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Chapter 568: Arrival of the Nascent Souls

The masked man bolted away at an extremely fast speed!

He had already vanished from his original position almost at the same time as the arrival of the sword beam.

It was entirely silent.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of metal ringing was extremely piercing in the silent battlefield!

All the paragons witnessed clearly as a crack appeared on the metallic mask of the man, splitting the mask into two!


The mask fell to the ground, revealing that person’s true appearance.


Many people gasped.

Some female cultivators even exclaimed.

Filled with grisly wounds, that face was extremely horrifying. It looked nefarious like a malevolent ghost, as though it was eaten away by something.

For some unknown reason, Su Zimo felt an indescribably strange feeling when he saw that face.

Sensing the weird stares all around, the masked man had a venomous expression as he howled deeply with an endless hatred surging in his eyes.

“I’m going to kill you!”

The masked man strode forward with a torrential aura.


One after another, streaks of rainbow-colored lights appeared behind the masked man with a frightening energy fluctuation that threatened to destroy everything in the world!

Ancient phenomenon, Glass Divine Light!

Although the masked man’s Glass Divine Light was clearly not as terrifying as Xi Wuya’s, it was nothing to scoff at as well.

After all, that was Glass Palace’s legacy phenomenon.

“Heavenly Encompassing Swords!”

Clang! Clang!

The sound of swords buzzing reverberated relentlessly through the world.

A series of sword qis appeared behind Dugu Jian once after another, encompassing the entire firmament as they streaked over with a daunting might!

Glass Divine Light was ranked 13 on the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

Heavenly Encompassing Swords was ranked 40 on the previous Phenomenon Ranking.

But now that the two phenomenons clashed, they were on even ground!

On the one hand, the masked man’s cultivation realm was only at early-stage Golden Core.

On the other hand, the might of Heavenly Encompassing Swords was truly pushed to its limits in the hands of Dugu Jian!

In the hands of different people, the same Golden Core phenomenon would also release a different level of might.

“Fellow Daoists, if we don’t strike now, all of you guys are going to be hunted once that beast recovers!” Ouyang Xiayu surveyed the surroundings and declared coldly.

She had already noticed that Su Zimo was recovering his stamina and channeling qi to heal himself.

The paragons present looked hesitant.

However, after exchanging glances, most of them were decided!

If they did not give it their all now, it would be hard for a similar opportunity to present itself in the future!


Someone strode forward and growled deeply.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Many cultivators roared in unison with a mighty aura, as though they were bolstering their own courage as well.

Flying swords and spirit arts filled the air.

There was only a single target – Su Zimo who was in the center of the battlefield!

Su Zimo’s eyes gradually narrowed with a vicious glint.

Clang! Clang!

Before Su Zimo made a move, Dugu Jian waved his palm and directed a portion of the Heavenly Encompassing Sword Qi in the air to form a barrier that wrapped around Su Zimo!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The flying swords that struck the barrier of sword qi were repelled instantly.

Spirit arts that rammed onto it dissipated right away.

In terms of combat strength, the only one who could match Dugu Jian right now was the masked man from Glass Palace.


A sword beam flashed.

Dugu Jian had attacked once more.

That slash seemed to transcend the void and arrived before Ouyang Xiayu instantly.

The Green Luan was the first to sense the killing intent and burst in retreat with Ouyang Xiayu on it instantly.


The sword beam shot into the Green Luan.

It let out a tragic howl.

Although it was a pure-blooded ferocious beast, it could not withstand Dugu Jian’s slash.

While that wound was not deep, when the sword qi entered its body, it destroyed all life within it almost instantly!

The Green Luan was dead.

Ouyang Xiayu’s face was pale as a sheet as she barked hatefully with vengeful eyes, “How dare you hurt my spirit beast, Dugu Jian!”

Dugu Jian did not reply.

Another sword beam flashed!


A scarlet streak appeared across Ouyang Xiayu’s chest and her gaze dimmed gradually.

Initially, she was a blessed woman from the heavens. Born with fairy-like looks and in an ancient aristocratic family, any cultivator that saw her would naturally feel a sense of inferiority.

There were few cultivators who could bear to attack her.

Unfortunately, her opponent was Dugu Jian.

In his eyes, Ouyang Xiayu was nothing more than an ordinary cultivator.

There was no great deal about killing her.

The blessed woman of an ancient aristocratic family fell from midair, already dead by the time her body reached the ground.


At the end of the day, Dugu Jian had still used up quite a bit of his focus to divert part of his phenomenon’s power to protect Su Zimo while killing Ouyang Xiayu.

The masked man seized the opportunity to strike.


An arm flawless as jade tore through the air with a fist that resembled a steel hammer, bursting forth with an extremely alarming might instantly.

Dugu Jian’s expression did not change. Unable to raise his sword in time, he could only punch in retaliation!


The two fists collided.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Dugu Jian’s wrist was snapped by the masked man, twisting to an unbelievable degree!

Glass Palace was the best-versed in body tempering in the cultivation world.

Glass Palace disciples, even if they were not Xi Wuya, had extremely strong physiques and frightening melee combat strength that ordinary cultivators could not imagine.

However, what everyone truly felt terrified about was Dugu Jian.

Even with his snapped wrist, Dugu Jian was still emotionless as ever, as though that was not his hand and he did not feel any pain at all.

He was way too calm.

Dugu Jian was so calm that nobody could sense any trace of panic coming from him.

Despite his snapped wrist, Dugu Jian did not stop at all and instead, raised his sword in reverse without giving the masked man a chance to follow up at all.

The masked man retreated slightly slower and instantly, a bloody gash appeared on his chest!


Once again, the masked man’s expression changed as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

He could clearly sense an endlessly sharp sword qi surging into his body, trying to cut up his flesh, bones, tendons and organs.

Hurriedly, he channeled his blood qi to suppress it.

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he managed to contain the wound and purge out the sword qi.

Although it seemed like he gained the advantage in that exchange of blows, in reality, they were on even ground.

The only difference for Dugu Jian with his snapped left wrist was that he wouldn’t be able to hold onto his sword sheath with his left hand.

However, Dugu Jian’s sword technique was completely unaffected and turned even more intimidating instead!

A paragon was bound to die with every single attack of his!

Both sides continued in the stalemate.

All of a sudden!

The sound of clothes fluttering through the air could be heard from the distant horizon.

A series of incomparably strong auras surged forward, tearing through the air.

The auras were wildly berserk, seemingly filled with rage, as they sped over. Before they even arrived, an unnerving dominance had already engulfed everyone present!

“This aura…”

“Nascent Souls!”

“Even Nascent Souls are alarmed and there’s so many of them!”

Instantly, the crowd went wild.

Everyone knew that they would definitely fade into the background the moment Nascent Souls interfered.

It was unknown who the Vermilion Fruit would end up with eventually – that would still depend on the capabilities of the Nascent Souls.

However, there was only one thing everyone was certain of… somebody was about to die!

That person had slain way too many paragons of the North Region and had offended almost all the factions of the North Region – he was definitely doomed to die today!

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