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Chapter 610: Might of the Visual Technique

Translator: Legge 

“Hmm? He’s not dead yet?”

Su Zimo frowned when he sensed life from within the Tao Wu’s body after thrusting the latter’s head into the ground.

This ferocious beast was truly frightening.

Notwithstanding its tremendous strength, even its body was extremely tough. Despite the impact where even its face was contorted, it was still not dead.

Su Zimo remained silent and exerted strength in his fingers with the intention of crushing the Tao Wu’s head.

All of a sudden!

A sense of danger rang in Su Zimo’s mind.

He felt an extremely dangerous aura!

Su Zimo turned around instinctively.

Not far away, the purple-robed cultivator had already raised his head and was glaring at him intently. The purple-robed cultivator’s expression was cold and there was an icy intent in his gaze.

The purple-robed cultivator had not moved at all.

With one hand behind his back, he held up the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra with his other hand and did not seem like he intended to attack.

However, Su Zimo felt chills run down his spine!

The purple-robed cultivator’s pupils were constricting!

Initially, the constriction of one’s pupils was a natural instinct.

No matter the race, when one was agitated, terrified or hostile, their pupils would constrict.

However, a normal constriction would cause the round pupil to shrink until it became a hole the size of a needle.

Yet, the purple-robed cultivator’s pupils seemed like they were round moons being devoured – the entire process resembled an eclipse.

Eventually, two crescent moons were sinisterly reflected in the purple-robed cultivator’s eyes!

When he saw those pupils, Ming Zhen’s expression changed starkly.

Two words flashed through Su Zimo’s mind – Eclipse Eye!

Eclipse Eye was one of the most notorious visual techniques of the cultivation world and had roots that traced back to the primordial era.

Although this visual technique was extremely strong, its cultivation process was also extremely dangerous!

Throughout history, only a rare few, less than one in 10,000 people, managed to cultivate it successfully – most of the others cultivated themselves into blindness!

Now, even if any cultivators came across the cultivation technique of Eclipse Eye by accident, they wouldn’t dare to cultivate it either.

To think that this purple-robed cultivator would have cultivated that visual technique!

To begin with, there were few people who could cultivate visual techniques.

There were even less that could cultivate Eclipse Eye. Not only must they be peerless paragons, they must even possess immense confidence in themselves!

When he noticed the changes in the purple-robed cultivator’s pupils, Su Zimo realized that this was definitely not a weakling in Tianhuang Mainland!

Two cold beams of light streaked through the purple-robed cultivator’s eyes.

The next moment, his pupils returned to normal.

However, those two beams of light arrived before Su Zimo swiftly and silently, like two extremely sharp crescent sabers.

To Ming Zhen and the little fox…

It looked like the void between Su Zimo and the purple-robed cultivator was a silk cloth that was sliced by the two cold beams of light!

The temperature of the entire courtyard dipped massively!

“Watch out!”

Ming Zhen only had enough time to exclaim.

All of a sudden!

A change happened!

A bedazzling radiance burst forth in that eerie courtyard that was shrouded by the night skies.

It was as though a blazing sun had descended here with a blinding shine!

Illumination Eye!

Su Zimo’s right eye was white as jade without any impurities.

The light that was released from his right eye illuminated the old temple like daylight!

Suddenly, a burning column of light burst forth from Su Zimo’s right eye and collided fiercely against the two cold incoming beams of light!

Although the two vastly different energies collided, it was silent.

The spirit energy between the both of them evaporated into thin air completely!

In Ming Zhen and the little fox’s eyes, it was as though the void between Su Zimo and the purple-robed cultivator had distorted and was collapsing!

The might released by two top-tier visual techniques caused everyone’s visions to be impacted severely!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Su Zimo staggered three steps in retreat and the light in his right eye dissipated.

Eventually, he was at the losing end of this visual technique fight.

Even so, he was not injured. When a cold wave penetrated his right eye, it was diffused by the Illumination Stone right away.

Su Zimo was rather calm.

However, the purple-robed cultivator was shocked!

He did not know what visual technique this monk had cultivated such that it could go against his Eclipse Eye!

He had cultivated Eclipse Eye for more than a hundred years!

Yet, how old was this gray-robed monk before him?

He looked to be younger than 40.

Even if this person had cultivated the visual technique when he was in his mother’s womb, it would only be less than 50 years at most.

However, with the 40 years old visual technique, the other party merely stumbled back three steps after a head-on collision with his Eclipse Eye that he had cultivated for more than a hundred years!

There was something even more bizarre.

He could not sense any spirit energy within the gray-robed monk’s body!

What was the background of that gray-robed monk?

The gleam in the purple-robed cultivator’s eyes intensified with a joy that resembled the way a predator watched its prey.

In a flash, the purple-robed cultivator had already arrived before Su Zimo.

It was too fast!

His speed burst had already surpassed the limits of Su Zimo’s visual capabilities!

How strong!

With no time to think, Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and chanted Sanskrit.


The void trembled and the sound reverberated through the world!

The purple-robed cultivator’s figure paused for a moment as his ears twitched and closed in towards his face creepily!

It was equivalent to muting the outside world.

He had decreased the impact of the Daming Mantra to its lowest!

Upon noticing that, Su Zimo squinted with a grim expression.

This purple-robed cultivator was much scarier than he had imagined!

Even though it was just a simple act, Su Zimo knew clearly in his heart that it was extremely difficult to do it!

It was a sign that he had complete mastery over every single fiber of muscle on his body!


The purple-robed cultivator’s bloodline surged with the sound of a tsunami.

Tsunami blood!

This purple-robed cultivator had also cultivated to the realm of tsunami blood!

At that moment, Su Zimo turned calm instead.

When he saw that the purple-robed cultivator could shut his ears at will, he had already guessed that this man may have cultivated to the tsunami blood realm.

The purple-robed cultivator had a domineering aura and swung his arms like a steel whip, crushing down onto Su Zimo’s head viciously!

An evil gust of wind howled!

A tragic aura shrouded the air!


Su Zimo’s body echoed with the same sound of tsunami.

In the eyes of Ming Zhen and the little fox, the fight between these two was like a collision between two oceans where each threatened to devour the other!

Their bloodlines were way too terrifying!

Su Zimo’s body bent over and one of his knees seemed to buckle as he propped up both hands; it looked like he was bowing down in submission to the purple-robed cultivator and delivering an immortal fruit.

Compared to the descent of the purple-robed cultivator’s steel whip, Su Zimo’s stance looked ordinary without any aura.

However, the purple-robed cultivator’s expression changed starkly – he had sensed an immense killing intent!


His right arm collided against Su Zimo’s palms.

The collision of their flesh did not have any shockwave. Instead, it was dull and solid.

Prior to this, any cultivator that met with this attack would be severely injured with their bones and tendons snapped even if they did not die!

But now, not only has the purple-robed cultivator failed to suppress Su Zimo with that slam, he even felt his arm being repelled with a massive opening revealed at his chest area!

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