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Chapter 555: Kill With a Smile

Before long, Dragon Tiger Sect’s Perfected Lord’s expression changed slightly and he withdrew a Destiny Talisman from his storage bag. His eyes filled with killing intent as he looked at the dense cracks on it.

Immediately after, the Perfected Lords of the Yuwen clan and Shadowless Sect sensed something.

By the time the both of them withdrew their Destiny Talismans, it was already shattered!

This time round, it wasn’t just the Nascent Souls outside the pavilion – even those that were inside could barely sit still.

Apart from the Nascent Soul of the Dugu clan, there were 13 Perfected Lords from the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans in the pavilion.

But now, through their Destiny Talismans, it showed that five paragons were already dead and one was severely injured!

Naturally, those five Perfected Lords had terrible expressions and grim gazes, emanating with shuddering killing intents.

The other Nascent Souls had equally morbid expressions.

This was an abnormal situation.

The five paragons that died came from the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans – how did these disciples and successors that were highly regarded in their respective sects die so easily?

Furthermore, the five of them died too quickly!

How long had it been since the fight for the Vermilion Fruit began?

If the five of them released their Golden Core phenomenons, they would be able to hold out for 15 minutes at least.

However, the signs felt as though the five paragons were suppressed overwhelmingly without any chance to fight back at all!

Before long, a commotion broke out from the crowd outside the pavilion.

Many Nascent Souls withdrew shattered Destiny Talismans one after another with shards scattering to the ground.

The number of dead Golden Cores was rapidly rising!

Those from the major sects and clans such as Blaze Columbus Valley, Dark Ghost Sect and the Murong clan withdrew their Destiny Talismans as well.

All of those initially radiant Destiny Talismans shuddered at the same time.

This meant that their disciples were experiencing immense impacts at the moment!

Within a few dozens of breaths, the Destiny Talismans of those paragons dimmed significantly.

Although Wang Yan of Blaze Columbus Valley’s Destiny Talisman wasn’t destroyed, it turned ash dark – it was obvious that he was severely injured!


The Destiny Talisman in the hands of Seven Kills Sect’s Perfected Lord shattered!

Many other Perfected Lords were shocked.

There were already six fallen paragons in the pavilion among the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans!

Outside the pavilion, the shattered Destiny Talismans were uncountable!

What happened in the Great Qian Ruins?

Rather than a fight between the paragons, this seemed like a major calamity for the paragons of the North Region!

The Perfected Lords of the Taba clan, Murong clan, Heaven Motion Sect and other sects looked at the dull Destiny Talismans in their hands with uncertain expressions.

It wasn’t just the Perfected Lords of Blood Mist Sect and Dragon Tiger Sect et cetera – even they were finding it difficult to sit by idly!

The Nascent Souls had a weird feeling that something far beyond their control seemed to have happened!

“Everyone, we should check out the ruins.”

Suddenly, Blood Mist Sect’s Perfected Lord said with a dark expression.

The reason why they were gathered here was initially to prevent other Nascent Souls from interfering so that the younger generation could fight for dominance.

But now that their successors were dying one after another, the few of them could not take it anymore.

Although Taba Feng’s Destiny Talisman was intact, it had dimmed significantly as well.

The Perfected Lord of the Taba clan hesitated for a moment before nodding. “I agree. Let’s head over to the Great Qian Ruins to check things out. If nothing is amiss, we’ll let those disciples continue with their massacre.”

The other Perfected Lords exchanged glances and agreed to it in silence.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone exclaimed and left the place.

Suddenly, a formidable spirit consciousness overwhelmed them.

Two figures flew over from the horizon not far away, a man and a woman, bedazzling and graceful as immortals!

When they saw the two of them, the Perfected Lords of the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans were surprised and a hint of cautiousness could be seen from the depths of their eyes.

“Fellow Daoists, the fight for the Vermilion Fruit is a showdown between Golden Cores. Where are you guys going?”

Although the man’s voice was calm, there was a persecuting tone to it.

The Perfected Lords of the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans knew of the origins of this couple and remained silent.

When the other Nascent Souls noticed the expressions of those from the Taba clan and others, they came to a realization and chose to keep quiet as well.

However, not everyone noticed it.

The Nascent Souls outside the pavilion came from all over the North Region; some of them were from minor sects while others were itinerant cultivators.

Initially, everyone was already pissed off for being trapped here. When they saw that couple with the ancient attire, some Perfected Lords could not help but sneer, “Old fogies, tell us your names! Where did you guys spout from?”


The man smiled calmly and replied gently, “Duanmu!”


The Nascent Soul who spoke was stunned and could not react in time.

However, gasps could be heard from the crowd.

“Nascent Souls of the Duanmu aristocratic family have arrived!”

“If the Duanmu aristocratic family is here, the person behind him must be from the other aristocratic family, Ouyang.”

The Nascent Soul who spoke earlier on had an ashen expression and trembled in fear.

In Tianhuang Mainland, there were factions with ancient lineages that kept a low-profile and lived in reclusion. Among them, there were some aristocratic families.

Although many cultivators have not heard of the names of those aristocratic families before, it was undeniable that each of them had massive foundations and immeasurable strength!

Among the ancient aristocratic families, the strongest three were the renowned Eastern, Southern Palace and Western Gate aristocratic families of the cultivation world.

The nine immortal sects, eight demon races, seven fiend sects, six Buddhist monasteries, five heretical doctrines, four unorthodox groups… these were the strongest factions of Tianhuang Mainland, followed by the three aristocratic families!

In the North Region, there were two ancient aristocratic families, namely the Duanmu and Ouyang families.

Although these two ancient aristocratic families could not compare to the three great aristocratic families in terms of strength and reputation, they were definitely superior to the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans!

However, because they were high and above in reclusion for many years, cultivators at the bottom tier could not approach them and there were few people who knew about them.

It was the same for Ethereal Peak. Although it was one of the five major sects of the Great Zhou Dynasty, few people in the sect knew about the Duanmu and Ouyang aristocratic families.

In fact, they may never come into contact through their entire lives.

To think that the two great aristocratic families would make a move for the appearance of the Vermilion Fruit!

Suddenly, Duanmu clan’s Perfected Lord extended his hand and circulated his Dharmic powers. Instantly, a massive palm was conjured in midair, squeezing the Nascent Soul who spoke out of line earlier on!


Before that person could make a single sound, he was smashed into a blood mist and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

“Does anyone else have any opinions?”

Duanmu clan’s Perfected Lord surveyed the surroundings and asked with a smile.

It was dead silent outside the pavilion.

That was the might of an ancient aristocratic family – they could kill with a smile and render groups of talents silent as crickets!

The Perfected Lords of the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans revealed displeasure on their faces. Although they did not dare to say anything, they were cursing internally.

At the same time, their doubts were finally unraveled.

It was no wonder why so many paragons died the moment the fight for the Vermilion Fruit started; even the paragons of the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans were dead or injured.

It was because the two ancient aristocratic families of the North Region had arrived!

It was clear how terrifying the successors of the two ancient aristocratic families were judging from their Perfected Lords alone.

After residing in reclusion for many years, now that the two ancient aristocratic families have arrived, they were definitely bent on getting their hands on the Vermilion Fruit!

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