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Chapter 611: World Cleansing Green Lotus

Translator: Legge 

For most cultivators, that was an almost instantaneous opening that was difficult for them to capitalize on.

However, the purple-robed cultivator’s opponent was Su Zimo!

With a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, he flung away the purple-robed cultivator’s arm. Su Zimo’s motion did not stop at all and that initially bent over body of his spread open all of a sudden!


His tendons moved and his bones shook.


His foot stomped heavily on the ground, causing the earth to quake!

With the repulsion force, Su Zimo reached out with a pair of defined arms with muscles that were knotted together with a metallic luster. His fingers opened up and he reached out for the purple-robed cultivator’s shoulders!

At the same time, Su Zimo buckled his knees and thrust!

His entire body was like a divine steed that was galloping over with a ferocious momentum!

After Sanguine Ape Fruit Offering, he made use of the rebound strength of his body as well as the flexibility of his tendons to release Plow Heaven Stride and shift the momentum to his side to follow up with Divine Steed Dismemberment!

The entire process was fluid as water without any sluggishness.

Instantly, an extremely tragic aura was released with that charge.

Even if a pure-blooded ferocious beast stood in his way, Su Zimo would be able to ram it into pieces!

Divine Steed Dismemberment was the most brutal stance of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

Apart from that ram, Su Zimo’s arms were also executing another killing move. If he managed to lock onto the purple-robed cultivator’s shoulders, they would be ripped off immediately!

Initially, the purple-robed cultivator had the advantage.

However, after Su Zimo’s Sanguine Ape Fruit Offering was defended, he revealed an opening that caused the tables to turn!

The purple-robed cultivator’s expression changed slightly at the sight of Su Zimo charging over. He gripped his fists and the joint of his middle finger protruded slightly as he thrust towards Su Zimo’s palms.

At the same time, the purple-robed cultivator leaned back and raised his feet to defend against Su Zimo’s knee.

Piak! Piak!

Their fists and palms met and they shuddered.


Immediately after, Su Zimo’s knee rammed against the purple-robed cultivator’s foot viciously.

The purple-robed cultivator fell backwards with the momentum with a light motion as though he was floating, gliding slowly to the back.

The toughness of Divine Steed Dismemberment was countered by the purple-robed cultivator’s gentleness!

Up till this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had been in countless battles.

However, he had never encountered anyone who could match him in melee combat.

The purple-robed cultivator before him was the first!

The purple-robed cultivator floated in midair and after a slight pause, he lunged forward once more with a killing intent in his eyes.


The purple-robed cultivator threw a punch.

A resounding bang echoed in the air!

The purple-robed cultivator’s black hair spread apart and his eyes shone brightly, as though he was about to fuse with the environment – that punch possessed the force of the universe and was invincible!


Su Zimo did not avoid or retreat and allowed his bloodline to rumble within his body – his momentum had already climbed to its peak!

Melee combat was the most dangerous.

A single mistake could lead to death on the spot!

Even against that seemingly invincible punch of the purple-robed cultivator, Su Zimo did not choose to retreat and the fierceness in his eyes flashed with a soaring battle intent.


Su Zimo started with a roar and strode forward against the tremendous pressure. As he swung his arm, the green veins on it pulsated and his fist expanded to twice its size!

His fist was like a gigantic green-black seal that was descending from the skies!

Both their gazes were resolute and unshakable!


Their fists collided against one another!

The entire void went still!

Ming Zhen and the little fox heard a jarring sound in their ears.

Both men had fractures in their fists!

Both parties suffered losses!

The purple-robed cultivator narrowed his eyes with the flames of rage burning in them.

In all these years, there had never been another cultivator of the same realm who could injure him!

He hadn’t expected himself to get injured in this dilapidated and unassuming old temple!

Su Zimo was expressionless.

He had not expected to suppress the purple-robed cultivator with that punch to begin with.

After the punch, Su Zimo’s palm went soft as though it had no strength and landed on the purple-robed cultivator’s arm like a flexible bull’s tongue.


The purple-robed cultivator was alarmed and felt his scalp prickle.


Without thinking twice, the spirit energy within his body surged and converged into his arm!

Su Zimo’s palm coiled, trembled and yanked!


The purple-robed cultivator’s robes were torn entirely, turning into pieces of cloth that floated in midair.

Both of them repelled instantly upon contact!

Although the purple-robed cultivator’s arm was perfectly fine, it trembled slightly as though it had endured a massive impact.

Fortunately, he had reacted fast enough and channeled both his bloodline and spirit energy.

Otherwise, his arm would have very likely been snapped with that attack!

“You. Are. Courting. Death!”

The purple-robed cultivator’s expression darkened instantly as he glared at Su Zimo, saying slowly. His entire aura changed all of a sudden and a shuddering energy shockwave surrounded him!

It was a Golden Core phenomenon!

Although Su Zimo had no spirit energy, he was extremely sharp towards the power of phenomenons.

It was clear that the purple-robed cultivator no longer wanted to waste time with Su Zimo after suffering a slight loss – he was prepared to use his Golden Core phenomenon to kill the latter!

Su Zimo had a calm expression.

If the purple-robed cultivator released his Golden Core phenomenon…

It would mean that there was no way to return and the two of them were going to fight to their deaths!

At that time, he would not require any reservations and would circulate his Inner Core to fight with his demon form!

Su Zimo’s combat strength would increase in his demon form!

However, even then, he was not confident that he would be able to suppress this purple-robed cultivator.

This person’s Golden Core phenomenon was frightening and could very well exceed his imagination!

“Junior Brother, don’t fret! I’ll help you!”

Right then, Ming Zhen braved the mighty forcefield between the two of them and arrived beside Su Zimo. His eyes were clear and a terrifying energy fluctuation shrouded him as well!

Ming Zhen knew about Su Zimo’s dantian and knew that the latter couldn’t conjure a Golden Core phenomenon because he had no spirit energy.

As such, he rushed over, intending to help Su Zimo defend against the Golden Core phenomenon of the purple-robed cultivator.


The purple-robed cultivator’s gaze shone brightly as he focused his attention on Ming Zhen.

Su Zimo glanced slightly sideways as well.

A pristine jade flower bud appeared behind Ming Zhen, pure, flawless and dotted with dew.

The flower bud swayed gently with a mysterious glow that purged away the darkness as though it could cleanse every single bit of evil in this world!

The green flower bud was going to blossom at any moment!

World Cleansing Green Lotus!

The legendary and lost World Cleansing Green Lotus was actually at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley and was now coming from this unassuming little monk!

Before the World Cleansing Green Lotus was lost, it was ranked relatively high on the Phenomenon Ranking.

The ancient green lotus swayed with a bright glow and could cleanse all the sins in the world – this was a top ten ranking phenomenon!

In reality, be it in terms of cultivation realm, mastery of spirit arts and secret skills or strength, Ming Zhen was not weak.

In fact, he was much stronger than most of the paragons that Su Zimo had seen before!

However, what Ming Zhen lacked was the experience of engaging a powerful foe in a death bout.

He spent his days cultivating at the bottom of the valley isolated from the rest of the world and did not have the chance to fight with others, let alone experience the brink of death.

The combat strength that was commonly referred to was in reality not the actual strength of the cultivator, but the amount of strength they could produce!

If someone could only unleash 30% of his actual strength, his combat strength would also merely just be 30%.

In reality, Ming Zhen’s strength was enough to suppress the Tao Wu.

However, he was the one injured in the fight against the Tao Wu.

This was the reason behind it.

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