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Chapter 572: A Great Gift

On the battlefield.

The old man from Glass Palace had an extremely terrible expression!

For this trip, Glass Palace sent two Golden Cores.

Notwithstanding Xi Wuya’s death, even Pei Chunyu was murdered and it happened right in front of him!

Although Xi Wuya was a Golden Core, his status in the sect and in the hearts of the elders was much more important than ordinary Nascent Souls!

The sect had raised Xi Wuya as a titular disciple.

Naturally, he would be punished when he returned to the sect with news of Xi Wuya’s death!

Right now, the only thing he could do was to try and make up for it by bringing Su Zimo back to the sect. That way, he might have a chance of avoiding punishment.

“Little beast, let’s see how much longer you can maintain your cockiness!”

The old man from Glass Palace hollered and strode forward, extending his arm to capture Su Zimo alive.


Suddenly, the Perfected Lord of Dark Ghost Sect sneered sinisterly, “This little beast slewed my disciple. I’m going to take his arm as compensation!”


Dark Ghost Sect’s Perfected Lord’s spirit consciousness shifted and turned into a sinister saber that cut towards Su Zimo’s right arm.

His intent to sever the right arm was an excuse for his true motive of getting the divine phoenix bone!

Of the Nascent Souls present, the old man from Glass Palace was not the only one targeting Su Zimo – all the other Nascent Souls of decent capabilities wanted to fight for the divine phoenix bone!

There was no reason for them to give up an opportunity as such!

“How dare you!”

The old man from Glass Palace shouted with rage.


Suddenly, Duanmu clan’s Perfected Lord laughed. “This little beast is ruthless and murdered my Kang’er. I’m going to kill him and take his corpse back so that I can account to my clansmen!”

“Our Ouyang aristocratic family is not going to let that little beast off either!” Ouyang clan’s Perfected Lord remarked coldly.


Taba clan’s Perfected Lord cursed, “That weakling from your clan was clearly killed by a sword rather than this lad! What rights do you have?!”

“In that case, you’ve got even less rights since your Taba Feng is still alive and well!”

All the Nascent Souls moved one after another – all of them wanted to take their share of the loot by getting Su Zimo’s right hand!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The power of Nascent Souls collided with a rampant might, filling the skies with resplendent light in a terrifying manner!

The frightening power extended and all the Golden Cores in the vicinity retreated hurriedly in shock, afraid that they might be embroiled in the fight.

Su Zimo stood firmly in the center of the battlefield, looking at everything with a faint mockery in his eyes.

“Everyone, listen to me, there’s no need for us to fight with our lives here!”

Murong clan’s Perfected Lord suddenly said, “How about splitting that lad’s divine phoenix bone into pieces and divide it evenly!”

“That’s good!”

“I agree!”

Some Nascent Souls agreed readily.


The old man from Glass Palace stroked his beard fiercely and an intimidating power exuded from his seemingly scrawny body. With every single move of his, a rainbow light would glow blindingly.

Even Dharmic weapons wouldn’t be able to get close to him!

He remarked coldly, “I’ll see who dares to try and challenge Glass Palace for a treasure today!”

At that moment, a series of cool sighs could be heard coming from the center of the battlefield.

Many Nascent Souls stopped instinctively and turned their gazes over.

Scanning his surroundings, Su Zimo said slowly with a calm expression, “I’ve expected all of you to come and I’ve prepared a great gift. Please kindly accept it!”


Stellar Luna Sect’s Perfected Lord sneered, “Little beast, you won’t be able to escape today even if you’ve got wings. Let’s see what tricks you have up your sleeves!”


Su Zimo smirked with a hint of incredulity in his eyes. “Everyone, you may have mistaken something.”

The many Nascent Souls frowned slightly.

All the paragons of the North Region hiding far away froze momentarily as well, confused by Su Zimo’s words.

Su Zimo continued, “I’m not the one who has to escape. It’s… you guys!”

The hearts of many Nascent Souls skipped a beat.

Before his words were finished, Su Zimo slapped the storage bag on his waist and whisked out a bronze square tripod that was more than a meter tall!

The tripod was dull and lifeless, filled with cracks. However, its edges were defined as it stood in the world, as though it wanted to pierce the firmaments and tear the ground asunder!


Seven Kills Sect’s Perfected Lord froze for a moment before rearing his head in laughter. He pointed at the bronze square tripod in Seven Kills Sect’s hands and asked loudly, “You’re truly a beast without any brains! Do you really think that you can threaten us with that broken piece of metal?”

The other Nascent Souls were relieved at the sight of that bronze square tripod as well, their expressions relaxed and their eyes shining with mockery.

No matter what the grade of this bronze square tripod was in the past, even if it was a treasure even beyond Dharmic weapons, it was already useless right now.

If it could not release Dharmic powers, what was the difference between this tripod and scrap metal?


Su Zimo smiled as well.

Indeed, that bronze square tripod was of no threat to Nascent Souls.

However, that might not be the case for the golden lava inside!

After it was contained in the bronze square tripod, the golden lava seemed like it was sealed by some power and was calm as water without emitting any heat.

Gripping the hind legs of the bronze square tripod with both hands, Su Zimo raised it and spun, swinging it at the Nascent Souls all around him!


The golden lava gushed out, blanketing the skies.

When the lava splashed through the void, it burst forth with a shuddering heat that was enough to annihilate everything and incinerate all living beings!

At this moment, the Nascent Souls who coveted the divine phoenix bone were all in the vicinity and none of them could escape from the radius of the golden lava!

Contact with the golden lava – even if it was only a single drop – would immediately ignite a shiny golden flame.

It burned in the void relentlessly!

Given the bodies of Nascent Souls, they would be burned into ashes within dozens of breaths in the golden flames!

If they were drenched by the golden lava, they would be engulfed immediately with no corpse left!

The scariest thing was that once the Nascent Souls were touched by the golden flames, they would not be able to extinguish it no matter how they struggled!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Tragic cries reverberated through the world.

In midair, countless figures engulfed in flames streaked through the air.

They did not manage to fly far before they fell as a pile of ashes.

The battlefield had instantly transformed into a burning Hell!

None of the Nascent Souls could avoid this calamity.

Even the old man from Glass Palace who was well-versed in body tempering only managed to hang on for dozens of breaths before falling to the ground without any trace of life.

Only the Golden Cores who hid far away managed to survive.

The golden flames burned furiously.

All the stone pillars in the underground palace were incinerated.

The underground palace collapsed with countless rocks crashing down and dust billowing.

Everywhere the golden lava reached, a massive pit would be burned in its place!

The flames surged into the air, illuminating the dark night like day!

Against the scarlet golden flares, the monster incarnate’s figure was faintly visible, looking like a divine being scrutinizing everything from the flames!

It was over!

Everything was over!

The flames burned through the entire skies!

Even the clouds shone tragically beautiful with a scarlet golden shade.

The world has changed!

From this day forth, the cultivation world of the North Region was going to be overturned!

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