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Chapter 575: Miserable

Su Zimo was long drenched in head and his head was slumped with his black hair raining down – the only thing that could faintly be seen were a pair of frightening eyes!

Even with his Golden Core destroyed and his cultivation crippled, Su Zimo did not despair.

He would definitely take revenge for this as long as he could walk out alive today.

He had his Inner Core despite his shattered Golden Core.

For the past eight years, Su Zimo had been cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness day and night religiously. The Inner Core that he refined was the essence of the first seven sections of the mystic classic!

He could still trample on everyone across the same level by relying on his Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

Dao Being Xuan Yu tightened his grip on Su Zimo’s snapped wrist with a cold gaze. As he looked down at the silently slumped Su Zimo, he suddenly remarked, “Oh, right. I nearly forgot. You’re half a demon as well and you’ve also cultivated an Inner Core!”

The existence of the Inner Core could not be hidden from Dao Being Xuan Yu’s spirit consciousness.

“Is that what you’re relying on?”

Dao Being Xuan Yu laughed, somewhat menacing, before saying slowly, “Even though you’re a Golden Core, I’m not going to leave you any chances! I will let you experience the true meaning of despair!”

The moment he said that, Dao Being Xuan Yu extended his right fist.


Dao Being Xuan Yu punched his right fist savagely through Su Zimo’s chest!

When the tremendous power surged wildly into Su Zimo’s body, the first to receive the impact was the Mystic Gold Silk Armor.

Unable to withstand the burst power of Dao Being Xuan Yu, a hole appeared through the connate spirit weapon and all six spirit patterns dissipated!

After breaking through the defensive connate spirit weapon, the remaining power cruised through into Su Zimo’s body.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Blood drained from Su Zimo’s face as he was lifted up before crashing down heavily once more.

A series of tears appeared on his Inner Core.

Su Zimo could no longer feel the existence of demonic power within him.

He had lost complete control of his Inner Core as well!

Once again, Su Zimo’s expression turned paler.

Even if his Inner Core was not completely crippled after receiving such an immense blow, the chances of it recovering in the future were extremely slim!

In reality, Dao Being Xuan Yu had intended to shatter Su Zimo’s completely with that punch.

However, the Mystic Gold Silk Armor blocked a large part of the power.

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s tendons, bones, blood and flesh were extremely frightening to begin with and he possessed a shocking defense – that was the only reason why the Inner Core was not pierced entirely with that single punch!

Prior to this, Dao Being Xuan Yu maintained his grip on Su Zimo’s right wrist the entire time.

It was only at this moment when he sensed that the situation was deadlocked that he felt relieved enough to release his grip.

Dao Being Xuan Yu had been cultivating for thousands of years up till now and he was no fool.

He would definitely not make a mistake nor would he leave Su Zimo with any chances!

The little fox was nearly scared out of her wits throughout the entire process.

She had never witnessed such cruelty and remained hidden behind Su Zimo the entire time.

It was up till this moment that the little fox realized something and shrieked.

No matter how timid she was, she could not bear to see Su Zimo bullied by someone like this!


She tossed the Fire Blocking Basket in her paws away.

The Fire Blocking Basket expanded rapidly in midair with nine golden streaks of light. Surging with an endless killing intent, it shone with a fiery blaze down onto Dao Being Xuan Yu.


A hint of surprise flashed through Dao Being Xuan Yu’s eyes.

Against the incoming Fire Blocking Basket filled with endless flames, Dao Being Xuan Yu did not dodge nor avoid. Suddenly, he reached out with both hands and scooped in midair.

Those terrifying flames did not even manage to burn off Dao Being Xuan Yu’s hair or skin!

Reaching through the flames, Dao Being Xuan Yu’s arms were completely fine as he pulled the Fire Blocking Basket towards him for a closer inspection!

The glint in his eyes intensified as he nodded to himself.

A moment later, he placed the Fire Blocking Basket in his storage bag. “This is a great treasure. It’s a pity that you are too weak to be able to unleash the full might of the Fire Blocking Basket. From this day forth, it belongs to me!”

“Heeya! Heeya!”

The little fox was agitated.

That was her mother’s parting gift for her and she could not lose it!

“Don’t go!”

Su Zimo’s voice was hoarse and extremely weak.

Unfortunately, the little fox was flustered over her Fire Blocking Basket and it was too late even if she heard Su Zimo’s call.

The little fox dashed forward.

Initially, Dao Being Xuan Yu wanted to slap her to death. However, a thought crossed his mind.

“Fox race?”

A hint of lust could be seen flashing through Dao Being Xuan Yu’s eyes as he changed his mind and swept his hand.


The little fox was repelled and fell into the mud, spitting out a huge mouthful of blood with a stricken expression!

She had not formed a core and could not even change her appearance yet. Naturally, she was not a match for Dao Being Xuan Yu.

“Little thing, it will be extremely easy for me to kill you. It will take nothing more than a single thought,”

Dao Being Xuan Yu remarked coldly, “From this day forth, you are my slave. If you dare to go against me, I’ll make sure you suffer!”

The fox race gave birth to natural seductresses.

If he could capture someone from the fox race as a slave to do whatever he wanted with her, he would definitely live his days in bliss like an immortal!

The little fox was seriously injured to begin with and was uneasy internally.

With Dao Being Xuan Yu’s words right now, she knew of her impending fate and was so agitated that she fainted.

Dao Being Xuan Yu did not care at all.

He had loads of time in the future to train up this fox.

Dao Being Xuan Yu’s gaze shifted towards the bloodstained cultivator not far away.

Their gazes met.

Dao Being Xuan Yu frowned slightly.

He had to acknowledge that there was still no sign of defeat in Su Zimo’s eyes despite the circumstances!

There were way too many powers in the world that could defeat Su Zimo.

However, there was nothing that could make him bow down!

Dao Being Xuan Yu frowned slightly.

Su Zimo’s gaze made him feel uncomfortable.

It felt as if something was not within his control!

“That’s impossible!”

Dao Being Xuan Yu lamented, “That kid’s Golden Core is crippled and his Inner Core is shattered. By now, he’s a complete cripple and there shouldn’t be any accidents.”

“Little beast, why aren’t you escaping anymore, hmm?”

Dao Being Xuan Yu sneered.

Su Zimo remained silent.

With an unpredictable tone, Dao Being Xuan Yu continued slowly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die that easily.”

“I’m going to imprison you and slowly torment you while interrogating you about the secrets of your divine phoenix bone and double immortality and demonic cultivation! There’s way too many secrets that you are keeping!”

Su Zimo smiled as well.

“I’m afraid you won’t get the chance to discover the secrets I’m hiding!”

A series of sinister sutras flowed through Su Zimo’s mind.


His heart nearly ripped apart and his bloodline surged, blazing in flames!

In the blink of an eye, almost a third of his bloodline was burned up!

That was the Blood Escape technique of the fiend sects!

Even with his Golden Core crippled, Inner Core destroyed, spirit energy drained and demonic power exhausted, Su Zimo had another type of power within his body – the power of his bloodline!

Within a short period of time, Su Zimo’s speed would increase exponentially upon the release of Blood Escape.

Even so, it was still utterly ridiculous to think that he could escape alive from the grasp of a Void Reversion.

Otherwise, Su Zimo would have released Blood Escape long ago and escaped from this place rather than wait till this irrevocable state.

Right now, he only had a single aim for releasing Blood Escape – to escape to the Dragon Burial Valley!

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