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Chapter 591: A Bowl of Water

Lifted by the burly man, Su Zimo was like a weak duckling and was completely helpless!

Although his cultivation was crippled, the power of his physique and bloodline was still present.

Yet, he was completely immobile after being grabbed at the back of his neck by the forceful fingers of the burly man and could only watch helplessly as he was brought to the depths of the cemetery!

“How could this be?”

“Those chains could not lock down this red-headed ghost at all?”

“Since the chains can’t hold him down, why is he still residing in this cemetery foolishly?”

“Does master know about this?”

“What’s his relationship with this red-headed ghost?”

Instantly, questions flooded Su Zimo’s mind and he was in a state of chaos.

Coupled with the incessant ramblings of the red-headed ghost about useless stuff, Su Zimo truly felt like his brains were going to explode!


Su Zimo was tossed to the ground. Just as he was about to rise, the sound of chains ratting echoed and he found himself restrained by a thick chain.


He circulated the power of his bloodline and struggled with all his might!

Nothing happened!

Although the chain looked rusted, it was extremely resolute and impossible to break free from.

His power of bloodline was like a rock sinking into the ocean – it had no effect on the chain at all!

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with a cold glint and his body crackled. His bones and tendons sounded together and his entire body shrank!

Tendons Transformation!

Since he could not win with brute force head-on, Su Zimo changed his mentality and intended to escape by shrinking his body.

God knows what the burly man wanted to do capturing him here.

Even if the burly man had no evil intentions, Su Zimo wouldn’t be able to endure his incessant ramblings.

The moment Su Zimo’s body shrank, the chains binding him shrank unexpectedly as well, locking his body firmly without any chance of escape!


The burly man sat on the ground with a mocking expression and sneered, “Although that lousy thing can’t hold me in, you are nothing to it! You should save your energy.”

Su Zimo tried again and when he discovered that he truly couldn’t break free, he gave up and frowned at the burly man.

Now that they were so close, Su Zimo realized that the burly man did not have much flesh and was almost all skin and bones by now.

However, he had a huge frame and his bones were extremely strong, making him seem tall and mighty – every single action of his seemed to be filled with an explosive burst!

The burly man gave off an unfathomable aura, as though he was extremely dangerous and had come from the depths of the ancient desolates.

Unknowingly, Su Zimo would feel occasional shudders!

He did not know what the background of this red-headed ghost was.

The only thing he knew was that this red-headed ghost was extremely talkative – he must have endured for a long time such that he wasn’t even exhausted right now after rambling endlessly!

“Kid, you don’t know how rough I’m having it.”

“This valley is isolated from the rest of the world and apart from me, there’s only that old monk. Yet, in the end, that a*shole chose to cultivate a silent meditation!”

“No matter what I said to him, there was no response from him at all! Look at how much I’ve endured after so many years!”

At that point, the burly man was agitated and ground his teeth, thumping his massive fists on the ground.

The entire cemetery shook and trembled!

Su Zimo could not help but ask, “Why do you say that there’s only the two of you? There’s also a little monk.”

Su Zimo regretted as soon as he finished his words.

Indeed, when the burly man saw a reaction from Su Zimo, he was even more excited and his eyes blazed as he ran over and sat beside Su Zimo.

“Speaking of that little monk, that makes me even more mad!”

“That little monk fell from above six years ago. Initially, he was obedient and honest, coming here daily to feed me with food and chat with me.”

“But in less than half a year, he stopped coming! Darn it!”

The burly man grumbled in displeasure.

Su Zimo lamented internally, “Senior Brother Ming Zhen is truly someone with resolve to be able to endure this for half a year!”

“Little monk, you can’t learn from those two other monks!”

“You’ll definitely benefit chatting with me!”

Su Zimo merely felt his head spin at the moment and could not be bothered about getting any benefits.

If not for the restriction of the chains, he would have fled long ago and never step foot into the backyard ever again!

A horizontal line gradually appeared on the East.

Just like that, the entire night passed by with the incessant ramblings of the burly man.

The burly man lamented reluctantly, “Time really passes extremely fast. I’ve only just started talking for a little.”

Turning around, he looked at Su Zimo and was momentarily startled as he asked in shock.

“Eh, little monk! Why do you have such dark eye circles?”

“Why are your eyes bloodshot?”

“You don’t look good! Your complexion is a tad greenish. Are you poisoned by the corpses?”

“Man, your muscles are twitching! Are you having a cramp?”

Su Zimo was agitated and rolled his eyes, almost fainting.


The burly man slapped his own forehead in realization. “I’ve got it! Little monk, did you not manage to rest well last night?”

“Re… st?”

Su Zimo repressed the urge to punch the burly man and ground his teeth for a long time before snarling the word out.

He would rather engage the paragons of the North Region in a battle for three full days without resting than to listen to another word of this burly man.

This red-headed ghost was a devil-like existence!

“Look at that, look at that! Little monk, why are you so worked up with those widened eyes!”

“What’s keeping you troubled? Let’s talk things out! Don’t keep it within yourself!”

The burly man patted Su Zimo on the shoulders and said earnestly.

Su Zimo panted heavily and lowered his head, feeling his entire head spin. His limbs felt weak and he did not have the strength to even talk anymore.

A demonic glint flashed through the eyes of the burly man.

He beckoned his hand and a broken bowl filled with dew flew over from a grass patch not far away.

The fingernail on the burly man’s index finger protruded slightly with a cold shimmer and he cut it gently across his thumb.

A thin cut appeared on his thumb with a trickle of blood.

The trickle of blood was so small that it wasn’t even 1/10,000 of a normal drop of blood. It fell into the bowl of dew and fused swiftly with it.

The dew was still clear and there was nothing unusual about it.

His actions were extremely subtle and swift.

The moment the burly man received the broken bowl, his index finger made instant contact with his thumb and the cut on the thumb disappeared as quickly as it appeared. With his head slumped, Su Zimo did not notice anything at all.

The burly man brought the broken bowl over to Su Zimo and passed it to him with a fake smile. Suddenly, his voice turned eerie and suspicious.

“Little monk, the night has been tiring on you. Have some water.”

Although Su Zimo did not say much throughout the entire night, he was truly exhausted. When he saw the refreshing water before his eyes, he felt his mouth going dry.

Coupled with his drowsy state, he did not think much about it and took over the broken bowl before raising his head to drink it completely with a single mouthful.

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