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Chapter 501: All of You Will Have to Die!

Actually, not long after he entered Shen Mengqi’s room, Su Zimo had already realized that his spirit energy was being restricted and he could not circulate it.

However, it was already too late for him to leave by then.

The power of the Spirit Lock Flower was domineering indeed!

At Extreme Foundation Establishment realm, Su Zimo’s spirit energy was rich and the structure of his spirit sea was far superior compared to other Foundation Establishment Cultivators as well.

With a single thought, the seas would howl and there would even be massive waves created within his dantian!

But now, there was a mysterious fog shrouding his spirit sea.

The waters were dead without any movement.

Perfected Being Cang Lang sneered, “With your spirit energy locked, all your trump cards such as the dragon conjuring secret skill and Ethereal Wings are useless!”

Sima Zhi was smug and burst into laughter. “I heard that you’ve got a strong physique and bloodline? But, what’s the use of that? You can only run on the ground without being able to touch our clothes even! Hahaha!”

“I’m Tan Hao, a Formation Master,”

Waving the long cloth he was holding, Tan Hao commented with a smile, “This is merely a trap formation and is extremely common. It can trap Golden Cores for up to five days with ease. As for Foundation Establishment Cultivators… fufu, I don’t know. A year? Ten years? Or perhaps, thirty?”

Gao Hu beamed and revealed a menacing smile, declaring loudly, “Kid, don’t be afraid! I heard that you’re strong in melee combat! I’ll head over soon and play along with you!”


Unknowingly, Shen Mengqi had struggled to get out of bed and she knelt in the direction of Perfected Being Cang Lang, begging miserable, “Master, I’m someone that’s about to die. The only wish I have is for you to let him off, please…”

Shen Mengqi’s expression was dismal as she kowtowed to Perfected Being Cang Lang. As her jade-white forehead smashed against the ice-cold ground time and again, it was stained red before long.

The five Golden Cores were indifferent and unmoved.

“Let him off?”

As though he had heard something incomparably amusing, Perfected Being Cang Lang said with a cold stare, “The greatest regret of my life is not killing this little b*stard personally eight years ago, leaving him as such a potent danger!”

Shen Mengqi’s body swayed and her head spun, as though she could faint at any moment without waking up again.

All of a sudden!

A firm palm held her by the arm, pulling her up from the muddy ground.

Su Zimo’s voice reverberated in her ears, calm yet firmly, “There’s no need to beg him or kneel down.”

“Zimo, I really didn’t know. I truly didn’t… I-I was the one who brought this to you,”

Turning around, Shen Mengqi looked at Su Zimo beside her and sobbed with swollen eyes.

Su Zimo did not look at her as he lowered his head and said, “Although our relationship has ended, there’s something else I can do for you.”

“What?” Shen Mengqi asked instinctively.

With a soft voice, he replied, “When we were young, I would always stand up for you if you were bullied. Today, I’ll do it for you once more. Perhaps… it might be the last time too.”

Before he finished his sentence, Shen Mengqi’s eyes were already flowing with tears.

In that instant, she seemed to have returned to her childhood.

Back to that carefree world without any scheming and power struggles.

Shen Mengqi’s vision blurred.

The figure before her fused together slowly with that image from her memories.

“Brother Zimo,”

Shen Mengqi addressed him instinctively and her eyes shone with a glint.

She seemed to have recovered quite a bit of energy with her body as well.

These were the signs of a final respite before death.

It was akin to the final glow of the sunset before dawn broke.

In midair, Perfected Being Cang Lang and the other four had varied expressions as their gazes shimmered.

Liang Heng, Gao Hu and Sima Zhi did not seem to realize anything.

However, Perfected Being Cang Lang and Tan Hao felt something vaguely amiss the moment they caught sight of Su Zimo and were feeling uneasy.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo was way too composed!

He didn’t look like someone that had fallen into a trap!

Perfected Being Cang Lang recalled every single detail of the plan and did not notice anything amiss.

He truly could not comprehend where Su Zimo got his confidence from.

Raising his head slightly, Su Zimo looked at Perfected Being Cang Lang and said indifferently, “Indeed, your plan is perfect without a flaw. Unfortunately, you didn’t take something into account…”


Perfected Being Cang Lang’s heart sank as he asked with a narrowed gaze.

“It’s useless even if you lock my spirit energy, all of you will have to die!”

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimo’s eyes shone black as ink as his hair swayed naturally without any wind. The Inner Core in his chest circulated slowly, emitting a terrifying aura.



Cang Lang and the other four were shocked.

“Demonic qi!”

“Not good, he’s a demon!”


Pang! Pang! Pang!

Su Zimo’s tendons and bones sounded at the same time as he flesh expanded.

Right in front of the five of them, that body that was initially seven foot tall expanded instantly, growing to a height of more than a hundred feet. He was like a towering ancient fiend king with a torrential killing intent!

That terrifying body was filled with green veins that surfaced densely and it shone with an indestructible metallic luster.

Revolving around him were ferocious life-like ancient demons; a wild bovine, a rock bear, an anaconda, a sanguine ape…

His aura was absolute, as though it could rip everything apart and devour all life!

The five Golden Cores were stunned and their minds went blank.

Even with his current cultivation realm and his experience in the intermediate ancient battlefield challenging people on the Phenomenon Ranking, Liang Heng was startled momentarily.

Initially, the five of them stood a hundred feet above the air and looked down at that ant-like cultivator.

But the next moment, a pair of bronze eyes appeared before the five of them, glaring coldly with a menacing aura. Every single breath caused a hurricane to howl!

What kind of monster was this?

That was the only thought in the five of their minds.

Before they could react, that monster before them grinned and revealed two rows of sinisterly sparkling teeth.

Without a second word, Su Zimo reached out with his massive palm and engulfed Tan Hao over the head, as though he was about to cover the entire skies.

He grabbed downwards!

Tan Hao sped away but he was a step too late at the end of the day and could not manage to get out of Su Zimo’s reach.


Flesh and blood splattered everywhere!

Tan Hao did not even manage to make a single sound before he was minced into a fog of blood without any corpse left!


Gao Hu was scared out of his wits and turned to flee.


Su Zimo was right behind Gao Hu and took a deep breath, puffing his chest.

Immediately after, he opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar!

The seven ancient demon kings that surrounded Su Zimo opened their mouths as well, roaring into the skies with a terrifying might that threatened to shake the mountains and quake the earth!


Caught within it, Gao Hu yelled tragically and his figure swayed.

Fresh blood started flowing down from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

His face was covered with bloodied lines and his features contorted, causing his eyeballs to bulge out as he fell from the air, no longer breathing.

He was roared to death!

A Golden Core was roared to death just like that!

That single roar contained the terrifying power of an Inner Core.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was not the only one roaring. With the help of the seven demon kings, his roar rippled through the heavens and engulfed everything within thousands of kilometers!

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