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Chapter 557: Too Naive!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Some of the Golden Cores who rushed up wanting to seize advantage of the situation were locked by the terrifying power of the phenomenon the moment they closed in. Instantly, their bodies were ripped apart and they died on the spot!

Nearby, figures exploded one after another, turning into blood mists like tragic fireworks in a grisly scene.

Far away, figures fell from midair one after another with lifeless gazes like raindrops. Their lifeforces were extinguished as they descended from the skies into their deaths.

It was an extremely shocking sight!

Mu Dongqing, Bai Yuhan and all the other cultivators that chose to stay out of the affair were all stunned. Their bodies trembled uncontrollably as fear filled their eyes.

None of them had the capacity to wonder why two phenomenons would appear behind Su Zimo.

They were stunned right away by the terrifying might released by the two phenomenons!

It was way too scary!

Although they were Golden Cores similarly, the power released by that person was so strong that it was unstoppable!

Standing in midair, the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island had a Divine Turtle appear behind him with a domineering aura. His gaze was electric, like an incomparable divine being blazing with flames all over his body.

Against him, all the paragons of the North Region seemed insignificant.

They were like moths lunging towards the divine being only to be turned into ashes in midair.

Initially, the paragon of Heaven Motion Sect had a remnant Golden Core phenomenon around him.

However, when the Divine Turtle descended and roared into the skies, his phenomenon shattered with a bang!

The next moment, a formidable power of phenomenon surged into his body and destroyed his lifeforce!


Heaven Motion Sect’s paragon spat out a huge mouthful of blood that was black in color!

His organs were punctured by the power of phenomenon and had turned into sludge.

Lifeforce drained from within him rapidly in an irreversible manner as his gaze dimmed.

Another paragon had fallen!

The Golden Core phenomenon of Dark Ghost Sect’s paragon was still existent with otherworldly soldiers charging from the back. They had bloodshot eyes and their long spears shimmered coldly, as though they could destroy everything before them.

However, after the Divine Turtle descended…

All the troops went silent!

Lightning flashed and thunder crackled in the skies above as thunderbolts struck the Divine Turtle’s shell one after another, causing sparks to fly everywhere. However, it could not penetrate the shell of the Divine Turtle and instead made it seem even more godly.

On the other hand, those godly thunderbolts were destructive when they descended on the paragon of Dark Ghost Sect!

The power of thunder was the most righteous and suppressive towards evil and ghosts!

Malevolent ghosts would turn into ash when they were struck by the thunderbolts no matter how fierce they were!


Lightning flashed.

Dark Ghost Sect’s paragon cried tragically and fell from midair billowing with black smoke – he was clearly dead after being struck by the thunderbolt.

There were initially dazzling stars remaining above the head of Stellar Luna Sect’s paragon with cold, murderous starlight.

The Divine Turtle roared.

Countless stars crashed!

The paragon of Stellar Luna Sect was dead!

In the blink of an eye, only Taba Feng, Blaze Columbus Valley’s Wang Yan, Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s paragon, Murong Wushuang and Dugu Jian who had not made his move since the beginning were left alive out of the paragons from the ten upper sects and four gentry clans.

There were even more talents that had perished in the palace.

The deaths and injuries were tragic.

This fight between the paragons was much more devastating than what everyone had initially imagined it to be!

“It’s a Primordial Divine Turtle!”

“Heavens! Another primordial phenomenon shows itself!”

“Double phenomenon with both the turtle and serpent. How did this guy manage it? Furthermore, both Golden Core phenomenons are so mighty and terrifying!”

The Raging City Blaze behind Blaze Columbus Valley’s Wang Yan had already shattered by now.

Thankfully, he noticed something amiss with the situation and backed off a step earlier.

When he saw the firmaments crack, lightning flash, raging currents surge and meteors raining, he realized something.

That same scene had tormented him repeatedly in his nightmares for the past month!

Most cultivators were not as fortunate as him.

The Primordial Divine Turtle had been lost for a long time and many paragons of the Golden Core realm could not recognize it before the Divine Turtle appeared.

They were not the only ones – even Nascent Souls from all over the place might not be able to recognize the origin of that phenomenon.

Everyone swarmed up, wanting to encircle and kill Su Zimo while seizing the opportunity to steal his treasures.

Unfortunately, the descent of the Divine Turtle along with the Primordial Soaring Serpent, the might of a double phenomenon, was not something that they could defend against!

In the face of the double phenomenon, Duanmu Kang and Ouyang Xiayu, the two successors of the ancient aristocratic families, were the only ones who could hold out.

“Double phenomenon! You’re truly a monster incarnate!”

Duanmu Kang’s handsome face had clearly turned somewhat menacing by now as he snarled, “It’s a pity that you’ll have to be buried in this ruins today!”

It was true that the double phenomenon was strong.

However, Su Zimo could not support it for long as the double phenomenon took an extreme toll on his spirit energy.

At that moment, Su Zimo’s disadvantage in cultivation realm was finally showing itself.

Throughout the entire fight, he had not been disadvantaged in combat and had instead suppressed everything domineeringly.

However, his spirit energy capacity could not compare against those at late-stage or perfected Golden Core realm.

Furthermore, spirit energy was drained at a terrifying speed in order to support two primordial phenomenons!

Right now, the spirit energy in Su Zimo’s dantian was almost depleted.

Even his Golden Core was releasing a series of throbbing pains and was circulating slower.

As the successor of an ancient aristocratic family, Duanmu Kang was sharp and could clearly look through Su Zimo’s facade. Channeling his Golden Core furiously, his power of phenomenon surged towards the latter.

Countless weapons created by grass and wood hovered in front of Su Zimo, trembling slightly.

On the other side.

The Hurricane Frost Saber Sword released by Ouyang Xiayu struck the turtle serpent phenomenons repeatedly.

To begin with, the Primordial Soaring Serpent was at its limits and could not hold on for much longer. Now that it was met with such impact, it swayed and was on the verge of falling.

A series of cracks appeared on the Soaring Serpent, threatening to dissipate it at any moment.

As for the Primordial Divine Turtle, although it was still a godly presence, the radiance on its body was gradually dimming due to the depletion of Su Zimo’s spirit energy.

“He can’t hold on for much longer!”

Far away, Mu Dongqing noticed how the situation was changing and remarked darkly, “The moment that person’s Golden Core phenomenons disperse, he would be penetrated instantly by the countless weapons and Hurricane Frost Saber Sword!”

Bai Yuhan nodded with a conflicted expression. “Rather than the two successors of the ancient aristocratic families, it could be said that the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island was defeated by the joined forces of all the paragons in the North Region.”

“That’s right, if those paragons hadn’t worn him down, these two successors of the ancient aristocratic families wouldn’t be able to take him down.”

Pausing for a moment, Mu Dongqing sighed and lamented, “It’s a pity. If that man manages to cultivate to late-stage or perfected Golden Core, all the paragons of the North Region wouldn’t be able to take him down even if they worked together!”

“That’s why tall trees are often the first to be knocked down by the wind,”

A cultivator at the side sneered, “That person is way too flashy and overbearing. It’s only normal that he would end up in such a state.”

Suddenly, a mysterious change happened on the battlefield.

“Paragon? Monster incarnate? I don’t care, die!”

Duanmu Kang hollered and circulated his Golden Core to its limits.

Countless weapons tore through the phenomenons and were getting closer to Su Zimo’s physical body!


In midair, Su Zimo suddenly laughed.

“The two of you really think that you can kill me with your skills?”

Su Zimo’s eyes shone fiercely as he remarked, “The both of you are way too naive!”

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