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Chapter 524: Devoured Alive

A grisly red tongue that was burning with flames closed in with a blood stench. The surrounding teeth were sharp and the top and bottom row seemed to form a cage!

It was too fast!

There was no time to react at all.

Within a split second, Su Zimo was already in the mouth of the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile!

“Not good!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he was alarmed.

The Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile wanted to devour him alive!

Given the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile’s cultivation realm, the terrifying strength of its bite was definitely able to turn him into sludge!

At that moment, it was already too late for Su Zimo to retreat.

Instead of panicking in that moment of life and death, Su Zimo calmed down!

The worse the situation was, the more he mustn’t panic.

Otherwise, a single distraction would cause him to lose his life!

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo’s mind reeled as he contemplated how to get out of the situation; time seemed to have slowed down.

The Candlelight Sword Formation?

It won’t work!

Even a Level 3 Candlelight Sword Formation might not be able to break the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile’s defense, let alone his current Level 2 Candlelight Sword Formation.

The Ancient Dragonification Manual?

It won’t work!

If his Golden Core phenomenon was dispelled by the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile, nothing would change even if he conjured a True Dragon.

What other trump cards could help him hold out?

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with a glint.

Without hesitation, he slapped his storage bag and withdrew a bronze square tripod that was around a meter tall!

That bronze square tripod let out an ancient aura – it was the one he had picked up in the forbidden grounds of the Great Qian Ruins.

The tripod was lined with cracks and extremely battered but was unusually sturdy.

Su Zimo did not know if the bronze square tripod could withstand the bite of the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile.

However, that might be his only shot at survival!

In a flash, his tendons and bones crackled at the same time, contorting into a lump as he squeezed himself into the bronze square tripod!

Although it sounded slow upon narration, everything happened instantaneously.

The moment Su Zimo entered the tripod, the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile bit down fiercely!

His vision turned dark.


There was a crisp sound.

The bronze square tripod shuddered but it was perfectly fine!

Su Zimo was elated.

Although the bronze square tripod was already so battered, its sturdiness definitely made it a priceless treasure!

In reality, it was also a freak coincidence.

The bronze square tripod had been in the Great Qian Ruins for 10,000 years.

Although it was in the depths of the palace and was slightly secluded, there were other cultivators that noticed this tripod in the past.

However, when they saw how battered it was, none of them bothered about it, thinking that it was just a damaged spirit weapon.

Who would care about something as such when the Great Qian Ruins was filled with damaged spirit weapons?

If the bronze square tripod hadn’t hurt Su Zimo’s feet, he wouldn’t have pulled it out from the mud intentionally either.

Above the lava.

Although the bronze square tripod was tough, it did not cause much harm to the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile.

To the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile, the feeling was akin to biting a piece of rock while consuming food.

Without another word, the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile did not care at all as it shrugged its head before coiling its tongue and devouring the bronze square tripod along with Su Zimo into his stomach!

There might be things that demon beasts could not bite through.

However, the powerful contractions of their stomachs and frightening acid within would be enough to turn even metal and rocks into liquid!

On the lone island in the lava ocean, the little fox looked at everything helplessly. The light in its eyes dimmed as it sighed gently.

After devouring Su Zimo, the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile turned towards the little fox nonchalantly with a cold gaze.

Frightened, the little fox hurriedly moved the iron basket at its side and hid underneath.

It was as though it would feel safer doing so.

As a low-level fiend demon, the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon was equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Although it could take down Su Zimo with ease, it was nothing much in the wilderness outside, particularly so among the eight demon races.

There were plenty of fiend demons among the eight demon races and he was merely one of the lowest leveled ones.

Among the eight demon races, only grand and old demons would have the chance to get their hands on the charming fox race.

Given the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile’s status with his strength, he won’t have a chance to lay his finger on them in his lifetime!

However, by chance, he sensed the scorching aura and with it, discovered this secret of the palace and found his way underground.

At that time, the little fox was just born not long ago.

Initially, the demon fox was a mid-level fiend demon. However, after giving birth, it was at its weakest since it had lost a lot of blood qi – the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon seized the opportunity when its strength was greatly diminished.

A massive battle broke out!

The Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile was injured as well.

However, the demon fox was even more severely injured.

Both parties maintained the standoff for a couple of years and finally, the demon fox lost out and died.

As for the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile, its Essence Spirit was severely injured and hadn’t fully recovered till now.

Although the little fox saw everything, it was helpless.

When it was injured, the Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile was furious and wanted to kill the little fox right away. However, a stray thought entered his mind when he saw the pitiful expression of the little fox.

After this little fox grew up and formed an Inner Core and was able to take on human form, wouldn’t it be at his disposal?

“Soon, soon! I’ll just have to wait a little more!”

The Scarlet Armored Gigantic Crocodile could not contain its excitement as it witnessed the little fox growing with each passing day.

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