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Chapter 567: Dugu Jian

Su Zimo did not recognize the black-robed swordsman.

He could not understand why this person wanted to help him.

However, he once felt an extreme sense of danger stemming from the black-robed swordsman!

From that slash earlier on, his gut feeling was verified.

That slash happened way too quickly.

Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon did not even get the chance to release his Golden Core phenomenon before dying on the spot!

“Where did this lunatic come from?!”

“Hmph! If he’s the helper of this beast from Divine Phoenix Island, he might be a beast as well! Everyone should target him!”

Some sharp cultivators who noticed that the black-robed swordsman did not have any identity badge on his waist assumed that he was an oblivious itinerant cultivator from out of nowhere and started ranting at him.

With Su Zimo facing imminent death, there might be many treasures up for grabs. Naturally, all the paragons were coveting that and none of them wanted to let up.

“Everyone, let’s attack together! It’s not as though this guy could cause a storm!”

A cultivator beckoned and attacked first.

With the first came the second.

More cultivators were standing out one after another.

Instantly, spirit energy surged and sword beams streaked through the void one after another in a bedazzling manner, shooting towards the black-robed swordsman on the black-robed swordsman like an arrow rain!

The black-robed swordsman’s right hand moved in a seemingly slow manner towards the pitch-black hilt of the sword on his left hand.

The moment his right hand made contact with the hilt, the black-robed swordsman’s aura changed all of a sudden!

His initially lost gaze suddenly gained focus, resembling two extremely sharp swords.

When the cultivators who attacked met with his eyes, they shuddered.

Some of them shrieked and closed their eyes hurriedly.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Two streams of blood flowed down from their eyes in an extremely chilling manner!

A single look blinded those people!

“What powerful sight he possesses!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

After cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, he had already unlocked his eye orifices and cultivated a pair of demonic eyes with extremely powerful sight.

Even the Enraged Diamond Gaze of the Buddhist Diamond Monastery and the Bewitching Eye of the fiend sects’ Pure Maiden Sect could not affect his mind.

However, Su Zimo’s demonic eyes had yet to reach the level of releasing such a terrifying killing power with just a single look.

He lamented internally, “I wonder how that person managed to cultivate such a frightening pair of sword eyes.”

The black-robed swordsman’s gaze had always been lost and unfocused, looking listless.

Yet, the moment he held his sword, nobody could ignore his killing intent and the edge in his gaze!


A buzz reverberated through the world.

The unparalleled sword beam from earlier on reappeared with a bedazzling radiance.

Cling! Clang!

A metallic sound could be heard.

The many flying swords darting over from midair were all shattered.

The sword beam flashed for a moment.

All the cultivators who attacked fell from midair in succession without a single survivor!

The moment they fell to the ground, they were already corpses!

Although they were prepared for it, not many paragons of the North Region present managed to see the black-robed swordsman attack.

By the time the paragons realized what happened, the sword had already returned to its sheath.

The black-robed swordsman’s right hand returned to his side, slumping naturally as though he had never attacked at all.

Right from the beginning, the black-robed swordsman had been expressionless.

It was as though the death of more than ten Golden Cores could not create any emotion in him, not even a single bit.

A deathly silence filled the air.

Nobody expected that after the appearance of the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island and Xi Wuya in the paragon fight, there was still another cultivator that was this frightening that had not attacked the entire time!

Who could defend against such a terrifying existence?

“Dugu Jian, you’ve gone mad!”

Taba Feng glared with widened eyes and hollered.

Dugu Jian!

At the mention of that name, Su Zimo came to a realization.

There were truly not many cultivators with that surname in the North Region.

Among them, the most famous was the Dugu clan of the four gentry clans.

However, the cultivator named Dugu Jian before him was way too unlike Taba Feng and the others!

Notwithstanding the fact that he did not have an identity badge on his waist, he was not accompanied by a single clansman at all!

From Dugu Jian, Su Zimo sensed a sort of loneliness and desolation, a feeling that he could not fit in with this world at all.

It seemed as though Dugu Jian had nothing else in his world apart from that sword.

He required nothing but his sword!

That mental fortitude was the only thing capable of cultivating such a pair of sharp sword eyes and a sword technique that was this terrifying and lethal!

“Dugu Jian, that monster incarnate of Dugu Jian is a beast and isn’t human. Are you going to represent the Dugu clan and stand on his side?” Ouyang Xiayu of the ancient aristocratic family asked coldly.

“I am me. What does it have to do with the Dugu clan?”

Dugu Jian’s voice was calm as he turned around to look at Ouyang Xiayu.

He was still expressionless as ever. However, there seemed to be a hint of mockery in that hollow gaze of his.

He was mocking Ouyang Xiayu’s inability to understand such a simple concept.

‘I am me. What does it have to do with others?’

Instantly, Ouyang Xiayu was speechless.

Murong Wushuang frowned slightly. Looking at Dugu Jian not far away, she could not help but ask, “Why?”

“Just can’t stand it.”

Dugu Jian replied indifferently.

Most of the paragons of the North Region were confused.

What couldn’t he stand?

Who provoked him?

Murong Wushuang was the only one who sighed gently internally with a conflicted expression.

She knew the type of hardships Dugu Jian had experienced as well as the pride in this man’s heart.

Su Zimo’s current predicament must have struck a chord in that man’s heart.

He was once abandoned by this world as well.

Mocked by countless, attacked by countless, bullied by countless and scolded by countless!

At that time, nobody helped nor stood by him.

This man had reached where he was relying entirely on the sword in his hand, one step at a time!

The reason why he was reclusive was not because he hated the world.

It was because this world had once abandoned him.

The only thing that stayed by his side the entire time and had not abandoned him was that black sheathed sword in his hands!

That was the reason why he couldn’t stand it and attacked.

He would be equally fearless if he had to make enemies with the entire world, let alone the paragons of the North Region!

Su Zimo did not move a single inch.

This was an extremely rare opportunity. He had to seize the chance to recover his stamina so that he could escape from this place.

There was already nobody in the Great Qian Ruins who could threaten him with the death of Xi Wuya.

However, Su Zimo could still clearly sense that danger was approaching!

He did not have time to waste!

The masked man from Glass Palace seemed to have read Su Zimo’s intentions and strode slowly forward.

“Since when are those from the Dugu clan allowed to be this cocky?”

The masked man had a nasty hoarse voice, as though he had suffered immense impact that damaged his windpipe.

“Scram or die!”

The masked man glared coldly at Dugu Jian and spat venomously.

Dugu Jian was expressionless and silently, merely shifting his gaze slightly. His right hand moved slowly towards the hilt of the black sword on his left hand.


Narrowing his gaze, the masked man’s hairs stood on end instantly!


A sword beam flashed!

Dugu Jian did not say anything and merely replied with the sword in his hand!

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