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Chapter 556: Descent of the Divine Turtle

Entrance of the underground cave.

A young man rode on a massive and menacing tiger wyrm, blocking Su Zimo’s path forward.

The man was extremely handsome and although he exuded a dignified appearance, it was extremely ancient – he seemed like someone from the past rather than this generation.

Maintaining his Soaring Serpent phenomenon, Su Zimo continued speeding forward and could vaguely hear exclamations coming from the crowd behind him.

Ancient aristocratic family, Duanmu?

Su Zimo knew nothing about ancient aristocratic families.

However, judging from the reactions of the successors of the North Region’s Upper Sects and gentry clans, he could tell that the ancient aristocratic families had strong backgrounds!

Su Zimo was expressionless.

No matter who it was, he had to get out of this place as soon as possible!


When the handsome man saw that Su Zimo ignored him and was still charging for the exit, he could not help but sneered in displeasure, “You’re still thinking of escaping now that I, Duanmu Kang, have arrived?”

With that said, the handsome man known as Duanmu Kang patted the demon beast he was riding on.


The tiger wyrm understood his intentions and released a deafening roar, whipping its tail viciously towards Su Zimo!


The scales on the tiger wyrm’s tail were extremely tough.

After it was attacked by thousands of Golden Core phenomenons, Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon was already nearing its limit.

Now that it received such an intense attack, the Soaring Serpent swayed and its radiance dimmed – it was on the verge of dissipating at any moment!

Su Zimo halted in his tracks.

Right then, the touching cry of a phoenix sounded from another side of the palace’s entrance.

In the blink of an eye, a green-colored luan bird flew in with a mysterious glimmer on its body. It was captivating and emanated a terrifying aura that was even superior to the tiger wyrm!

The Green Luan!

The tiger wyrm had to cultivate before it could turn into a ferocious beast.

However, the Green Luan was a pure-blooded ferocious beast to begin with!

A peerlessly beautiful woman sat on the Green Luan. She was incomparably dignified and had an ice cold expression that was haughty – she was in disregard of all the paragons present.

The pure-blooded ferocious beast alone already had the many paragons present feeling troubled, let alone the woman riding on it!

“That should be another ancient aristocratic family, the Ouyang family.”

“Those two are the only ancient aristocratic families in the North Region. It’s said that the Duanmu and Ouyang families have a close relationship. There should be no mistake.”

When he heard the discussions behind him, Su Zimo roughly knew what was going on.

Duanmu Kang turned slightly with a smile. “Xiayu, why are you here personally? I’ve told you that I’ll definitely obtain the Vermilion Fruit and take it back for you.”

“There’s no need.”

Ouyang Xiayu replied calmly, totally unappreciative.

Duanmu Kang continued, “Xiayu, as long as it’s anything you fancy, even if they are the stars up in the heavens, I’ll try my best to pluck them for you, let alone a single Vermilion Fruit!”

Ouyang Xiayu knitted her brows tightly.

She knew Duanmu Kang way too well.

He had repeated those words to at least a hundred other female cultivators!

“Young master, that seems to be the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island!”

At that moment, a cultivator following behind Duanmu Kang advanced and reported with a grim expression.

“Monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island? What monster incarnate?”

Duanmu Kang was stunned for a moment.

“The one who suppressed the experts of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace!”

“That’s him?”

Duanmu Kang was momentarily frozen before breaking out into a smile while nodding. “It’s no wonder.”

A hint of surprise flickered through Ouyang Xiayu’s eyes when she heard the term ‘monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island’ as well.

Thereafter, she turned and looked at Su Zimo fixedly with a curious expression.

Sweeping his gaze across the battlefield, Duanmu Kang eventually looked at Su Zimo and chuckled. “The Primordial Soaring Serpent has been lost for a long time and I was wondering who it was who could cultivate a primordial of this level. So, you do have some background to you.”

“Cut the crap, make way.”

