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Chapter 589: Cemetery

The night was hazy.

It was silent in the courtyard of the old temple.

Moonlight shimmered and a round moon was reflected on the water surface in the old well.

Not long later, the reflection of a monk appeared. He was not old – in his twenties – and had elegant features with eyes that were even clearer than the water surface.

Su Zimo gazed at his reflection in the water and smiled.

“Ming Xin[1], Ming Xin… does he want me to see my own heart clearly and identify my true nature?”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

At that moment, he did not know where the old monk had gone whereas Ming Zhen had already gone to sleep.

His ears were filled with the sounds of frogs croaking and crickets chirping. The little fox sprawled beside the well in a deep sleep and suddenly, Su Zimo noticed that his mind was in an incomparable state of tranquility.

His mind had received an unprecedented baptism in this bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley that was isolated from the rest of the world.

He had been fighting for the past eight years.

And now, he had finally come to a stop.

It was like a consolidation, a reversion to his natural state.

Gazing at the round moon above his head, Su Zimo could not help but recall that night eight years ago.

Die Yue wore a crimson long dress and stood under the falling cherry blossom petals. Basked in moonlight, she asked softly, “Do you want to cultivate?”

For the past eight years, Su Zimo had been cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness every night.

Now that his Inner Core was shattered and he did not have sufficient energy to provide it, his Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness cultivation had to stop for the time being. Su Zimo was truly not used to it.

He felt hollow internally.

Suddenly, he heard a mocking voice echo within his ears.

“Kid! Are you thinking of how to repair your Inner Core? Hehehe!”

Su Zimo was alarmed.

The voice came without any warning and was extremely foreign – it did not belong to the old monk or Ming Zhen!

Instinctively, Su Zimo looked towards the little fox at the side.

She was still deep in her sleep – clearly, she had not heard that voice!

He was the only one who heard that sudden voice!

With a grim expression, Su Zimo looked around, prepared to warn the old and little monk at any moment.

“Hehehe, don’t bother looking for me, kid! You can’t see me!”

The voice sounded once more erratically such that its direction could not be determined – it was as though it was hiding in a corner laughing at Su Zimo.

This time round, Su Zimo calmed down instead and sneered internally.

This person was playing games hiding in the dark – as long he ignored it, the other party would definitely lose his patience.

“Kid, I’ve got a way to help you repair your Inner Core. If you want to know about it, come to the backyard behind the grand hall!”

Indeed, the owner of the voice revealed his intentions.

“The backyard behind the grand hall?”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Prior to this, there would often be sounds of heavy chains rattling occasionally from the backyard, as though something was trapped there and was extremely frustrated.


A skeptical look flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as thought to himself, “Master said that he and Master were the only ones in this old temple. Then, this person in the backyard…”

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s expression changed and he thought of a possibility.

The existence in the backyard might not be human, but a malevolent ghost!

It would be similar to the white-bloused woman that he had encountered outside the old temple.

That was the reason why the old monk said that he and Ming Zhen were the only people in the old temple.

It was because the existence in the backyard was not human!

Ming Zhen was so frightened and the old monk was so cautious that he wouldn’t mention anything about this… it seemed like the malevolent ghost wasn’t weak!

“Do you want to repair your Inner Core or not! What are you dilly-dallying for? Hurry and come look for me in the backyard!” The voice of the malevolent ghost echoed again, seemingly impatient.

Su Zimo naturally wanted to repair his Inner Core.

However, he truly could not bring himself to trust a malevolent ghost.

Furthermore, Ming Zhen had instructed him previously not to head to the backyard behind the grand hall.

“Kid, you’re really timid as a mouse. Do I look like I can harm you?”

“Goodness, you’re pathetic compared to me at that age! Back then, I feared nothing in the world and nobody could stop me wherever I went!”

“Kid, are you coming or not!”

The malevolent ghost’s voice was growing weaker.

Su Zimo closed his eyes and rested; he did not make a move the entire time.

After a moment of silence, the malevolent ghost suddenly said, “Don’t you want to know what that crimson-robed woman did when she came here eight years ago? I witnessed everything personally, heh heh!”

Su Zimo was moved and opened his eyes.

The crimson-robed woman that the malevolent ghost was referring to was obviously Die Yue.

As though he sensed the change in Su Zimo’s emotions, the malevolent ghost remarked gleefully, “If you want to know, come to the backyard of the grand hall. I’ll be waiting there for you, hehehe!”

Su Zimo gripped his fists and took a deep breath. Eventually, he could not control himself and stood up, heading towards the back of the grand hall.

He did not want to miss out on any information regarding Die Yue.

Be it whether it was real or fake.

Turning around the old and majestic hall, Su Zimo arrived at the backyard and stopped in his tracks.

Instinctively, he looked over. His mouth could not help but fall agape as he revealed a deep look of shock in his eyes.

The backyard of the grand hall was an extremely massive cemetery that had no boundaries!

One after another, tall tombstones stood erected with clear carvings etched on them.

“Tomb of Fahua Monastery’s Dao Lord Tian Yi.”

“Tomb of Daming Monastery’s Dao Lord Fu Yan.”

“Tomb of Fahua Monastery’s Mighty Figure Yu Ze.”

“Tomb of Daming Monastery’s Mighty Figure Xu Yun.”

“Tomb of Supreme Commander of the Empire, Mighty Figure Han Fei!”

The tombstones were dense and packed above their respective graves.

There was a majestic melancholy to the cemetery.

Those that were buried here were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords at the very least – Su Zimo had even witnessed quite a number of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!


Su Zimo focused his gaze onto another tombstone.

“Tomb of Daming Monastery’s Patriarch Hong Guang!”

It was the tomb of a Mahayana Patriarch!

Mahayana Patriarchs were almost like the peak experts of Tianhuang Mainland.

To think that he would be buried in this cemetery as well.

As Su Zimo lamented, his gaze instinctively fell towards the center of the cemetery.

There was an unassuming grave in the center. If one did not pay attention, that would merely seem like a little bump in the mud.

However, that little mud bump seemed like it was looking down on the entire cemetery!

There were no other tombstones a hundred meters around the little mud bump!

Above the grave was a wooden tablet that was bent out of shape.

There were only two words written on that wooden tablet.

Dharma Emperor!

Those two words seemed like they possessed a mysterious power.

Su Zimo’s expression changed starkly and he felt his chest go stuffy. In fact, he even retreated a couple of steps uncontrollably!

That was the tomb of an emperor!

A single phrase reverberated endlessly and intensified within Su Zimo’s mind.

“The ravine’s name is called the Dragon Burial Valley and the divine dragon was buried 10,000 years ago with the blood of old emperors and the death of patriarchs. It’s an extremely unlucky place.”

Everything was real!

The catastrophe 10,000 years ago was so intense that emperors died here!

Cling! Clang!

The dull sound of chains rattling echoed once more.

Behind the countless tombstones and graves, under the hazy moonlight, a mighty and tall figure stood from the ground slowly. He had a torrential aura and seemed like his head was about to pierce a hole in the firmaments above!

[1] Clear heart

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