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Chapter 612: Di Yin

Translator: Legge 


The doors of the grand hall were pushed open accompanied by a Buddhist proclamation as an old monk with long brows that fell from both sides of his face walked forth. He had hazy eyes and said gently, “Ming Zhen, these are guests from afar. Remove your phenomenon.”

Ming Zhen nodded.

The ferociousness in Su Zimo’s eyes faded as well.

Since the old monk had shown himself, both of them were not going to fight anymore.

The old monk turned his sights towards the purple-robed cultivator. “Patron, although you are our guest, you’ve got to be orderly. You are free to browse through the sutras here. However, if you insist on fighting, I’ll have to invite you to leave.”

The implications of his sentence were heavy.

In other words, he was warning the purple-robed cultivator to behave himself.

Given the seniority of the old monk, there was naturally no way he would lay his hands on the purple-robed cultivator.

However, if the purple-robed cultivator went overboard, the old monk would not hesitate to have him leave as well!

The purple-robed cultivator sneered, “Reverend, it’s fine if you want to protect these two disciples of yours. However, I’ve got something to ask you. Can you protect them for the rest of their lives?!”

“This man injured my spirit beast,”

The purple-robed cultivator pointed to Su Zimo who was not far away with a cold expression and said coolly, “You can protect him today. However, I’d advise you to keep him in the valley. He had better spend his entire life hiding at the bottom of this Dragon Burial Valley!”

“If I come across him outside, I’ll have him hand over his head!”

The fact that the purple-robed cultivator made this remark in the face of the old monk was proof of his confidence.

The old monk remained silent.

Ming Zhen could not hold it in and refuted, “Your spirit beast was the one that provoked us first and wanted to take the little fox away. How can you be so self-righteous when you were the one in the wrong? Aren’t you unreasonable?!”

“You want to talk about reason?”

The purple-robed cultivator sneered once more, “Little monk, your naive attitude is sure interesting. This is a world where the strongest survive! If you aren’t strong enough, you deserve to be killed! That’s the simplest reason ever!”

Although Ming Zhen could not understand those words, Su Zimo could.

Strictly speaking, that was indeed the cruelty of the cultivation world.

Given Ming Zhen’s current state, even with his capabilities, he won’t be able to survive long upon leaving the Dragon Burial Valley.

“Oh, right,”

As though he suddenly recalled something, the purple-robed cultivator looked at Su Zimo and smiled faintly. “The intermediate ancient battlefield is going to open up in 10 years time. Don’t ever head there, or… you’re going to die inside!”

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent.

He did not care about the purple-robed cultivator’s threat at all.

At this moment, he was not confident of suppressing the purple-robed cultivator even if he was in his demon form.

However, Su Zimo firmly believed that he would become even scarier 10 years later!

He would have been dormant for 20 years by then.

He was convinced that nobody would be able to stop him the moment he stepped out of the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley!

Not even this purple-robed cultivator before him could stop him!

Due to the appearance of the old monk, even though there was still hostility between the purple-robed cultivator and Su Zimo, there were no longer any clashes.

The purple-robed cultivator had a lot of elixirs with him.

Within a couple of days, he saved the Tao Wu whose life was hanging on a thread.

After the Tao Wu woke up, the way it looked at Su Zimo changed – there was a hint of avoidance and fear in its eyes.

For the following month…

The purple-robed cultivator did not leave.

He merely browsed through the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra day and night.

After a month, he rose and brought the Tao Wu along with him to leave the old temple.

At the same time, the old monk approached Su Zimo.

He was direct and got straight to the point. “Are you intending to enter the ancient battlefield 10 years later?”


Su Zimo nodded and did not lie.

Given his cultivation realm, and under the circumstances where he wanted to take his elder brother, Su Hong, with him to leave the North Region, that was the best solution.

The old monk continued, “Alright, I’ll make a move personally to open up a teleportation spot to the ancient battlefield 10 years later to send you and Ming Zhen in.”

It required the combined strength of five Void Reversions to open up a teleportation spot to the elementary ancient battlefield.

The temporal space in the intermediate ancient battlefield was much stabler.

To open up a connection point, the required strength would be greater and one had to be at least a Dharma Characteristic!

“Senior Brother Ming Zhen…”

Su Zimo frowned and hesitated to speak.

Although Ming Zhen was not weak, he had way too little experience in combat techniques.

The ancient battlefield was filled with bloodshed and massacres and was even crueler than the cultivation world!

There was a high chance that Ming Zhen might die if he entered the ancient battlefield.

The old monk could tell of Su Zimo’s worries. “Therefore, I want you to help him. There’s still 10 more years. Try and think of a way to help him grow as quickly as possible.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled how Die Yue cast him into the Cang Lang Mountain Range and could not help but smile.

“It’s simple,”

Su Zimo said, “We’ll cast him into the depths of the palace and fight to his limits with the otherworldly soldiers under the pretext that he must not use his Golden Core phenomenon.”

A true growth will only be achieved through a life and death experience!

The both of them chatted for a little more and the old monk instructed, “If you encounter that purple-robed cultivator in the ancient battlefield, you must be careful and try your best to avoid him!”

Su Zimo frowned and could not help but ask, “Just who is he exactly?”

“He’s the number one paragon of Chaos Essence Sect and is undefeated across the same realm!”

The old monk said, “It’s said that he was already invincible through the Golden Core realm when he was in his thirties. If things go smoothly, he will definitely be a titular disciple once he reaches Void Reversion realm!”

“What’s his name?” Su Zimo asked again.

“Di Yin,”

The old monk replied.


Su Zimo raised his brow.

It was a strange name that he seemed to have heard before.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo’s eyes flashed as he said word by word, “The number one Perfected Being of Tianhuang Mainland who cultivated the Chaos Ocean… Di Yin!”

“That’s right.”

The old monk nodded. “A hundred years ago, that lad relied on Chaos Ocean to overwhelm all his foes in the ancient battlefield and arrive at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking.”

It was no wonder!

Su Zimo heaved a long sigh of relief.

That was the reason why this person could fight him to such an extent in melee combat.

It was because he was the number one Perfected Being of Tianhuang Mainland who had managed to cultivate the Golden Core phenomenon of the Human Emperor’s legacy, Chaos Ocean!

Curiously, Su Zimo asked again, “Since he’s already at the top of the Phenomenon Ranking, why is he still going to enter the ancient battlefield 10 years later?”

A rough calculation would put Di Yin’s age at around 130 years old.

The old monk explained, “Against the 500 years lifespan of Golden Cores, he’s considered young in his hundreds. As long as his lifespan allows and the timing is right, he can enter the ancient battlefield.”

“After all, there are way too many treasures and opportunities inside which have all been passed down from the ancient era.”

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo asked again, “He was already the number one of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago. Why does he still choose to remain in the Golden Core realm?”

“That’s the frightening aspect of this lad!”

The old monk said, “There’s nothing much to continuous breakthroughs. If one can pause in their tracks at a certain juncture to consolidate their past, they will be able to truly solidify their foundation and reach the true realm of harmony by becoming one with the universe.”

“He was already the number one Perfected Being of Tianhuang Mainland a hundred years ago. I’m sure nobody is going to be his match a hundred years later. If you encounter him once more, you must be extremely cautious!”

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