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Chapter 588: Daming True Sutra

“What happened later on?”

Su Zimo asked instinctively.

The old monk shook his head. “Later on, there were various sayings and rumors. Some said that Monk Daming was severely injured after killing the monster of Asura Sect and died soon after as well; some said that both parties suffered immense losses and fought to the end, dying together…”

“All in all, the eventual outcome was that both of them went missing. Nobody knew if they were alive or dead but they had never appeared ever since.”

There was a hint of sadness in the old monk’s tone.

After receiving the Buddha Bead from Su Zimo, he rubbed it gently between his fingers.


A moment later, the old monk exclaimed softly, as though he discovered something.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Zimo asked hurriedly.

“Nothing much,”

The old monk shook his head. “Actually, this was a connate Dharmic weapon from Daming Monastery in the past, known as the Mingwang Prayer Beads and comprises of a set of six Buddha Beads.”

“The Mingwang Prayer Beads are made from immortal wood from Tianhuang Mainland and refined using the inner trunk of the Soul Nourishing Tree. There are six Dharmic seals of Daming Monastery etched on it. The Buddha Bead that you’ve obtained is one of them.”

“The Mingwang Prayer Beads were originally carried by Mingwang Prayer Beads. However, that battle back then was way too intense that the Mingwang Prayer Beads broke apart and all six of its Buddha Beads were scattered everywhere…”

At that point, the old monk extended his wrinkled finger and poked gently on his glabella.

His glabella shone with a spot of light.

Immediately after, the old monk’s glabella opened up and three Buddha Beads the size of longans shot out – they were identical to the one Su Zimo had!

However, upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the patterns etched on each Buddha Bead were different.

The old monk said, “After that battle, the monks of Daming Monastery searched for a long time and only managed to retrieve three Buddha Beads. Including the one you have, there are still two more that are lost in the world.”

“Daming Monastery has a supreme Dharmic technique known as the Daming True Sutra that is used to uphold the sect. The true sutra has two volumes. The first volume, the Daming Mantra, also known as the Six Worded Daming Mantra, is a sound Dharmic technique.”

When he heard that, Su Zimo could not help but recall the six strange sounding syllables that Ming Zhen chanted outside the old temple earlier on.

Those six syllables contained a mysterious might that was unfathomable!

The old monk’s voice sounded again. “The second volume is the Daming Dharmic Seal and there are six types, all of which are imprinted on the Mingwang Prayer Beads. The Fiend Suppression Seal that you’ve learned is one of them.”

“The Dharmic seals in the three Buddha Beads in my hands are the Demon Subduing Seal, Immortal Trap Seal and Immovable Foundation Seal.”

Su Zimo nodded silently.

Since the Fiend Suppression Seal was already so strong, needless to think, the power of the Demon Subduing Seal, Immovable Foundation Seal and Immortal Trap Seal would definitely not be inferior!

The old monk could not help but laugh when he read Su Zimo’s mind. “Actually, these four are the weakest among the six seals.”


Su Zimo was stunned.

These were the weakest ones?!

The old monk nodded. “There’s no need to discuss the Immovable Foundation Seal, it’s a defensive Dharmic seal. From the names of the Fiend Suppression, Demon Subduing and Immortal Trap Seals, you can already tell that they are not lethal.”

The words suppress, subdue and trap did not have any intention to kill!

Right from their creation, those three Dharmic seals contained the compassion of the Buddhist sects.

The old monk said, “Of the six Dharmic seals, the ones with the strongest might and can even be called killing Dharmic seals are the last two that are lost, the Great Vajra Wheel Seal and Great Mount Meru Seal!”

The moment the names of those two Dharmic seals were mentioned, there was a shuddering pressure!

“There are six syllables to the Daming Mantra and they correspond to the six Dharmic seals. By using the Daming Mantra while cultivating, you can gain a deeper comprehension of the seals and unleash their greatest potentials!”

“The method to cultivating the Daming Mantra is in the Sutra Chamber. You can take a look at it.”

Su Zimo suddenly saw the light.

So, he had yet to unleash the true might of the Fiend Suppression Seal.

If he were to release it along with the Daming Mantra, it would have an even more terrifying might!

The two of them conversed side by side and unknowingly, the skies outside had already turned dark.

In between, the sound of chains rattling echoed from the backyard as well.

It went silent after it was ignored.

Right from the beginning, the old monk did not explain about it, as though he was already used to it.

The skies gradually turned darker.

Su Zimo’s robes shifted slightly and the little fox who had been asleep for the entire day rubbed her drowsy eyes before popping her head out.

Her gaze was still a little dazed, not fully awake yet. Placing her tiny paws against Su Zimo’s chest, she stared at the old monk before her squarely, blinking in a charming manner.

The old monk smiled.

The little fox gradually returned to her senses and hurriedly lowered her head, feeling embarrassed.

Looking at Su Zimo deeply, the old monk said, “That little fox… take good care of her. Don’t let her suffer…”

“That’s for sure.”

Su Zimo replied.

Immediately after, he sensed that something was amiss.

The old monk seemed as though he wanted to continue speaking but stopped.

Just as Su Zimo was about to ask about it, the old monk changed the topic and asked, “Patron, are you willing to join our Buddhist sects?”

Su Zimo froze for a moment.

The old monk’s question came extremely suddenly and he had not considered the option before.

The old monk continued, “Don’t worry, patron, you won’t be subjected to too many restrictions if you join the Buddhist sects. If you wish to leave, you can do so at any moment and I’ll definitely not stop you either.”

Although he had not cultivated Heart Peering before, Su Zimo suddenly understood what was on the old monk’s mind after looking at the latter’s hopeful gaze.

The old monk had been guarding this old temple at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for a long time, protecting the 10,000 year old legacy of Fahua and Daming Monasteries – he was hoping to continue the lineage of the two great sects!

The old monk must have only made that request after sensing that his time was almost up.


Su Zimo nodded and agreed readily.

The old monk nodded appreciatively. He held a shaving knife in his fingers and swiped it gently above Su Zimo’s head.

It was accompanied by a cooling feeling.

Black hair fell to the ground.

The voice of the old monk sounded in Su Zimo’s ears, “From this day forth, your name in the Buddhist sects will be Ming Xin.”

In reality, Su Zimo could have continued reading the ancient sutras in the Sutra Chamber freely even if he hadn’t agreed. However, he did not feel good about that.

Furthermore, he had now fallen to the depths of the Dragon Burial Valley with his cultivation crippled and he wanted to start afresh.

The shaving of his black hair symbolized a cut from his past – for the time being, he was going to forsake his identity as Su Zimo, forget about his glory in the past.

From this day forth, he was going to cultivate at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley wholeheartedly until he could rise once more!

The old monk retrieved an almost transparent thread from his storage bag and threaded the four Buddha Beads in his hands together into a set of prayer beads.

“Although two Buddha Beads are missing from these Mingwang Prayer Beads, they are still of use and can help you avoid detection from the Essence Spirits of Nascent Souls and Void Reversions. Take it as a welcome gift of your acceptance of me as your master.”

Su Zimo placed his palms together and bowed deeply.

This gift was way too precious!

Although there were two Buddha Beads missing, it was still a connate Dharmic weapon of the past!

Notwithstanding the power of the Mingwang Prayer Beads alone, even the four Dharmic seals were more than enough to drive countless cultivators crazy for them!

Furthermore, the fact that it was able to block away Essence Spirits meant that the secrets within Su Zimo’s body would not be discovered.

The previous situation of his true self being exposed by the Demon Revealing Mirror would never happen again!

For Su Zimo, this was an irreplaceable gift!

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