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Chapter 522: Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon

Su Zimo would have never guessed that the unknown living being would burst forth from the lava.

The temperature of the lava was extremely high such that he didn’t dare to touch it even with his body, let alone stay inside it.

That unknown living being was scarier than he had imagined!

Su Zimo’s reaction was swift and without any hesitance, he burst forth with his blood qi while circulating his Inner Core and Golden Core at the same time, invoking his full cultivation.


Straight away, he turned into his demon form and slashed in reverse with Blood Quencher towards the incoming figure without even turning to look!

Without dodging or retreating, the person reached out and punched with a thunderous might!


When Blood Quencher collided against the person’s fist, metallic sounds actually rang as sparks flew.

An irresistibly terrifying force rippled through the blade of the saber.

Su Zimo’s palm split open and blood streamed out. Unable to maintain his grip on Blood Quencher, it flew from his hand.


Nearly three feet of the saber was embedded in the wall behind him!

The power released by that fist was so horrific!

It was so strong!

Su Zimo had a great shock.

That slash earlier was considered as his full power.

Although Su Zimo released his immortality and demonic strength at the same time, his opponent received it barehanded and sent his Blood Quencher flying instead.

The difference was too great!

Before Su Zimo could react, a second punch flew over from the living being, slamming like a massive pillar with an endless ferocity.

Su Zimo did not even have the chance to summon the Coiling Dragon Seal and could only raise both arms to defend.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had been through countless battles but there were few moments where he was forced to defend passively.

It was especially so for melee combat of brute force.

But now, the opponent’s attacks were so ferocious and powerful that Su Zimo could not retaliate at all.


The other party’s fist landed on Su Zimo’s arms and a dull sound of defeat echoed.

Instantly, his protection talisman shattered.

With a dull grunt, Su Zimo shuddered and staggered in retreat.

There was a loud thud on the ground.

Slamming against the wall behind him, Su Zimo’s expression was pale and his arms fell limply to the side, trembling slightly – he had already lost feeling in them.

The other party was way too powerful.

Given the attacks, it would take less than three punches for Su Zimo to die here!

His opponent was overwhelming everything with brute force!

Even if Su Zimo had a myriad of methods, he couldn’t use any of them.

On the parcel of land in the lava ocean, the little fox placed the iron basket above its head aside and stood up with a worried expression. Its little paws were propped up before its chest, looking like it was praying for Su Zimo.


The unknown living being exclaimed softly – it seemed to be shocked that it didn’t manage to kill Su Zimo with a single punch.

Leaning against the wall, it was only at this moment that Su Zimo could make out the other party’s appearance.

That ‘person’ had red hair and a muscular body. At two meters tall, its face and legs had thick, coarse cuticles and scarlet scales lined its face one after another tightly.

That was a body that could be described as perfect and invulnerable against fire, water and weapons!

Having just exited the lava, the person’s body was still dripping with steaming lava. It had a torrential dominance and looked at Su Zimo mockingly with its triangular eyes.

Although the other party seemed like it was a human, Su Zimo was almost certain that it was a fiend demon.

In the demon race, those at Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realm could be called spirit demons.

The moment they entered Nascent Soul realm, they could be called fiend demons.

Low-level fiend demons were equivalent to Nascent Soul Perfected Lords.

Mid-level fiend demons were equivalent to Void Reversion Dao Beings.

High-Level fiend demons were equivalent to Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Above that, they could be considered as Grand Demons and were equivalent to Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

Su Zimo had both immortality and demonic cultivation and was even cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

In his cultivation path, he devoured half a dragon egg and great tonics such as the Dragon Blood Elixir.

He believed that on the same cultivation realm, there might be spirit demons with inherited ancient bloodlines who could be stronger than him.

However, the difference between them wouldn’t be this great.

This was a complete suppression!

The other party was a low-level fiend demon at the very least and might even be at mid-level!

“What should we do?”

Panting slightly, Su Zimo circulated his bloodline and regained sensation in his arms while contemplating.

He had to get out of this place alive!

The medicine field in the palace above was enough to tempt any cultivator.

In the Great Qian Ruins, it was common to see people killing others for treasures – that was the most straightforward and effective method!

If Su Zimo were to be stuck here, Xuan Yi and the other two wouldn’t be able to make it out of the Great Qian Ruins alive!

“An immortal cultivator’s Golden Core and a demon’s Inner Core… hmms, you seem to have quite a few secrets,”

The Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon smirked and looked at Su Zimo like a piece of succulent meat, remarking coolly, “I’m truly hesitant to kill you since you already have such a strong body after just forming a core. But…”

After a slight pause, it changed the topic and its gaze turned cold. “You’ve still got to die! Anyone who trespasses into my territory must die! After I kill you, I’ll slaughter all the ants above that are coveting the Vermilion Fruit as well!”

“At that time, you’ll have companions in Hell!”


Su Zimo sneered.

Sensing the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon’s killing intent, he had nothing to fear as he shouted, “Old monster, you’re truly brazen with your words!”

“I’m sure that this was the demon fox’s territory initially. That fact that you’re an intruder as well aside, the fact that you’re spouting such big words just makes you shameless!”

Those words were cathartic for the little fox but it triggered the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon entirely.


Roaring in anger, it bared its sharp teeth and seethed, “Human ant, you have a death wish!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon took three steps forward and arrived before Su Zimo in the blink of an eye. It gave off a scorching aura and grabbed the top of Su Zimo’s head with its massive palm!

If that attack struck, Su Zimo’s head would definitely turn into sludge.

“I’ve got to give it my all!”

Su Zimo’s eyes shone fiercely as he roared with his Golden Core churning fanatically.

“Golden Core phenomenon, Primordial Soaring Serpent!”


A primordial phenomenon that shocked the world appeared behind Su Zimo.

The ground caved in, creating a series of ravines as mountains collapsed and volcanoes spewed with smoke billowing everywhere.

Endless lava flowed freely on the vast lands, incinerating everything in sight as countless living beings were turned into ashes – it was the scene of an apocalypse!

The lava ocean of the phenomenon seemed to be fused with the lava ocean in the cave.

A massive living being crawled out from the depths of the ground with a terrifying aura. It had the head of a snake and the body of an anaconda. Red in color, it was lined with scales that stacked against one another like flaming red steel plates!

It was the arrival of the Primordial Soaring Serpent!

When it saw the Primordial Soaring Serpent, the Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon froze for a moment and it broke into an uncontrollable shudder with a flash of fear in its eyes.

That was an ancient fear that was embedded in the depths of its bloodline and soul.

The Scarlet Armored Fiend Demon was a fire attribute demon beast since it was able to survive in the lava.

However, the soaring serpent race was one of the most ancient fire divine spirits!

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