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Chapter 590: Red-headed Ghost

It was a burly man with disheveled hair and clothes.

His hair was red, akin to blazing flames, and his features were coarse. He stared at Su Zimo with a bright gaze before smirking into a sinister smile.

The burly man’s arms, legs, body and neck were bound by coils of rusty, thick metal chains!

When the burly man stood up, the chains rattled endlessly!

The scariest thing was that two of those chains pierced right through the burly man’s collarbones!

The moonlight was frighteningly pale.

The ground was laid with graves and tombstones all around.

The fact that there was a burly man with such a malevolent qi standing in this cemetery further proved Su Zimo’s initial guess!

This was an extremely frightening malevolent ghost!

The burly man sized up Su Zimo a couple of times with his gaze and the glint in his eyes intensified, as though he had discovered something interesting.

Finally, the burly man even walked forward while sniffing with a pleased expression before bursting into laughter eventually.


The laughter reverberated through the cemetery in an unsettling and shuddering manner!

Su Zimo could clearly see that the chains on the burly man were all nailed to the depths of the ground, trapping him in the center of the cemetery!

As long as the burly man moved, the chains on his body would tighten!

Su Zimo was relieved.

Although that malevolent ghost was scary, as long as it could not get close to him, it could not do anything.

“Kid, you’re honestly timid. What are you hiding so far away for!”

The burly man grinned. “Don’t worry and come over! I’m not going to eat you up!”

Su Zimo scoffed coldly.

He had roamed the cultivation world for eight years and had some experience in the world – the burly man’s clumsy provocations were truly way too obvious.

Su Zimo would truly be left with no choice if he walked over.

“Red-headed ghost, you can say what you want from over there. I can hear you.”

Su Zimo had a calm tone and a normal expression.

“Red-headed ghost?”

The burly man widened his eyes and his pitch changed. Instantly, he looked murderous!

“Kid, you’re calling me a red-headed ghost?”

The burly man glared sternly.

Su Zimo pouted fearlessly and sneered, “Stop acting tough over there. You can’t even move. Who are you trying to scare?”


The burly man ground his teeth and snickered evilly.

Su Zimo asked, “Red-headed ghost, I don’t have the time to waste with you here. What do you know about that crimson-robed woman from eight years ago?”

At the mention of the crimson-robed woman, the burly man’s expression changed slightly and a hint of fear flashed through the depths of his eyes.

Immediately after, he revealed a gloating expression.


The burly man smirked and laughed. “That woman was incredible back then! A single meet up with her destroyed the silent and immovable meditations that I had painstakingly cultivated! Hahaha! I’m laughing to death!”

For the past year, Su Zimo had been reading sutras in the Sutra Chamber and had some understanding towards silent and immovable meditations.

In the Buddhist sects, some monks would cultivate various meditation techniques that were equivalent to secret skills to raise their cultivation realms.

The more stringent the requirement of the meditation technique, the greater the advancement in their powers!

For example, the silent meditation technique of the Buddhist sects was also known as keeping quiet or forbidden from talking.

Simply put, one must not speak.

The Buddhists deem that the reincarnation cycles of the masses are due to the karma accumulated by their bodies, mouths and intents.

The silent meditation technique was meant for them to reduce their karmas gained from speaking and improve their cultivation from that point on.

The immovable meditation technique did not refer to their physical movements, but their intents!

They must not have wild thoughts so as to reduce their intent karmas.

Both of those meditation techniques were extremely difficult to cultivate.

Su Zimo had not expected this old monk of the old temple would choose to cultivate both meditation techniques at the same time.

Less than that, he did not expect Die Yue to break both meditation techniques of the old monk directly.

The burly man continued, “When that woman arrived here back then, she barged into the majestic grand hall without a single word and took the sacred Saraca Flower of the Buddhist sects that was placed on display above before turning to leave.”

“Heh, that old monk naturally refused to allow her to do so and tried to stop her. But in the end, he was sent flying with a single slap from the woman! Haha!”

At that point, the burly man seemed to recall the events of that day and could not help but roar in laughter, causing the chains on his body to rattle endlessly.

If not for the shackle of the chains, that burly man could even leap in joy.

Su Zimo was sweating just from hearing it.

Die Yue was truly way too savage…

The burly man continued, “That old man was struck silly by the slap and forgot about his seclusion cultivation for silent meditation. When he saw the woman about to leave, he crawled up from the ground and said, “Female patron, please hold on…”. HAHAHA!”

Su Zimo looked somewhat embarrassed.

He wanted to laugh as well.

However, he was now part of the Buddhist sects and the old monk was considered as his master.

He could not laugh.

Therefore, he could only stand on the spot and hold himself back with tightly pursed lips. He clearly had a hard time holding back as his face flushed a shade of tomato-red.

The burly man was truly unstoppable when he spoke about everything that happened eight years ago, rambling on continuously.

Su Zimo listened quietly at the side.

It was as though he could see everything that was described happening right before his eyes.

As he spoke, the burly man suddenly lamented and sighed. “It’s all thanks to that woman, otherwise, I…”

Suddenly, he stopped speaking entirely.

Su Zimo frowned.

The burly man was clearly hiding something instead of continuing.

Just as Su Zimo was going to ask about it, the burly man changed the topic and spoke about how majestic and powerful he was in the past, overwhelming everything in his way!

The burly man took a full hour just to talk about his first battle after stepping foot into the outside world. He was so excited that his saliva flew everywhere and what’s more… he wasn’t even finished!

“To think that this red-headed ghost would be so talkative.”

Su Zimo got increasingly impatient as he listened.

Apart from everything about Die Yue, he was no longer interested in everything that the burly man said later on.

Su Zimo could not help but interrupt, “Red-headed ghost, you mentioned previously that you have a way of helping me to repair my Inner Core?”

“That’s right.”

The burly man nodded before glaring at Su Zimo. “Don’t interrupt me! Wait for me to be done talking! What’s the hurry!”

“I’m not interested.”

Su Zimo scoffed coldly before turning to leave.

Cling! Clang!

Suddenly, the sound of chains rattling echoed behind him.

This time round, they sounded somewhat strange.

Su Zimo turned around instinctively.

That single look almost scared the wits out of him!

The place where the burly man was initially chained at was now empty!

There were only a series of chains lying still on the ground!


Su Zimo was completely stumped.

Suddenly, he felt a shadow flash above his head and the muscles on the back of his neck tightened – he was lifted up by a powerful and massive arm!

However, the scary thing was that he could not move at all!

Thereafter, the voice of the burly man sounded once more.

“Let me tell you, those chains are just for show. Do you really think that I can be restrained by a few rusty, metal chains?”

“Who do you think I was back in the past…?”

“I’ve waited for so long at the bottom of this valley. Now that someone is finally here to talk to me, where are you trying to go?”

“Initially, there was a little monk who was quite nice and came to accompany me often. Later on, I don’t know what happened but he never appeared again…”

Su Zimo felt like his head was about to explode with countless ants crawling all over it.

He finally understood why Ming Zhen was so frightened and instructed him not to come to the backyard of the grand hall.

At the same time, in the Sutra Chamber, Ming Zhen placed his palms together with a sympathetic expression and sighed. “Junior Brother Ming Xin, good luck…”

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