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Chapter 574c

Su Zimo did not stop in his tracks and a milky-white gigantic bow suddenly appeared in his palm.

The Black Gold Arrow was already drawn.

The bow was like a full moon.

The Moon Concealment Bow and Black Gold Arrow!

That was the strongest attack that Su Zimo could make given his current state!

So what if it was a Void Reversion?

Su Zimo was not going to give up just like that!

It was impossible for him to escape under the watch of a Void Reversion.

The only way was if he could kill the Void Reversion!

The light on the Moon Concealment Bow shone brightly and an endless spirit qi surged into Su Zimo’s embrace, as though he was hugging a full moon.

The Black Gold Arrow shimmered with a cold, chilling intent, almost fusing into one as the full moon in his embrace.


The Black Gold Arrow was shot forward.

The two of them were way too close.

The Black Gold Arrow arrived instantly and even if Su Zimo and Dao Being Xuan Yu were in a different spot, this would have been an extremely difficult arrow to dodge!

Dao Being Xuan Yu did not move at all, his eyes filled with mockery as though he was completely unaffected by the cold flash before his eyes.

“Is that all you’ve got?”

He raised his palm in a seemingly slow motion but it tunneled through the void, arriving right in front of the Black Gold Arrow!

His palm was sparkling like jade and shone with a mysterious luster; his fingernails were long and slender, as flawless as glass.

Curving his finger, Dao Being Xuan Yu flicked gently!


The sound of metal clashing echoed!

Under countless gazes, that arrow that was enough to kill Pei Chunyu instantaneously was flicked away by Dao Being Xuan Yu’s finger!

There were no injuries on his finger at all.

He did it extremely casually!

Su Zimo’s pupils constricted starkly and his heart sank.

It was way too scary!

The power of a Void Reversion had far exceeded his imagination!

The difference between them was way too great, akin to heaven and earth.

A savage glint flashed in Su Zimo’s eyes as he suddenly extended his right arm without stopping in his tracks.

The right hand that was in possession of the divine phoenix bone gripped into a fist without any fancy moves, smashing down onto Dao Being Xuan Yu’s head fiercely!

The Black Gold Arrow was the first move that Su Zimo prepared – it was meant to confuse Dao Being Xuan Yu and numb him, causing him to lower his guard.

His true killing move was the divine phoenix bone at the back!

Given Dao Being Xuan Yu’s cultivation realm, he would definitely take the attack of a Golden Core head-on without avoiding.

In that case, there would be a chance to trigger the power of the divine phoenix bone!

Su Zimo believed that once the power of the divine phoenix bone was triggered, it would be enough to injure Dao Being Xuan Yu even if it was unable to kill him.

However, that might be his only shot at survival!

Dao Being Xuan Yu’s eyes shone with a deeper mockery.

“The futile struggle of a trapped beast!”

Dao Being Xuan Yu sneered. As Su Zimo expected, he reached out with his fist and met Su Zimo’s right hand directly.

Su Zimo’s eyes shone viciously!

His Inner Core and Golden Core circulated wildly and his blood qi surged. All his tendons and bones were ringing with the sound of rumbling thunder as his organs shook while his orifices shone with a demonic glint.

There were even streaks of bloodshot lights forming around the top of his head!

Su Zimo was converging all the power within his body towards his right hand!

This single move would determine his victory or defeat!

Right as their fists were about to collide, Dao Being Xuan Yu smirked and suddenly converted his fist to a palm, choosing not to engage Su Zimo head-on.

Dao Being Xuan Yu’s palm glided upwards gently and avoided the incoming fist, arriving at Su Zimo’s right wrist area before gripping suddenly!

Su Zimo froze in his tracks.

A tremendous repulsion force surged into his body and he felt like his bones were all going to shatter.


Su Zimo’s expression changed as he grunted.

Dao Being Xuan Yu’s palm gripped his wrist tightly like an iron hoop.

The immense power almost crushed his right wrist!

It was way too painful!

