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Chapter 530: Battle Against the Cultivators

“How dare you!”

Wang Yan hollered, wanting to stop things but it was too late.

Tian Heng died too quickly without even lasting a single round!

When he witnessed Tian Heng’s death, Wang Yan was enraged; his eyes seemed like they were burning with fire.

“Kill him!”

Qian Xinyu waved his hand indifferently.

Many Golden Cores behind the two paragons swarmed forward with furious killing intents, attacking in succession.

The cultivators that accompanied Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu to the Great Qian Ruins were not weaklings in their sects and there were extremely few early-stage Golden Cores.

Most of them were at mid or late-stage.

Instantly, sword qi streaked through the air and resplendent light filled the skies.

Many flying swords and spirit weapons howled like the wind.

Countless spirit arts released terrifying energy shockwaves, causing the spirit qi in the void to fluctuate in chaos!

The attacks were everywhere!

Su Zimo was situated in the center of the battlefield all alone, similar to a sampan in a raging ocean that could sink at any moment!

However, his expression was still calm and composed, as though he could not sense that he was in danger.

His black hair swayed gently and two beams of divine lights shone from his eyes as he took a deep breath before opening his mouth.


His voice was like thunder, shaking the nine heavens!

After cultivating his Inner Core, Su Zimo’s skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrow and organs underwent yet another transformation.

The power of his Thunderclap Kill rose as well!

That single howl was akin to an ancient demon’s howl. Arriving suddenly, the underground palace trembled as dust fell endlessly.

The Shadowless Sect cultivators that were initially hiding in the darkness with the help of blind spots and the environment shuddered, revealing themselves.

The cultivator closest to Su Zimo had a pained expression and his features were contorted. Bending over, he clutched both ears and blood seeped through the gaps in his fingers!

Su Zimo’s howl ruptured that person’s eardrums right away!

All the flying swords, spirit weapons and even spirit arts that were directed towards Su Zimo paused for a split second.

That single second might not have amounted to much for anyone else.

However, in this battlefield, it was the difference between life and death for some cultivators!

In a flash, Su Zimo lunged towards the Shadowless Sect cultivator closest to him.

Seizing the opportunity while that person was stunned by Thunderclap Kill and had yet to react, he leaped up and tapped the front of his feet on that person’s head gently.


That person’s head split into pieces and he died on the spot!

Using that person’s head as a support, Su Zimo changed directions rapidly and arrived before another Shadowless Sect cultivator.

That cultivator was shocked and could not react in time at all. He had just raised his arms when Su Zimo’s punch had already landed on his chest!


That person’s chest caved in and protruded out from his back!

His body was penetrated by a single punch from Su Zimo and he fell forward stiffly. Blood gushed out from the gaping hole and his gaze dimmed – it was clear that he could not survive.


At the same time, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he waved his sleeves.

Not far away, the Coiling Dragon Seal rose from the ground and illuminated with a blinding golden light. With a resounding bang, it looked like a gigantic mountain with a gigantic dragon coiling around it hovering in midair.


Su Zimo controlled the Coiling Dragon Seal and directed it to smash towards some Stellar Luna Sect cultivators on the opposite end.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The three Golden Cores would not withstand the smash of the Coiling Dragon Seal at all and were crushed – the superior-grade spirit weapons in their hands broke into shards as well!

Many cultivators were shocked.

Although that frail scholar was only at early-stage Golden Core, his physique was terrifyingly strong as was his melee combat skills!

Decisive with clean actions, every single move from him was lethal without any hesitance!

It would almost be impossible for one to escape death the moment he closed in.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten Golden Cores died in the hands of Su Zimo.


Qian Xinyu’s expression turned terrible when he saw the consecutive deaths of his sect mates.

In his opinion, it was extremely easy to deal with an early-stage Golden Core like Su Zimo, even if the latter had a connate spirit weapon in his possession.

After all, even if Su Zimo had three heads and six arms, he wouldn’t be able to defend against more than ten Golden Cores attacking him at the same time.

However, as time passed by, be it Qian Xinyu or Wang Yan, both of them felt things getting troublesome.

This Su Zimo was much more frightening than they had imagined!

He was extremely strong in melee combat and had unusual movement techniques. Shuttling through the crowd with a pair of spirit wings, no one could injure him at all!

A while later, it was the three sects that was suffering immense losses with Golden Cores falling one after another instead.

If this continued, all their fellow sect mates would be massacred by Su Zimo before the two of them had their chance to attack!

In reality, the reason why both Qian Xinyu and Wang Yan did not strike immediately was because they were wary of one another.

Both of them expected an immense battle to break out between Stellar Luna Sect and Blaze Columbus Valley after Su Zimo’s death.

They were not only fighting for the medicinal field here, but the connate spirit weapon as well!

Both of them were guarding against the other.

But now, the way the situation unfolded had gone beyond their expectations!

Narrowing his gaze, Qian Xinyu suddenly said, “Brother Wang, there’s no need for us to continue wearing each other down as such.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Wang Yan asked instead.

“Let’s join hands and kill this person first. As for the connate spirit weapon and medicinal field, we’ll make a decision for it later!” Qian Xinyu replied with a deep voice.


The moment he replied, the two of them attacked together with a tacit understanding.

“Meteor Fall!”

Qian Xinyu shifted his fingers and pointed forward, shouting softly while channeling his spirit perception.

Spirit qi gathered towards Qian Xinyu’s fingertip continuously.


In the blink of an eye, a gigantic meteor hovered before Qian Xinyu and crashed down towards Su Zimo’s head!

The meteor descended at a terrifying speed and was even blazing with flames on its surface, letting out a frightening might that threatened to pierce the vast lands!

Su Zimo was expressionless and slapped his storage bag. Instantly, 18 supreme-grade flying swords appeared before him.

With his control, 18 flying swords streaked horizontally, leaving streams of sword qi and a piercing frost.

Clang! Clang!

The 18 flying swords buzzed and quivered, swiftly forming a sword formation that resembled a blazing sun. It spun continuously and surged towards the incoming meteor!


The meteor collided against the sword formation with a loud bang.

The collision of the two opposing powers caused a massive energy light wave to spread out in all directions!

The aftershock of that power was extremely terrifying, surging towards the medicinal field in the distance.

The 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit that was in the center swayed, letting out an invisible energy that caused the aftershock to dissipate.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword formation engulfed the meteor and slashed it repeatedly, leaving countless scars behind.

After a brief pause, the meteor exploded!

No longer able to sustain, the Candlelight Sword Formation fell apart as well.

Qian Xinyu’s expression was grim when he saw that.

That spirit art could be considered as Stellar Luna Sect’s killing move!

Its true power did not lie in the moment the meteor landed, but the terrifying power that was released during its final explosion.

Any cultivator that did not notice that would definitely be severely injured by the explosion of the meteor!

Unfortunately, that spirit art was blocked by the Candlelight Sword Formation and the meteor fragments could not get close at all, let alone injure Su Zimo.

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