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Chapter 554: Destiny Talisman

A big pavilion five kilometers away from the Great Qian Ruins.

Naturally, the ripening of the Vermilion Fruit could not be hidden from the Nascent Souls.

This meant that a trial exclusive to the paragons had officially begun!

Outside the pavilion, there were Nascent Souls from various sects and factions of the Nascent Soul. Although they maintained their composures, each of them revealed nervousness deep in their eyes.

None of those Nascent Souls communicated much between one another.

On the contrary, the Perfected Lords in the pavilion were much more relaxed comparatively.

All of those Nascent Souls were from the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans and had strong confidence towards the paragons of their factions.

Even if they could not defeat their enemies, they could definitely escape unscathed.

With casual attitudes, those Nascent Souls sipped their teas and chatted leisurely.

“Everyone, how about making a guess as to who would become the number one Perfected Being of the North Region by getting their hands on the Vermilion Fruit?”

The Perfected Lord of the Murong clan fanned himself in a carefree manner and asked leisurely. He was born extremely handsome and carried a gentle aura.

Stellar Luna Sect’s Perfected Lord replied indifferently, “Actually, I’m sure everyone knows who the number one Perfected Being of the North Region is. Even without this fight for the Vermilion Fruit, it would definitely be Xi Wuya of Glass Palace.”

At the mention of Xi Wuya, all the Nascent Souls present went silent immediately.

He was indeed the peerless paragon of the Golden Core realm from Glass Palace!

This was someone who had never tasted defeated and dominated the North Region for many years!

It was said that Xi Wuya had the chance to advance to the Nascent Soul realm. However, he did not take that step because he wanted to enter the ancient battlefield and meet with the talents of the world.

The scariest thing was that he was less than a hundred years old!

He was way too young.

As long as Xi Wuya wanted, he could become a Nascent Soul at less than a hundred years old!

Furthermore, all the Nascent Souls present knew one thing.

They knew that once Xi Wuya advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, there was a high chance he would be able to kill them even if he was at early-stage.

It was normal for the legacy disciples of the nine immortal sects and seven fiend sects to kill beyond their levels.

The Perfected Lord of the Taba clan was calm. “It’s needless to talk about that. At least, there isn’t much activity from Glass Palace. I presume that Xi Wuya wouldn’t be interested in the Vermilion Fruit either.”

“Without Xi Wuya, it’s hard to determine the eventual victor.”

As Taba clan’s Perfected Lord and the others were discussing, a commotion broke out from outside the pavilion.

There were Nascent Souls who withdrew talismans from their storage bags, some of which were already shattered into pieces.

The arms of those Nascent Souls were trembling slightly and they were shaking their heads, sighing with dark expressions.

Upon seeing that, the Perfected Lords of the Ten Upper Sects and four gentry clans in the pavilion smirked with a hint of mockery in their eyes.

In the cultivation world, there was such a thing as the Destiny Symbol.

Upon entering Nascent Soul realm and cultivating an Essence Spirit, a cultivator can separate a trace of their spirit consciousness and inject it into a mystic jade to create a unique jade scroll known as the Destiny Symbol.

The Destiny Symbol was correlated to the cultivator.

Even if they were millions of miles apart, if the cultivator was dead and their Essence Spirit was destroyed, the Destiny Symbol would sense it and its spirit consciousness would disperse, resulting in the destruction of the Destiny Symbol.

Therefore, in some major sects, they would have chambers to store Destiny Symbols with cultivators guarding them specifically.

The moment a Destiny Symbol was destroyed, even if the cultivator related to it wasn’t around, the sect would know that the person had already perished.

A Mighty Figure from one of the four unorthodox groups of Tianhuang Mainland, Thousand Crane Sect, created a Destiny Talisman specifically for Golden Cores based on the concept of the Destiny Symbols and it was widespread in the cultivation world.

However, Destiny Talismans had clear range restrictions.

The closer they were to their cultivators, the sooner they would receive the transmitted messages and the more accurate it would be.

