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Chapter 573: Tribulation of Life

A lost expression flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as he gazed at the endless flames around him as well.

Although he managed to get his hands on the Vermilion Fruit, his identity was revealed.

It was hard to conclude his gains and losses at the exact moment.

Almost all the sects and factions of the North Region were implicated in this fire!

From this day forth, Su Zimo would be faced with an endless hunt and no place would be safe for him in the North Region!

How difficult would it be if he wanted to escape from the North Region?

The North Region was way too big!

Su Zimo was only at early-stage Golden Core. Even with his double immortality and demonic cultivation, he would have to take hundreds of years of traveling even in the best circumstances.

He would most likely be killed within that period of time!

With the conclusion of this battle, Su Zimo had not only offended Glass Palace, but the entire cultivation world of the North Region!

“No matter what, I’ve got to get out of this place first!”

Before long, he calmed down and made a decision.

Picking up the Coiling Dragon Seal on the ground, he put it away in his storage bag before donning on new green robes. Hiding in the bronze square tripod, he broke through the layers of flames and escaped into the distance.

All of a sudden!

Another streak of golden light surged through the flames.

Sweeping his gaze across that golden light, Su Zimo could not help but freeze momentarily.

It was a black basket that glowed with a golden light, resembling an iron pot with a few holes on top of it.

Behind the holes were a pair of black gemlike eyes that darted around rapidly.

Little fox!

That sharp little thing still made a decision in the end.

She chose to leave that ‘home’ which she had lived in for dozens of years.

She chose to leave her mother and enter the outside world.

Although Su Zimo was reluctant when he left the underground cave as well, he could only let the little fox make the decision for herself.

That basket that looked like an iron pot seemed unassuming but in reality, it could protect her from the surrounding golden flames!

Earlier on, even when many Nascent Souls tried to use their Dharmic weapons, they were incinerated into ashes by the golden flames.

“Come over! I’ll take you away from here!”

Su Zimo shouted softly.

He was the reason why the little fox was willing to leave the underground cave.

There was no way he could possibly abandon her in this place.

Given her ignorance to the outside world, she wouldn’t survive for more than a month living alone!

The little fox was extremely obedient and with a leap, she whisked her Fire Blocking Basket and slithered through Su Zimo’s robes, climbing to his shoulders with a few steps.


A pair of spirit wings appeared behind Su Zimo.


Flapping his spirit wings, Su Zimo channeled blood qi and sprinted with his full might into the distance.

He had not gone far when suddenly, the skies darkened!

A sinister voice echoed through the entire Great Qian Ruins!

“Without my permission, nobody is allowed to leave this place today!”

The next moment, a terrifying might descended and the countless otherworldly soldiers in the palace instantly dispersed into malevolent qi.

The Golden Cores who were initially watching from afar were shocked and shivered uncontrollably, nearly kneeling on the ground.

The pressure was way too immense!

Against this intimidation, many Golden Cores felt insignificant as ants that could be squashed at any moment.

That aura was way stronger than that of Nascent Souls!

Even the golden flames that were initially blazing diminished significantly, as though they were suppressed by someone.

“How scary. Who is it?”

“What’s the cultivation realm of this person? Could it be…”

“Void Reversion! A Void Reversion expert must have arrived!”

“There’s no way a Void Reversion would be interested in a 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit! There must be another reason for it!”

Many Golden Cores exchanged glances as their minds filled with questions.

Su Zimo’s expression changed starkly as well with the descent of that might. He felt his footsteps getting more and more sluggish, as though he was trudging through a swamp.

However, he had no intention of stopping.

The person who arrived was extremely strong!

Among the cultivators Su Zimo had interacted with before, this person’s aura was the most similar to the Asura, Yan Beichen!

It was a Void Reversion!

Su Zimo did not know why any Void Reversion would be here.

However, he knew that this was his last chance and he had to get out of this place as soon as possible!

A middle-aged man in luxurious robes descended from the sky with a grim gaze, scanning his surroundings. A wary look flashed through his eyes when he caught sight of the blazing golden flames in midair.

When his gaze came across Pei Chunyu’s corpse, the hesitation in the middle-aged man’s eyes vanished, leaving nothing but an endless, murderous killing intent!

Some cultivators could not endure the pressure and recounted the earlier events vaguely.


Shifting his gaze, the middle-aged man caught sight of Su Zimo who was escaping and could not help but bark coldly with a dark expression, “Little beast, how dare you try to escape in front of me, Dao Being Xuan Yu?”


Dao Being Xuan Yu’s spirit consciousness moved.

A horrifying might descended immediately!

With a bang, Su Zimo’s body crashed and slammed onto the ground harshly.

The tremendous shock caused the flesh on the surface of his body to rip apart, spurting with blood and adding injuries on top of his original injuries.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo transformed into a bloodied person. He could not help but grunt dully and his knees wobbled, almost falling.

The difference was too great!

This was not merely a difference in terms of strength.

It was the difference between two different levels and it was worlds apart.

Dao Being Xuan Yu did not have to make a move at all – Su Zimo could not even withstand his pressure as a Void Reversion alone!

The little fox was horrified.

Earlier on, she was protected in Su Zimo’s embrace.

Su Zimo had defended her from all damage using his body!

With his back against Dao Being Xuan Yu, Su Zimo continued to escape, panting with a hint of blood in his breath and blood frothing from his mouth. However, his gaze was unusually resolute and immensely fierce!

With his hands behind his back, Dao Being Xuan Yu traveled through the air and looked down at Su Zimo who was escaping down on the ground.

Those eyes were filled with mockery and cruelty, as though he was looking at an ant that was struggling to survive.

“Mr. Mo, he…”

When he saw that, Mu Dongqing wanted to say something but hesitated.

Nobody expected that the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou would possess such an identity and frightening combat strength!

A few years ago, Su Zimo helped him refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon in the capital of Great Zhou.

At that time, he was still a little amateurish.

But now, that seemingly frail scholar had already grown to such an extent!

Yet, unfortunately, that scholar was about to die.

“What a pity, sigh,”

After a long silence, Mu Dongqing gave a long sigh of sadness.

No matter what, Su Zimo had once helped him.

Mu Dongqing felt pained when he saw the state Su Zimo had ended up in.

Bai Yuhan seemed to have recalled something and whispered with a conflicted expression, “If the third princess hears the news about Young Master Su’s death… she is going to be extremely sad.”

Mu Dongqing lamented, “At the end of the day, humans can’t fight against fate with their own strength. Even a Void Reversion has shown himself at this point. This should be a fated tribulation in his life such that he can’t avoid death.”

In midair.

Dao Being Xuan Yu seemed to have lost his patience and interest in toying around. Harrumphing coldly, he suddenly descended and blocked Su Zimo’s path forward.

Right then, something weird happened!

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