnant beasts could dodge, a stream of blood spewed from their heads.

The two flying swords pierced their heads right away!

The blood did not even stain the swords as they revolved in midair before returning to Su Zimo.

It was too fast!

Furthermore, they were traceless!

It was as though two flying swords had appeared out of thin air to kill the two ancient remnant beasts!


The leader of the survivors, a blue-robed man, murmured softly with widened eyes, “What an impressive sword wielding technique!”

In the crowd, the female cultivator who was initially having a breakdown on the ground stopped crying. Her misty eyes widened with shock as she looked at everything.

Up till this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had learned a wide spectrum of skills.

However, all of them were top-tier cultivation techniques and secret skills!

That sword wielding technique could only be considered as one of the most basic skills among his methods.

Ethereal Sword had three levels – Shadow, Void and Ethereal.

Right now, Su Zimo has already cultivated it to the Ethereal realm!

The speed of the flying swords was extremely fast, erratic and untraceable.

Only cultivators with extremely sharp senses would be able to defend against Level 3 of Ethereal Sword!

Against these ancient remnant beasts, Su Zimo had way too many means of dealing with them.

The most simple and crude way was to barge right in with his frightening bloodline and body – no ancient remnant beast could stand in his way at all!

However, Su Zimo did not do that.

When he heard the Golden Lion’s mockery and ridicule, he was insistent on using the methods of immortal cultivators to kill the ancient remnant beasts and suppress that Golden Lion!

With the death of the two ancient remnant beasts, dozens more charged over without the need for the Golden Lion to make any orders.

“This is bad,”

The blue-robed man shook his head. “Although he is skilled in maneuvering his swords, he only has two of them…”

Before his words were finished, he had to swallow them.

Su Zimo slapped his storage bag and 25 flying swords appeared in midair.

Coupled with the two from before, that was a total of 27 flying swords!

More than that, the scary thing was that all of them were supreme-grade flying swords!

While it was nothing much for a Golden Core in the ancient battlefield to possess two supreme-grade spirit items, it was rather frightening for someone to possess 27 supreme-grade spirit weapons!

“He has so many flying swords?”

The surviving cultivators were dumbstruck.

None of them had ever seen anyone summon that many flying swords at one go.

The 27 flying swords hovered before Su Zimo in an orderly manner and flashed with a glaring beam before surging towards the dozens of ancient remnant beasts!


Once again, the 27 flying swords vanished.

In the blink of an eye…

The 27 of them reappeared.

At the same time, the ancient remnant beasts that lunged over fell one after another with blood streams spurting from holes on their heads – all of them were dead!


The blue-robed man’s group was shocked.

It was extremely difficult to control 27 flying swords to such a precise degree!

The most frightening thing was that right from the beginning, there was no emotional fluctuation in the eyes of the green-robed cultivator!

It was as though everything happened exactly as he had predicted!



A commotion broke out among the demon beasts.

Although the death of dozens of ancient remnant beasts did not amount to much compared to their massive numbers, they could sense danger exuding from the green-robed cultivator.

“You’re rather interesting, human! You’re worthy of being my mount!”

The Golden Lion spoke in human tongue and nodded with confidence.


Su Zimo reared his head in laughter and 27 flying swords circled and danced before him. “Yellow lion, let’s see who is going to be subdued today, you or me!”

“Senior Brother Zhu, this man isn’t weak. There’s a chance we might be saved,” The eyes of a beautiful female cultivator at the side shone brightly as she whispered.

“It’s hard to tell,”

The blue-robed man shook his head. “By the looks of it, this man is already at his limits controlling 27 flying swords. Don’t forget, there’s a thousand demon beasts surrounding us. There’s no way this man will be able to defend if they all swarm him together!”

The beautiful female cultivator raised her brow. “What should we do then?”

“Let’s seize the time to recuperate and recover our combat strength as soon as we can. Listen to me order in a bit!” The blue-robed man said in a deep voice.

Everyone nodded.

Before his sentence was finished, another hundred demon beasts lunged forward.

But this time round, the demon beasts were smarter – they split into three directions towards Su Zimo.

A mocking look flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as he extended his forward and tapped in front of him.


The 24 of the 27 flying swords split away.

Forming groups of 6, the flying swords streaked through the air, leaving sword scars in the void.

The expression of the blue-robed man changed as he yelled, “Sword formation! It’s a sword formation!”

“Ah! He’s a Sword Formation Master!”

Four hexagonal sword formations streaked through the air and shone with a dazzling glow. Buzzing loudly with a frosty sword qi, they kept the hundred demon beasts at bay!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

A blood mist spewed out!

The limbs of many demon beasts flew everywhere and stained the voids red.

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