If the Destiny Talismans were 50 kilometers away from their cultivators, even if the latter died, nothing would happen to the Destiny Talismans.

Right now, the Nascent Souls outside the pavilion were holding onto the Destiny Talismans of their Golden Cores!

Those Destiny Talismans were already shattered.

This meant that their disciples or successors have already perished within the ruins!

The Perfected Lord of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult raised his chin slightly with a cold, haughty expression. “Coveting the Vermilion Fruit with such mediocre capabilities? How laughable!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

The Perfected Lord of Dark Ghost Sect bared his yellow, rotting teeth and cackled sinisterly like the cries of crows.

“I garner that those lads didn’t even manage to get through the otherworldly soldiers!”

The Nascent Souls inside the pavilion laughed with relaxed expressions.

Raising a cup of tea, the Perfected Lord of Blood Mist Sect drank heartily and remarked indifferently, “Just a bunch of useless things that didn’t know what’s good for them.”

The moment he said that, his expression changed and he swiftly swiped across his storage bag, retrieving a Destiny Talisman.

That Destiny Talisman was already shattered!

“Wh… at?!”

Blood Mist Sect’s Perfected Lord narrowed his gaze and looked at it in disbelief.

A moment later, he slapped the table and rose with a boundless killing intent surging within him.

The teacup on the table flew into the air and exploded!

The paragon of Blood Mist Sect that fought for the Vermilion Fruit was his favorite legacy disciple.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have arrived personally and even crafted a Destiny Talisman for the paragon.

However, he truly hadn’t expected his legacy disciple to fall the moment the fight for the Vermilion Fruit had just begun!

Earlier on, he was still mocking the Nascent Souls outside the pavilion and yet, in the blink of an eye, his own disciple was already dead – this was truly a ridiculous insult.

Blood Mist Sect’s Perfected Lord was so pissed that his arm was trembling and anger surged within him.

Right now, he wanted to charge into the Great Qian Ruins to see who murdered his disciple. However, there was no way the other Nascent Souls would let him do that!

The reason why they were seated here was to prevent other Nascent Souls from interfering.

Blood Mist Sect’s Perfected Lord grit his teeth and screened the other Perfected Lords in the pavilion, trying to make out something from their expressions.

Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s Perfected Lord extended his finger and rapped on the table a few times casually. “Fellow Daoist, please relax. It’s normal to have casualties in fights between cultivators. Don’t get worked up. Sit down and have some tea.”

Blood Mist Sect’s Perfected Lord was about to explode internally!

How would he still have the mood to continue sipping tea?

He glared at Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s Perfected Lord and snarled coldly, “Your disciple must have murdered my successor!”


Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s Perfected Lord sneered.

“Once this is over, I guess it’s time for me to test out your skills!”

“Do you think I’ll be afraid of you?”

Neither of them was willing to display weakness.

Suddenly, Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s Perfected Lord’s expression changed and a Destiny Talisman appeared in his hands.

The Destiny Talisman was already shattered.


Blood Mist Sect’s Perfected Lord burst into laughter and mocked. “Your disciple doesn’t seem to be doing that well either!”

Mystic Firmament Divine Cult’s Perfected Lord was enraged and glared at the Destiny Talisman with a dark, grim expression.

While the other Nascent Souls in the pavilion appeared calm on the surface, all of them were gloating internally.

Dragon Tiger Sect’s Perfected Lord said darkly, “The two of you, do sit down. There’s no way of turning back now that things have come to this state. There’s no need for you guys to get worked up.”

“That’s right.”

Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s Perfected Lord said, “The fact that two paragons have perished in such quick succession shows the cruelty of this Vermilion Fruit fight. I…”

Before he could finish, Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s Perfected Lord sensed something and his face froze up as he withdrew a Destiny Talisman from his storage bag.

Although the radiance of the Destiny Talisman was much dimmer, it was still intact.

Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect’s Perfected Lord heaved a gentle sigh of relief.

This meant that his successor was severely injured. However, at the very least, he was still alive.

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