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Chapter 529: Start of the Massacre

Silence ensued in the underground palace instantly.

Cultivators of Stellar Luna Sect, Shadowless Sect and Blaze Columbus Valley looked at everything with widened eyes in disbelief.

Prior to this, no one would have imagined that a single attack from a seemingly frail scholar would kill the paragon of Shadowless Sect instantly!

Against the suppression of the connate spirit weapon, the Shadowless Twin Darts that destroyed the Ethereal Sword Rain, Hexagonal Sword Formations and protection talismans was akin to a piece of paper, unable to withstand a single blow.

Decisive to kill!

Three words flashed across everyone’s mind.

It was too ruthless!

In such circumstances, unless they were paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend super sects, any other Golden Core wouldn’t dare to be reckless.

With the death of Mo Xiaofeng, there was now no way of reconciliation for both parties!

Although everyone was shocked, their gazes remained cold.

To them, Xuan Yi and the other two were severely injured and their combat strength could be ignored whereas Su Zimo was alone – no matter how strong he was, he could not defend against the combined attacks of so many Golden Cores!

Furthermore, Su Zimo was only at early-stage Golden Core.

The remaining seven cultivators of Shadowless Sect left slowly, delving into the darkness without a trace, as though they had disappeared.

Qian Xinyu and Wang Yan glared at the gigantic golden seal with fervent gazes.

The fact that an early-stage Golden Core could produce such terrifying killing power proves that the gigantic seal was extraordinary!

If either of them got their hands on it, their combat strength would double at the very least!

With the seal, they could definitely dominate everyone when they enter the intermediate ancient battlefield 20 years later and gain fame!


Wang Yan roared into laughter. “Good moves, fellow Daoist. I’m rather impressed. Hand the connate spirit weapon to me first and I can make the decision to let you join Blaze Columbus Valley so that you can follow me from now on!”

Su Zimo smiled with a flash of mockery in his eyes.

Wang Yan was not frustrated despite seeing and shouted with a smile on his face, “The wise recognize their circumstances. The situation right now is clear, you’re in an irreconcilable situation with Shadowless Sect. At the same time, the cultivators of Stellar Luna Sect want to kill you for your treasure…”

After a slight pause, Wang Yan declared haughtily, “Right now, I’m the only one that can save you!”

Wang Yan was making his intentions clear.

As long as Su Zimo were to submit to him and hand over the connate spirit weapon, he could ensure Su Zimo’s survival and would even fight against Shadowless Sect and Stellar Luna Sect!

There were more than twenty Golden Cores on the side of Stellar Luna Sect and seven left on Shadowless Sect.

Although Blaze Columbus Valley only had more than ten Golden Cores, Wang Yan was confident that his Golden Core phenomenon was superior to Qian Xinyu’s!

“You don’t have to worry. Senior Brother Wang is a man of his words and will definitely not renege.”

“What are you thinking about? You’re still hesitating although Senior Brother Wang recruited you personally and spared your life?”

A few Blaze Columbus Valley cultivators behind Wang Yan were displeased when they saw that Su Zimo was keeping his silence.

In their opinion, if Su Zimo was tactful, he should hand over his connate spirit weapon right away and kowtow!

“I think… you guys are misunderstanding something,”

A brief moment later, Su Zimo spoke slowly, “Right now, it’s not about who can save me. It’s about who can save you guys!”

When Wang Yan heard that, the smile on his face disappeared gradually and his expression darkened.


Qian Xinyu laughed at the right time and shook his head gently, rubbing his palms together. “Interesting, interesting. Brother Wang, he doesn’t need you to save him nor does he think highly of Blaze Columbus Valley.”

Everyone from Blaze Columbus Valley was enraged to begin with.

Qian Xinyu’s words were akin to adding oil to fire!

“Damn it! He really doesn’t know what’s good for him!”

“Senior Brother Wang, you don’t have to do it personally. I’ll retrieve his head for you!”

Blaze Columbus Valley was riled up.

Wang Yan did not disagree, merely nodding his head.

The Golden Core that requested to attack turned towards Su Zimo, muttering, “I’ll let you die in peace today! I am Tian Heng from Blaze Columbus Valley. That way, you’ll at least know the name of the person who sent you to Hell!”

“It’s him!”

“He’s also a genius of Blaze Columbus Valley and is definitely ranked top five among their Golden Cores in terms of strength.”

The crowd from Stellar Luna Sect broke into hushed discussions.

Tian Heng did not circulate spirit energy nor did he summon any spirit weapons, merely walking over barehanded.

Su Zimo’s expression did not change at all as he glanced at Tian Heng and understood.

All of a sudden!

When he was around ten feet away from Su Zimo, Tian Heng increased his speed!

There was a boom.

Extending his feet, Tian Heng stomped on the ground and his blood qi burst forth. Like a sharp arrow, he arrived before Su Zimo instantly and his killing intent was so sharp that it almost materialized!

Su Zimo did not move at all, as though he could not react in time.

Although Tian Heng was at late-stage Golden Core, he did not underestimate his opponent.

He knew that Su Zimo was in possession of a connate spirit weapon and was tough to deal with, enough to pose a threat to him. That was the reason why he feigned weakness and only struck when he was close enough!

“Prepare to die!”

With a menacing expression, Tian Heng slung his fists onto Su Zimo’s head!

Sneering coldly, Su Zimo did not dodge nor avoid and instead, punched in return against the incoming attack.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

The bones in Tian Heng’s palms were shattered and his wrist snapped, revealing white bones!

Instantly, cold sweat rolled down.

Tian Heng’s face was already distorted!

As for Su Zimo, he did not stop at all and his punch continued with its momentum after crushing Tian Heng’s hand. His palm opened up like it wanted to engulf the entire world!

A patch of darkness shrouded over Tian Heng’s head.

Su Zimo’s palm landed on the top of Tian Heng’s head and pushed down forcefully!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Tian Heng’s massive head was pushed right into his chest and the tendons and bones on his neck snapped – he died on the spot, turning into a mist of blood!

Tian Heng would have never imagined that his foundation and pretense was exposed with a single glance from Su Zimo.

More than that, he would not have expected that Su Zimo was almost invincible within ten feet!

To Su Zimo, his actions, calculations and attacks were akin to a joke.

In less than a single round of exchange, Blaze Columbus Valley’s Tian Heng’s corpse was laid on the ground!

Almost at the same time, a cold glint appeared behind Su Zimo at his blind spot.

Immediately after, a vague shadow appeared on the ground.

The cultivators of Shadowless Sect made their move!

It was an extremely precise timing but the only miscalculation was that… Tian Heng died too quickly.

The cicada senses autumn coming before the wind even starts to blow.

With the warning from his spirit perception, Su Zimo slapped in reverse without even turning back.

His arm swept through the void, thick as the trunk of a primordial divine elephant. A crisp sound exploded in the air and met the incoming long sword.


An ear-piercing sound rang and the sword quivered violently.

Right in front of countless gazes, the superior-grade sword that carried the power of a Golden Core was shattered into shards by Su Zimo’s seemingly limp arm, scattering on the ground!


Pointing forward, Su Zimo tapped the glabella of the Shadowless Sect cultivator.

A bloodied hole formed.

Grisly fresh blood began to flow.

Su Zimo’s body was way too strong!

He could snap a spirit weapon with his palm and that finger penetrated the bones of that cultivator with ease!

In the blink of an eye, two more Golden Cores were dead.

As for the massacre, it had only just begun…

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