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Chapter 523: All In

The hierarchy of the demon race was strict.

When it saw the soaring serpent, although it was only the power of the phenomenon, the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon instinctively wanted to kneel on the ground and kowtow.

To begin with, the Soaring Serpent phenomenon was created from Su Zimo’s power of fire attribute being cultivated to its limits.

The power of the Soaring Serpent phenomenon exploded even further given the fiery surroundings!

Snake head, anaconda body, dragon scales and phoenix wings, the Primordial Soaring Serpent flapped its flaming wings and opened its bloodied mouth, taking a deep breath!

The steaming lava on the ground gushed into the soaring serpent’s mouth relentlessly.

The flames on the body of the soaring serpent shone brighter with a resplendent radiance that could almost torch the void!

Looking down from above, the Primordial Soaring Serpent shifted its gaze onto the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon coldly, as if it was looking at an ant.

Even though it was just a Golden Core phenomenon, it carried the dignity and nobility of the soaring serpent race!


Su Zimo pointed forward.


Both wings flapped and a fiery light surged into the air as the Primordial Soaring Serpent lunged at the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon with a terrifying aura.

“How dare you get arrogant with a single Golden Core phenomenon!”

The Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon shouted with a menacing expression. Suppressing the fear in its heart, it reached out with its massive palm and grabbed the Primordial Soaring Serpent at its vital point.


Suddenly, the Primordial Soaring Serpent opened its mouth and shot out a column of lava at the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon!

Prepared for it, the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon had already reached out its palm and blocked the front of the lava column.

The fiery red lava spewed in all directions, rolling down from the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s head with billowing steam. However, the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon was not injured at all.

The difference in their cultivation realms was too great.

Even with the increase in strength in Su Zimo’s Golden Core phenomenon with the help of the cave’s lava ocean, it could not pose a real threat to the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon.

Although it was expressionless on the surface, the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon was nearly scared out of its wits.

If the human ant before it managed to cultivate to its realm, the power of that single phenomenon would be enough to kill him!


The Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon lamented.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent, as though he had already predicted this.

Patting his storage bag gently, he pulled out a gigantic golden seal and injected spirit energy into it.

The Coiling Dragon Seal shone brightly!


A dragon roar shook the world and reverberated within the cave.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up brightly as he took a step forward instead of retreating.


His Inner Core and Golden Core churned at the same time and his blood qi rose. Su Zimo’s body expanded and his sleeves ripped apart, revealing an arm with popping green veins!

Raising the Coiling Dragon Seal in his left hand, Su Zimo smashed down heavily on the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s head!

At the same time, he freed his right hand with the divine phoenix bone and used it as a knife.

Clang! Clang!

His fingernails shot out, sharp as daggers, shimmering coldly as they thrusted into the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s chest!

Su Zimo did not hesitate at all for this counterattack and went all in with his trump cards, killing decisively!

First, the Primordial Soaring Serpent in his Golden Core primordial attracted the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s attention.

Thereafter, he closed in for the kill!

That was Su Zimo’s only chance!

His killing move was not the Golden Core phenomenon, but his Coiling Dragon Seal and the divine phoenix bone in his right hand!


The Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon exerted strength in his arm, causing the soaring serpent to explode and the power of the phenomenon to dissipate.

At the same time.

A gigantic golden seal crushed down on his head, covering the skies!


When the Coiling Dragon Seal slammed heavily on the head of the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon, it smacked his head to the side and his outer shell was broken, causing fresh blood to flow.

It was not dead?

The release of Su Zimo’s power of his Golden Core, Inner Core and blood qi alongside a connate spirit weapon only managed to break the outer layer of the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s head!


The Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon yelled in pain.

In his eyes, Su Zimo was nothing but an insignificant ant.

He truly hadn’t expected that the ant would be able to hurt him!


The body of the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon expanded massively and that head of his which was initially in human form swiftly transformed, turning menacing with bared teeth in the blink of an eye.

That injury had enraged the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon entirely!

That transformation was clear that it was about to turn into its true form!

Demons were only at their strongest when they were in their true forms.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

At the same time, Su Zimo’s fingernails shattered when his right hand struck the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s body.

It didn’t manage to thrust in!

Su Zimo’s expression changed, realizing that the situation wasn’t looking good.

Ever since he possessed the divine phoenix bone, Su Zimo did not take the initiative to use it and merely defended with it passively.

The terrifying strength the divine phoenix bone possessed could only be triggered under intense conditions.

But now that Su Zimo wanted to make use of the divine phoenix bone to break through the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s defense, he ended in failure.

Both his killing moves failed at the same time.

Su Zimo’s heart sank deeply to the bottom.


He did not have any chance left as a tremendous force smacked against him, causing him to fly!

“Ugh… ”

Su Zimo felt an incomparable pain surging through his body as he coughed out blood endlessly.

After turning into his true form, the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon was a gigantic crocodile with a scarlet armor. Standing in the air, he wagged his thick tail and his eyes shone fiercely with blood on its head.

That tail of the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile nearly crushed Su Zimo’s organs!

Su Zimo glided through the air without any strength, as though he was falling apart.

He was defeated!

He was completely defenseless.

“I’ve been through countless tough battles up till this point of my cultivation and have dominated multiple strong foes of the same level. It’s tough for me to come across a true opponent, but am I going to be buried by a crocodile today?”

Su Zimo was in such pain that his features were contorted and his mind was in chaos. Fuzzily, he fell towards the lava ocean beneath him.

Before he actually fell in, the connate spirit fire that burned on the surface of the lava had already burned Su Zimo’s green robes into ashes.

Initially, the little fox had a worried expression and kept its gaze on Su Zimo, worrying for his safety.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo’s green robes were suddenly burned away and he turned nude instantly, revealing everything that shouldn’t be revealed.


Shrieking, the little fox blushed and extended its pair of tiny paws, covering its eyes.

However, immediately after, a gap opened up in its paws and its gemlike black eyes could vaguely be seen through it.

It did not want to peep on Su Zimo.

However, it was truly worried. Yet, it did not dare to watch on brazenly so it could only resort to such a method.

The scorching sensation from the lava triggered Su Zimo’s nerves repeatedly.

Gritting his teeth, he focused his attention and clarity returned to his eyes.

He must not give up!

Until the very last moment, he must not give up hope!

Circulating his Golden Core, Su Zimo controlled his figure hurriedly and grabbed his storage bag lest it fell into the lava.

At the same time, he swept his gaze and caught sight of a hint of mockery and ridicule in the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile’s eyes.

“It’s over!”

The voice of the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile sounded.

The next moment, Su Zimo’s vision blurred.

A massive shadow lunged over with a blood stench.

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