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Chapter 586: Secret of the Spirit Root

Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled that a couple of months ago, he read an ancient book in the Sutra Chamber.

Within it was the record of a mystical ability known as Heart Peering!

It was said that anyone who manages to cultivate Heart Peering would be able to sense the thoughts of people nearby without the need for communication or interaction – it was extremely mysterious.

At its peak, a single thought would be enough to read the minds of all beings in the universe and it was extremely frightening!

The old monk’s cultivation was unfathomable and Su Zimo guessed that he was at least a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord.

Perhaps… he was even more frightening than that!

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo asked, “Reverend, what is the utmost treasure? Earlier on, you said that it is in my body. Yet, why can’t I sense it?”

The old monk’s gaze was wise as he said slowly, “In Buddhism, there are three great sacred trees, the Bodhi, Ashoka and Sal tree. These three sacred trees are not found in this current world. Rather, they grow in the Pure Land.”

“Pure Land?”

Su Zimo was confused.

The old monk did not explain and merely smiled before continuing.

“The Ashoka tree bears the Saraca Flower. In the ancient era, a Saraca Flower fell onto Tianhuang Mainland and was obtained by the Founder Master of Fahua Monastery, taken in as a sacred object of the Buddhist sects. It was passed down from that time all the way till the female patron took it away.”

The old monk indirectly revealed another piece of information through his words – this old temple was related to Fahua Monastery from 10,000 years ago!”

“Saraca Flower?”

Su Zimo recalled deeply but could not find any connection to a flower related object given to him by Die Yue.

The old monk said, “Patron, you are someone without a spirit root.”


Su Zimo nodded frankly.

It was true that he was born without a spirit root and had only stepped foot onto the path of cultivation after meeting Die Yue.

Before she left, while he was unconscious, she even helped him plant a spirit root that was not weaker than a heaven spirit root!

As though he could read Su Zimo’s mind, the old monk shook his head. “The spirit root is an illusory object that someone is born with. If you have it, you have it. If you don’t, you don’t. There’s no saying of a planted spirit root.”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He did not understand what the old monk meant by that.

Since it wasn’t possible for one to plant spirit roots, what about his spirit root?

How did he manage to go through with immortality cultivation without a spirit root?


A few scenes flashed through Su Zimo’s mind vaguely.

It was true that his ‘spirit root’ was unlike those around him!

It was most obvious from his cultivation speed!

His Qi Condensation speed had even surpassed cultivators with heaven spirit roots!

Furthermore, the quality of his spirit qi was extremely pure and was even stronger than cultivators of the same level with heaven spirit roots!

There was another beguiling thing.

Back when he joined Ethereal Peak and passed through the spirit testing gate, he clearly felt a strong resistance from the gate!

The spirit testing gate would only block cultivators without spirit roots or with pseudo or ordinary spirit roots.

At that time, Su Zimo was indignant and pushed through the barrier of the stone gate with brute force.

Thereafter, the spirit testing gate was shattered!

Could it be…

A frightening thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

The old monk nodded. “Patron, actually, right from the beginning, you’ve never had a spirit root!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

The old monk continued, “The female patron took away the Saraca Flower and sealed this utmost treasure of the Buddhist sects in your dantian, replacing the function of a spirit root.”

Su Zimo’s mouth opened slightly.

It felt as though there was suddenly an explanation to some of the doubts he had previously.

It was no wonder why Die Yue had a slightly odd expression when she said that she had planted a spirit root for him.

Furthermore, based on what she said at that time, it now looked like she was implying something.

Die Yue said that she implanted a spirit root that wouldn’t be inferior to a heaven spirit root for him instead of saying directly that she implanted a heaven spirit root for him.

The old monk remarked, “The reason why you’re able to sense spirit qi and gather them to cultivate isn’t because you’ve got a spirit root. It’s because there’s an utmost treasure of the Buddhist sects that comes from the Pure Land in your dantian!”

The information truly had an enormous impact on Su Zimo.

He was a little confused and asked with a frown, “Why does the spirit qi I gather carry the fire attribute?”

“That’s because the Saraca Flower is also known as the Flaming Flower. When it blooms, it resembles a flame and is extremely sensitive towards the spirit qi of fire attribute in the surroundings!”

Everything that did not make sense made sense at the moment.

With the two utmost treasures of the divine phoenix bone and the Saraca Flower, coupled with his sensitivity towards flames, it was only logical that Su Zimo would have a frightening cultivation speed.

Spirit qi would also be naturally purer after the refinement of two utmost treasures.

Although the spirit testing gate had been around for several thousand years, there was no way it could withstand the might of two utmost treasures!

The old monk smiled. “Patron, have you not discovered that in the past year, you are already able to understand some of the ancient sutras of the Buddhist sects as well as comprehend them?”

Su Zimo nodded.

He had tried his hands on Buddhist sutras before while he was studying in Ping Yang Town.

At that time, the Buddhist sutras were like scriptures of the heavens that he could not understand. In fact, he could not even take in a single word and merely felt his head spin.

In less than an hour, he had already cast all the sutras aside.

The baffling thing was that many years later, when Su Zimo picked up the Buddhist sutras once more in the Sutra Chamber at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he was now able to understand most of them!

The old monk’s voice sounded once more, “Without a root of wisdom, one will never be able to understand the secrets of the Buddhist sutras, let alone cultivate and understand the Dao. In fact, they wouldn’t even be able to continue reading. However, it’s different for you…”

Gradually, a realization entered Su Zimo’s mind.

The Saraca Flower was a sacred item of the Buddhist sects.

It existed within Su Zimo’s dantian and had not only replaced the purpose of the spirit root, but also granted him wisdom that was comparable to the root of wisdom.

That was the gift left behind for him by Die Yue!

It was far from a simple spirit root.

Finally, Su Zimo understood the earnest intentions of Die Yue.

Be it the Saraca Flower or divine phoenix bone, they were both utmost treasures of Tianhuang Mainland!

Before she left, Die Yue said that she left three gifts for him. Right now, Su Zimo already knew two of them but he did not know what the last one was.

Su Zimo asked, “Where is that flower now?”

“It’s still within your dantian. However, you have not cultivated to the realm of introspection and as such, you aren’t able to see it yet,” The old monk replied.

After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Earlier on, I said that there had never been anyone in history who could cultivate after their cultivation is crippled. That is indeed true. I don’t know how I should resolve your plight as well.”

“However, that female patron had gone through the painstaking effort of sealing the Saraca Flower in your dantian while leaving that statement here. I’m guessing… that there must be a deeper meaning to it.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Actually, when he caught sight of the statement left behind by Die Yue, Su Zimo had already decided that he was going to cultivate peacefully at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley from here on.

“To become one of the greatest, you have to work on the foundation and be willing to take hardship and serve others!”

That was his tribulation.

He had to endure it!

There would definitely come a day when he would become the greatest and break through the horizons to the nine heavens, reappearing in the mortal realm to shock all living beings!

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