Su Zimo shuddered from head to toe and clenched his teeth; bead-sized sweat droplets rolled down from his cheeks instantly.

With a cold expression, Dao Being Xuan Yu raised his chin slightly and looked down at Su Zimo, sneering, “Trying to kill me with your divine phoenix bone?”


Dao Being Xuan Yu chuckled gently and shook his head. “You’re way too naive!”

The difference between the two of them was not merely limited to their cultivation realms and strength.

In terms of experience and psychology, Su Zimo was even more disadvantaged!

Dao Being Xuan Yu had already guessed Su Zimo’s intentions and did not choose to take the divine phoenix bone head-on, gripping the latter’s wrist instead!

Su Zimo’s right hand had the indestructible divine phoenix bone.

However, his wrist was incomparably fragile against the power of a Void Reversion!

Dao Being Xuan Yu’s change in movement had severed Su Zimo’s final hope!

Enduring the immense pain on his wrist, Su Zimo glared at Dao Being Xuan Yu indignantly with clenched teeth.

“Divine phoenix bone,”

Dao Being Xuan Yu lamented, “An ant like you isn’t befitting of possessing such a divinely object!”

“From this day forth, the divine phoenix bone belongs to me.”

Before he finished his sentence, Dao Being Xuan Yu exerted slight strength into his palm.


The jarring sound of bones snapping echoed.

Su Zimo’s wrist was snapped directly by Dao Being Xuan Yu!

His right hand hung limply, only connected by skin and flesh.

Many cultivators winced at the sight of that.

As though he could not feel any pain, Su Zimo did not let out any sound at all; his body merely trembled slightly while his features were distorted!

Su Zimo’s eyes were narrowed and his expression was extremely cold!

Dao Being Xuan Yu ignored the hatred in Su Zimo’s eyes and merely remarked indifferently, “Little beast, Pei Chunyu is my grandson. Since you took his life, I’ll let you suffer in pain and torment for all eternity!”

“Your snapped wrist is just the beginning.”

Dao Being Xuan Yu’s voice was like a malevolent ghost from hell and was extremely chilling!


Suddenly, Dao Being Xuan Yu extended his feet and tapped Su Zimo in the dantian gently!

His kick was way too fast.

Even if Su Zimo was at his peak condition, he wouldn’t be able to dodge it, let alone the fact that he was now severely injured with his spirit energy drained and blood qi exhausted.

Furthermore, Dao Being Xuan Yu’s palm was locked on Su Zimo’s injured right wrist the entire time.

Su Zimo could not escape at all!

Although that kick seemed like it was slow and gentle, it let out a frightening amount of power on Su Zimo’s dantian.

It was like a gigantic spear that thrust into Su Zimo’s dantian!


Su Zimo shuddered and felt a sharp pain pierce through his abdomen, almost fainting from it.

A bloodied hole appeared on his dantian, muddied by flesh and blood.


Su Zimo could clearly feel that his Golden Core was shattered by that single kick from Dao Being Xuan Yu!

His spirit energy drained rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, his dantian turned into an empty spot without any spirit energy at all.

Su Zimo’s body convulsed slightly and he almost could not stand straight. His face was pale, his eyes went dim and his breathing turned faint.

His cultivation was crippled!

The core of a Golden Core Perfected Being was their Golden Core – it could not be recovered once it was destroyed!

Dozens of years of tough cultivation was destroyed overnight!

For cultivators, there was nothing more cruel than having their Golden Cores destroyed and their cultivations crippled.

It was dead silent all around.

The Golden Cores had various expressions – some of them gloated, some sighed to themselves while others revealed pained looks.

Mu Dongqing and Bai Yuhan had some ties with Su Zimo in the past. At this moment, none of them could bear to continue watching.

Dugu Jian lowered his sword eyes and shook his head gently with a look of pity on his face.

No matter how much of a monster incarnate Su Zimo was, how amazing, or even if he had once cultivated to the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment realm with double phenomenons… all of that had now vanished with the destruction of his Golden Core.

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