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Chapter 569: Exposed

The might of the gathered Nascent Souls was horrifying and all of the cultivators fighting stopped, not daring to act recklessly.

The old man from Glass Palace was the first to arrive and his expression was terribly dark!

Although he had already rushed over with all his might after noticing that something was amiss, it was still too late.

Xi Wuya’s Destiny Talisman was already shattered on his way here!

Who was the person who could kill Xi Wuya?

There was definitely no Golden Core in the North Region who could be a match for Xi Wuya.

Even if a Nascent Soul managed to avoid them and infiltrate the Great Qian Ruins, wasn’t there a chance for Xi Wuya to escape if he could not defeat his foe?

That was impossible!

In the blink of an eye, the various Nascent Souls have already arrived.

Their eyes were filled with endless shock as they looked at the corpses sprawled on the ground!

They had expected this Vermilion Fruit fight to be a cruel test for the paragons of the North Region.

However, none of them expected it to be this tragic!

Xi Wuya’s body laid limply on the ground with its tendons and bones snapped – it was already a meat sludge.

His eyes were widened, as if even till the moment of his death, he could not believe that he would be buried in these ruins!

Duanmu Kang’s body was torn into pieces and his original appearance could not even be seen any longer.

Ouyang Xiayu’s corpse had a gash on her chest that was evidently created by an expert of the Dao of the sword.

There were way too many paragons that could no longer speak at this point either as they laid on the ground as ice-cold corpses.

The old man from Glass Palace’s gaze turned extremely sharp as he surveyed his surroundings, scanning everyone present. When he came across Su Zimo, he paused slightly.

Su Zimo was extremely calm and there was no trace of fear in his eyes even as he faced this many Nascent Souls!

When he sensed the stare from the old man of Glass Palace, Su Zimo smirked and glared back in return with the same intensity.

“What happened here!”

The Perfected Lord of Taba clan could not help but holler loudly, asking.

Taba Feng pointed at Su Zimo and shouted, “It’s all because of him! He’s the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island from the ancient battlefield!”

“That’s right! He was the one who killed most of the fallen Fellow Daoists of the Golden Core realm!”


The expressions of the Nascent Souls changed slightly.

The monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!

To think that the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island would actually arrive in the North Region after leaving the ancient battlefield!

It was no wonder!

It was no wonder why the paragons of the North Region met with such a great calamity!

This monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island was truly scary. Even just at early-stage Golden Core realm, he was able to kill the number one Perfected Being of the North Region, Xi Wuya!

Who else could be a match for him?

The many Nascent Souls stared at Su Zimo with somewhat weird gazes. Apart from hatred, there seemed to be something else.

It was more like… greed!

Their gazes resembled the way the Golden Cores looked at the Vermilion Fruit.

Many of the Nascent Souls instinctively looked towards Su Zimo’s right hand.

There was a rumor in the cultivation world that the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island’s right hand contained a supreme treasure – the divine phoenix bone!

That was the bone of a divine being!

Even Void Reversions and Dharma Characteristics would be tempted to get their hands on a treasure as such, let alone Nascent Souls!

The gaze of the old man from Glass Palace flashed.

In his eyes, there was far more than the divine phoenix bone to Su Zimo.

This man possessed way too many secrets in his body.

There was everything concerning Divine Phoenix Island.

The legacy of the Saber Emperor.

The secrets within the Human Emperor’s Palace.

Also… was this monster incarnate a human or demon?

How could immortals and demons coexist?

The only way to find out about those unknowns was by capturing this monster incarnate!

“Monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island. Great, great!”

The old man from Glass Palace had a cold tone. Withdrawing an antiquated mirror from his storage bag, he said, “Let’s see what the true form of this monster incarnate is!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo’s heart sank.

Before he could react, the old man from Glass Palace flung the mirror in his hands in the air.

Instantly, a resplendent radiance burst forth in a bedazzling manner.

The endless radiance converged into a light column that descended on Su Zimo.

There was an extremely mysterious power in the light column that did not contain much killing power.

However, Su Zimo shuddered and his bones and tendons rang at the same time as his body shrank uncontrollably.

His face and features started changing!

Under countless gazes, an elegant face was revealed.

The burly man with rough features earlier on had vanished entirely!

“Who is this? Is he the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island?”

“So, the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island is a human. He looks rather refined, like a scholar.”

“To think that such a frail and refined scholar would be so domineering. I truly couldn’t tell at all.”

Su Zimo’s heart sank as he heard the discussions.

He knew that he could not hide everything anymore!

Even when he saw so many Nascent Souls arrive, Su Zimo could still maintain his composure.

However, he truly had not expected that his true appearance would be exposed by a mirror!

In the cultivation world, there was a Dharmic weapon to deal with demons known as the Demon Revealing Mirror.

Although the Demon Revealing Mirror did not have much killing power, it could expose the true appearance of demons and expose all their disguises!

Despite his endless precautions, Su Zimo had missed this out.

With this mistake, all his efforts had gone to naught!

Su Zimo merely felt his limbs go cold. In fact, he even felt devastated!

Even if he could escape from this place, he wouldn’t be able to survive for long.

He could not return to Ethereal Peak.

Otherwise, Ethereal Peak would be destroyed because of him!

It was even more so for the Yan Country.

Otherwise, Yan Country would be annihilated!

While the North Region was huge, there was nowhere he could hide!

It was even less possible for him to escape from the North Region.

At Golden Core realm, even if he were to sprint day and night without eating or drinking, it would take him hundreds of years.

Furthermore, he would have to deal with the hunt from various major factions and sects!

As long as the matter of his immortality and demonic double cultivation was revealed, nobody in this world could protect him!

From this day forth, Su Zimo would have to take on the world as his enemy singlehandedly!

Most of the cultivators present had not seen Su Zimo personally before.

However, in the vast crowd, there were some cultivators who shuddered with looks of disbelief – they were so shocked that they nearly exclaimed!

“It’s him! To think that it’s him!”

Mu Dongqing was astounded and could not help but murmur to himself.

Bai Yuhan clutched her cherry lips with a disbelieving expression, unable to speak at all.

At that moment, both of them finally understood something.

It was no wonder why Su Zimo was able to cultivate to the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment realm; the second person after the Human Emperor to do so.

That was because he was the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island and had entered the Human Emperor’s Palace!

“So, it’s you!”

Blaze Columbus Valley’s Wang Yan’s eyes lit up as he recognized Su Zimo immediately.

A month ago, this was the refined scholar that wiped out most of the cultivators from Blaze Columbus Valley, Stellar Luna Sect and Shadowless Sect, causing them to suffer a massive defeat.

It was no wonder why this person also had the Divine Turtle phenomenon.

It was because he was the same person from a month ago!

Since this person had a double phenomenon, it meant that he did not fight with his full strength a month ago!

Today’s battle was the example of this man’s full strength without holding back.

“Wait, something isn’t right!”

Suddenly, Wang Yan’s expression changed.

This man did not fight without holding back today either!

A month ago, he had a gigantic seal that was a connate spirit weapon. However, that weapon did not show itself today.

A month ago, he also had a quasi-connate spirit weapon that he used to shoot Qian Xinyu of Stellar Luna Sect to death – that wasn’t shown today either.

“Just how many more secrets are there to this man? What else does he have up his sleeves?”

That thought sent shivers down Wang Yan’s spine.

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