Although Su Zimo’s tone was calm, it exuded coldness.

Even against the successors of two ancient aristocratic families, none of the paragons could notice any emotional fluctuation from Su Zimo.

He was trying his best to recover his blood qi and spirit energy.

“Me? Make way?”

Duanmu Kang was stunned for a moment before rearing his head in laughter, as though he heard the greatest joke in the world.

“Hahahaha! Interesting! You’re wild enough!”

As he laughed, his expression gradually turned grim as he remarked coldly, “The Primordial Soaring Serpent has been lost for a long time and nobody knows how strong it can get right now. However, my Golden Core primordial was ranked 34th in the previous Phenomenon Ranking!”

The paragons present were startled.

There were only 108 positions available on the Phenomenon Ranking – the further front one was, the stronger their phenomenon!

All the Golden Core phenomenons that could get into the top 36 spots were terrifying phenomenons with ancient lineages!

Duanmu Kang continued frostily, “Don’t forget, you’re only at early-stage Golden Core. How long can you hold out with the spirit energy in your dantian? Let me see how many strikes your lousy phenomenon can take from me!”

“Golden Core phenomenon, Flora Myriad Weapons!”

When Duanmu Kang circulated his Golden Core, all the wild grass surrounding the palace seemed to have gained sentience and transformed into a myriad of weapons!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The myriad of weapons attacked with a mighty force!

In reality, Duanmu Kang’s Golden Core phenomenon would have en even more terrifying might if it was released in a place with lush greenery!

Tens of thousands of weapons appeared and blanketed the skies endlessly!

The Great Qian Ruins was barren and desolate outside. However, thanks to the medicinal field in the palace, there were some weeds born.

While those weeds were not strong, they still formed hundreds of weapons that tore through the skies!

Su Zimo gripped his fist gently.

If he was in peak condition, even at early-stage Golden Core, he was highly confident that he could take down the other party’s Flora Myriad Weapons with his Primordial Soaring Serpent.

However, he had expended too much.

The Primordial Soaring Serpent was now at its limits after receiving the impact of countless phenomenons and would definitely not be able to withstand the clash of Flora Myriad Weapons.

At that thought, Su Zimo was decided.


There was a deafening sound.

The firmament above Su Zimo’s head cracked as meteors and rampant currents rained down endlessly in an apocalyptic scene.

“What is that…?!”

All the paragons were lost.

How could another phenomenon appear when the Primordial Soaring Serpent behind Su Zimo had yet to dissipate?

Could it be…

“It can’t be!”

After all, Duanmu Kang was the successor of an ancient aristocratic family and sensed it immediately as he murmured in disbelief, “Double phenomenon?”


Hundreds of weapons collided against the Golden Core phenomenon behind Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s phenomenon swayed but the hundreds of weapons were repelled in the opposite direction!

Sensing that something was amiss, Duanmu Kang remarked hurriedly, “Xiayu, let’s join forces!”

Before Duanmu Kang spoke, Ouyang Xiayu already noticed something and circulated her Golden Core, exclaiming softly, “Golden Core phenomenon, Hurricane Frost Saber Sword!”

A cold aura emanated.

Suddenly, the temperature in the underground palace dipped.

Wild gusts of wind howled furiously akin to sabers and swords.

In fact, frost started appearing on the rampant currents behind Su Zimo – the initially rampant void currents were starting to freeze up!

The paragons of Heaven Motion Sect and Dark Ghost Sect et cetera seized the opportunity to charge forward in an attempt to slaughter Su Zimo completely with their remaining Golden Core phenomenons!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a deafening bang!

A gargantuan creature suddenly descended on the vast lands, carrying the broken firmament with its shell. Like heavenly-piercing pillars, it stomped down with all limbs and shattered the frost on the surface of the rampant currents

The Divine Turtle had arrived and reared its head, roaring into the skies!

Instantly, it was filled with a torrential rage!

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