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Chapter 587: Origin of the Buddha Bead

The old monk pointed to the side and said, “In the Sutra Chamber, there are classics left behind from Fahua and Daming Monasteries. Look at them more and you might be able to gain something from them.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Both Fahua and Daming Monastery were top factions that were comparable to the current super sects such as the nine immortal sects and seven fiend sects – it was obvious how deep their foundations ran.

Unfortunately, this derelict old temple that was isolated from the rest of the world was the only thing left of the two super sects after the catastrophe 10,000 years ago.

The entire cultivation world did not even know about the existence of this old temple at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Although the old monk merely mentioned it casually, Su Zimo knew clearly in his heart that there were many secret skills of Fahua and Daming Monastery in these ancient books!

For example, the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra was thought by the outside world to be lost.

Who would have guessed that this sutra known as the number one secret skill for Golden Cores would be found at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley?

Who would have thought that it would be in the hands of a young monk and it could be read at any time?

It was not hard to imagine that the impact caused by the appearance of the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra would be much more terrifying than the Vermilion Fruit!

At that time, there would be a blood storm.

The paragons of the North Region wouldn’t be the only ones involved.

Even all the paragons of the entire Tianhuang Mainland would be moved and driven crazy for it!

Furthermore, the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra was not the only one – there were many other sutras similar to it in the Sutra Chamber!

That seemingly battered library was in fact a gigantic treasure trove!

It was equivalent to the legacy of two super sects placed right before Su Zimo’s eyes!

The only pity was that his cultivation was crippled and he had no way of gathering qi.

If he could condense qi, there would now be the legacy of the Buddhist sects in his body as well, on top of the legacy of the immortality and fiend Daos!

As Su Zimo pondered, the old monk seemed to have thought of something and his expression turned rueful.

He sighed, saying, “After the catastrophe back then, Fahua Monastery and Daming Monastery are no longer around and have been washed away by the sands of time. Everyone from the past is already gone and now… I’m the only one left.”

The old monk’s words carried a heart-wrenching loneliness to it.

Su Zimo could not help but ask, “Senior, are you and Fellow Daoist Ming Zhen the only ones in this old temple?”

After a moment of silence, the old monk nodded. “The two of us are the only ones here.”

Cling! Clang!

The moment he said that, the sound of chains rattling sounded from the backyard once more. It was dull and forceful, as though something was struggling repeatedly!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The little fox was rattled and scurried along Su Zimo’s arm into his embrace to hide within.

The old monk’s expression was unchanged and there were no emotions in his weathered eyes, as though he could not hear the sound of chains in the backyard.

Su Zimo was gradually relieved when he saw how composed the old monk was.

However, he was truly curious as to what was behind the sound of chains coming from the backyard.

Why would Ming Zhen want to avoid it so fearfully?

The old monk interrupted Su Zimo’s thoughts and suddenly asked, “I can sense an aura of the Buddhist sects circling around you that isn’t from the Saraca Flower. Have you cultivated a technique of the Buddhist sects before?”

“Technique of the Buddhist sects? Could it be…”

Su Zimo froze momentarily before his eyes flashed with a glint of realization.

He gathered qi slowly and made use of the instance spirit qi entered his body to open up his storage bag, retrieving a Buddha Bead the size of a longan.

The Buddha Bead was extremely old and although it was made of wood, there were no signs of corrosion. The patterns that were etched on it were still extremely clear!

He had obtained that Buddha Bead accidentally when he was trapped with Demoness Ji in the stone coffin in the past.

Su Zimo said with a deep voice, “I’ve managed to cultivate an extremely strong spirit art known as the Fiend Suppression Seal thanks to this Buddha Bead!”

The Fiend Suppression Seal was the only thing he had cultivated that was from the Buddhist sects.

The moment he took out the Buddha Bead, Su Zimo finally understood something.

He understood why he was able to comprehend such a powerful Fiend Suppression Seal with just a single Buddha Bead.

It wasn’t because he had a frightening potential – it was because the existence of the Saraca Flower, the sacred item of the Buddhist sects, allowed him to possess a pure root of wisdom of Buddhism!


The moment he caught sight of the Buddha Bead, the old monk sighed gently and he got slightly emotional.

It was clear that the old monk recognized the origin of the Buddha Bead.

He said, “Actually… the Fiend Suppression Seal is not a spirit art. It’s a Dharmic art of Daming Monastery!”

Dharmic art!

Su Zimo knew that Dharmic arts could only be released by Nascent Souls who are able to make use of Dharmic powers after cultivating their Essence Spirits.

Since the Fiend Suppression Seal was a Dharmic art, how was he able to release it as a spirit art with the use of spirit energy?

“It’s no wonder why the Saraca Flower is a sacred item of the Buddhist sects.”

That statement from the old monk enlightened Su Zimo.

The Saraca Flower should be the only reason why he possessed such a mystifying might!

Su Zimo thought about what he experienced at that time and said, “This Buddha Bead was found in a stone coffin. In it, there was a skeleton that could resurrect and was extremely frightening. I only managed to escape by luck,”

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo continued, “That skeleton seemed to be from the fiend sects.”

“There’s no mistake,”

The old monk replied, “The owner of that Buddha Bead is Monk Daming, the titular disciple of Daming Monastery and a supreme expert that was renowned back in the days!”

“Titular disciple?”

This was the second time Su Zimo had heard of that term.

The first titular disciple he knew was the Asura, Yan Beichen.

The second was this, Monk Daming.

The old monk explained, “There would always be titular disciples in the various super sects of Tianhuang Mainland. Furthermore, there’s only one of them! All the titular disciples are the ones with the greatest potential among the paragons of the sect; the ones with the most stellar track records and the ones with the most frightening combat strength!”

“Titular disciples are not fixed by their cultivation realms but all of them possess countless trump cards and the most fundamental ability for them is to kill above their levels. Typically speaking, one only earns the right to become a titular disciple after advancing to the Void Reversion realm.”

At that point, Su Zimo understood.

In other words, the titular disciples were the strongest among the paragons of the super sects!

The old monk continued, “Titular disciples are bestowed the Dao Titles unique to their sects by the Sect Masters. For example, the titular disciple of Fahua Monastery would gain the Dao Title of Fahua whereas the titular disciple of Daming Monastery would gain the Dao Title of Daming. That helps with identification.”

“There is quite a gap between you and titular disciples. Remember, if you encounter the titular disciples of super sects from here on, you must always be careful not to engage them recklessly.”

Su Zimo nodded.

The old monk thought for a moment before saying, “Back then, Asura Sect produced a monster that created a Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra. Murder was his second nature and everywhere he passed, he would devour the fresh blood of all living beings cleanly!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo realized that there was a high chance the skeleton was the monster of Asura Sect in the past!

The old monk continued, “Monk Daming could not bear to see the masses in distress and headed out to suppress that fiend. The two of them fought three consecutive battles and although the monster of Asura Sect was disadvantaged, it was hard to tell who would come forth victorious.”

“At the fourth battle, victory was finally decided. It was said that the battle was so tremendous that the skies changed and the earth collapsed. Both parties fought with their full strengths!”

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