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Chapter 528: You’re the One With a Death Wish

Li Ziyue’s Golden Core phenomenon and Xuan Yi’s Hexagonal Sword Formations crumbled at almost the same time!

The two of them shuddered and blood drained from their faces.

Pshew! Pshew!

The two dark streaks of light appeared before them in the blink of an eye.

Hurriedly, Liu Hui withdrew two protection talismans from her storage bag and crushed them, sending forth a bedazzling light barrier that blocked the two of them.


The light barrier shattered the moment the dark lights made contact with them!

The three of them were sent flying by that tremendous force, landing dozens of meters away.

The wound on Liu Hui’s abdomen split open once more, staining her robes red.

Xuan Yi and Li Ziyue spat out a mouthful of blood each. Their auras were weak and the spirit energy in their bodies was in chaos as they felt throbbing pains coming from their meridians.

Although the Shadowless Twin Darts was not listed on the Phenomenon Ranking, it possessed a terrifying killing power nevertheless!

Mo Xiaofeng leaped into the air and two streaks of dark lights circled him continuously; his power of phenomenon churned in a domineering manner.

Looking at the three of them fallen on the ground, Mo Xiaofeng had a cold expression. “Why? You guys are still unwilling to take out the connate spirit weapon even at the brink of death?”

Li Ziyue grit his teeth. “We don’t have any connate spirit weapon at all!”

“You’re still being stubborn?”

Mo Xiaofeng scoffed. “Since that’s the case, you won’t have any more chances!”

“The connate spirit weapon is with me! Come over here if you want to get it!”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded from the depths of the palace with a chilling killing intent!

Instinctively, everyone turned towards the voice.

A figure gradually came into view.

He was scholarly and had black hair, wearing green robes with elegant features.

For some unknown reason, that seemingly frail scholar was emitting a shuddering aura of danger!

As the scholar strode over, everyone felt as though a bloodthirsty ferocious beast was approaching as the air was filled with the stench of blood!

The cultivators present frowned.


Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu, the two paragons, were slightly surprised and their gazes shimmered.

They hadn’t expected that there would be another cultivator in the depths of this underground palace!

Furthermore, nobody realized when he appeared, not even them!

Before long, the green-robed cultivator had already arrived before them.

“Ha, here I was wondering how powerful this person is. So, he’s only an early-stage Golden Core.”

“Another person who wants to die.”

The Golden Cores present heaved a sigh of relief after checking out the intruder’s cultivation realm using their Spirit Peering Arts.

No matter how strong he was, an early-stage Golden Core wouldn’t be able to cause much trouble!

“Zimo, you’re back.”

When he saw Su Zimo appear, Xuan Yi sighed internally, knowing that today’s matters would definitely not end peacefully.

Arriving beside the three of them, Su Zimo squatted down and checked their conditions. His expression only relaxed after seeing that they were in no danger of death.

With a grim expression, Liu Hui whispered, “Zimo, these guys are not easy to deal with. How about throwing out the connate spirit weapon for them to fight among themselves first while we seize the chaos to escape. It’s fine if we are bullied, what’s important is that we get out alive.”

“That’s right.”

Li Ziyue added softly, “There’s too many of them and there are three cultivators with terrifying strength. You won’t be a match for them alone, don’t be reckless.”


Xuan Yi sighed softly. “If things don’t look good, get out alone, Zimo. Don’t be impulsive.”

“It’s alright, I’ll settle this,”

Su Zimo had a calm expression and gestured for the three of them to feel assured.

Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu glared at Su Zimo for a little while before relaxing.

Although that scholar gave off an extremely dangerous aura, he was in a bad condition and his expression was somewhat pale. In fact, there was a hint of blood in his breath!

That person was severely injured and seemed to have just gone through an intense battle!

“What a false alarm. He’s of no threat.”

Qian Xinyu grinned and those words flashed through his mind.

“Lad, hand over the connate spirit weapon and I can let you die with a whole corpse!”

Mo Xiaofeng glared down from above in a domineering manner.

Rising slowly, Su Zimo did not look at Mo Xiaofeng, merely scanning his surroundings. His gaze swept by Qian Xinyu and Wang Yan as he asked instead, “Who else wants to get their hands on my connate spirit weapon?”

Everyone was stunned.

Was that scholar a fool – wasn’t he aware of the situation he was in?

Ignored by Su Zimo, Mo Xiaofeng was thoroughly embarrassed as he snarled with killing intent spewing from his eyes, “Lad, I’m talking to you!”

Su Zimo did not look over at Mo Xiaofeng still, as though he did not know that the latter existed.

“Isn’t anyone going to reply?”

Raising his brow, Su Zimo smiled and said with deep intent, “I’ll be direct then. If you guys leave now, you’ll get a chance to live. Don’t regret if the fight truly breaks out.”



The crowd first went silent.

Right after, it burst with laughter; some people clutched their stomachs while others bent over, as though they had heard the greatest joke in the world.

Everyone looked at Su Zimo like they were looking at an idiot.

Su Zimo smiled as well.

In midair, Mo Xiaofeng’s expression was menacing as he gripped his fists tightly. The two dark gold long darts around him were shuttling so quickly that they were even buzzing.

Su Zimo’s continued obliviousness towards him was driving him nuts!

“You. Are. Courting. Death!”

The veins on Mo Xiaofeng’s neck popped out and blood surged through him as he snarled word by word.


Raising his head slightly, Su Zimo looked at Mo Xiaofeng and replied indifferently, “You’re the one with a death wish.”


No longer able to tolerate, Mo Xiaofeng hollered and the power of his phenomenon burst forth immediately – two long darts turned into streaks of light that arrived instantly!

Expressionless, Su Zimo was not flustered and swiped his storage bag gently. A gigantic golden seal appeared in his palms with a domineering aura, as though it could suppress all things!

When they saw that gigantic golden seal, Wang Yan and Qian Xinyu’s gazes turned incomparably fervent.

Any single bit of hesitance they had disappeared as well.

Everything else aside, that connate spirit weapon made everything worthwhile!

Su Zimo’s power of his Golden Core was circulating wildly inside him.

The Coiling Dragon Seal in his palm expanded swiftly with an immense brightness akin to a blazing sun. Flying away from him, it blocked in front of Su Zimo.

Clang! Clang!

The two streaks of dark light could not dodge in time and struck the Coiling Dragon Seal. However, they were repelled instantly!

The Coiling Dragon Seal did not budge at all.

Mo Xiaofeng shuddered and a look of fear flashed through his eyes.

That collision nearly shattered his Golden Core phenomenon!

“You want to see a connate spirit weapon?”

Su Zimo’s gaze lit up as he smiled sinisterly. “I’ll let you see all you want!”


Descending from the skies, the Coiling Dragon Seal turned into a gigantic golden mountain with a tremendous force.


The dragon roar reverberated through the world and coiled around the mountain peak, causing it to descend at a faster speed with a fiercer power and more intense aura!

Under the shroud of the Coiling Dragon Seal, many Golden Cores felt their hearts skip a beat and retreated right away.


Slamming against Mo Xiaofeng’s Shadowless Twin Darts, the Coiling Dragon Seal shattered the former’s Golden Core phenomenon instantly!


Mo Xiaofeng shuddered and spat out a huge mouthful of blood with a battered expression.

A dark shadow engulfed Mo Xiaofeng and he could not escape at all. Utterly scared out of his wits, he crushed a protection talisman hurriedly while yelling, “Fellow Daoist, please show mer—”


Before he could finish, a sludge of blood appeared beneath the golden mountain peak.

The paragon of Shadowless Sect was killed by the Coiling Dragon Seal without a corpse left!

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