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Chapter 502: Heavenly Essence Swords

Although the Spirit Lock Flower restricted the spirit energy in Su Zimo’s dantian, it could not contain the Inner Core in his chest!

The Inner Cores cultivated by demons had nothing to do with spirit qi.

Their cores were formed after they cultivated their bodies, refined their bones and tendons, swapped their blood in their marrow, tempered their organs and cleared their orifices.

In the blink of an eye, two Golden Cores were dead!

Against Su Zimo in his demon form, the two of them were defenseless and could not even survive through a single breath!

Perfected Being Cang Lang and the other two were panicked as they turned to flee.

However, their expressions changed when they arrived at the borders of the formation.

Suddenly, the three of them realized something.

Now that Tan Hao was dead, the three of them could not dispel his formation within a short period of time!

The reason why Su Zimo killed the Formation Master, Tan Hao, first was most likely because he had anticipated this.

This trap formation was originally prepared for Su Zimo – who would have thought that it would end up turning into their graves!

They were now doomed by their own trap.

Before Sima Zhi could turn around, Su Zimo’s engulfing palm had already arrived.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Rumbling thunder resembling the galloping of horses sounded as the massive aura caused the void to tremble!


With nowhere to retreat, Sima Zhi withdrew two flying swords from his storage bag and injected his power as a Golden Core into them. Instantly, the swords shone brightly and turned into two streaks of light, shooting towards the incoming palm over his head.

“True Fire Firmament Incineration!”

At the same time, Sima Zhi conjured hand seals and released a secret skill of True Fire Sect.

A scorching flame burned in his palms.

Biting his tongue, Sima Zhi spat out a mouthful of essence blood that landed in the flames.

Immediately, the flare shot into the heavens!


Fiercely, he threw the flames in his hand towards Su Zimo’s face.

“I don’t care what kind of a monster you are, burn!”

Sima Zhi yelled with his might, as if doing so would suppress the fear in his heart.

Su Zimo’s expression was as cold as ever.

Against his demon form body, Sima Zhi’s superior-grade flying sword posed no threat at all!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Raising his arm, Su Zimo grabbed both incoming flying swords and gripped his fist tightly before letting go.

The two superior-grade flying swords shattered and fell to the ground as useless shards.

Sima Zhi and the other two were horrified when they saw that.

What sort of a body was that?

Even a superior-grade spirit weapon couldn’t hurt him!

Su Zimo did not dodge nor avoid when he saw the flames approaching. Opening his mouth, he blew out a massive air current.


Accompanied by a howling wind, his scarlet demonic qi was mystifying and surged over.

The flames extinguished immediately.

A secret skill from True Fire Sect was extinguished by a single breath of demonic qi from Su Zimo!


Roaring, Su Zimo’s voice was deafening like a bell.


A single palm landed and Sima Zhi’s body was torn into pieces – he died on the spot!

“Don’t panic!”

Seeing that he had nowhere to run, Liang Heng calmed down rapidly and said with a dark voice, “Cang Lang, this mess was created by you! Right now, the both of us only have a single way out and that is to kill this b*stard!”

“Let’s join forces!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang grit his teeth and gulped. “If you’ve got any trump cards up your sleeves, now isn’t the time to continue hiding them. Give it your all!”

A look of conviction flashed through Liang Heng’s eyes as he swiped his storage bag and withdrew a shiny silver metal chain.


Hollering, Liang Heng threw the silver metal chain at Su Zimo’s head. Circling down, it restricted Su Zimo’s body and tightened repeatedly!

His scarlet demonic qi seemed to be suppressed by the bindings of the silver metal chain and faded gradually.

The phantoms of the seven ancient demon kings surrounding Su Zimo flickered for a moment as well, showing signs of dissipating!

Perfected Being Cang Lang was delighted upon seeing that and could not help but praise, “Amazing methods, Brother Liang Heng!”

Liang Heng heaved a sigh of relief and declared proudly as well, “This was a treasure I obtained in the intermediate ancient battlefield 80 years ago. Although it’s just a supreme-grade spirit weapon, it’s an imitation of the ancient emperor weapon, the Demon Binding Lock and is especially effective against demons!”

“Even a pure-blooded ferocious beast will have to bow down and submit obediently if it was trapped by this!”

Su Zimo exerted his strength to try and break free from the silver metal chain.

However, as though it was agitated, the silver metal chain bound him even more tightly and even dug into his flesh!


Su Zimo’s expression changed.


Liang Heng sneered, “Little b*stard, even though this is an imitation of the Demon Binding Lock, it inherited the latter’s powers as well! The more you struggle, the tighter the lock will contract. I’ll advise you not to make things difficult for yourself!”

“Brother Liang Heng, don’t waste time talking to him! Let’s kill him now lest he creates trouble for us in the future!”


Liang Heng whipped out a cold, shimmering sword – he was actually a sword cultivator!

Perfected Being Cang Lang summoned the supreme-grade flying sword in his hands as well, prepared to control it to slice down at Su Zimo’s head.


Suddenly, Su Zimo reared his head and laughed with a feral gaze. “Do you think that a lousy imitation chain is able to trap me?”


The blood qi within Su Zimo surged and his Inner Core churned fanatically, causing endless scarlet demonic qi to be released.

The phantoms of the seven ancient demon kings stabilized again and their eyes lit up one after another, as though they were just awakened with spirit!

“Break it!”

Roaring into the skies, Su Zimo’s flesh expanded once more and his power of blood qi and Inner Core reached their limits. Instantly, the silver metal chain started buzzing.

Liang Heng’s expression changed starkly.

Before he could react, there was a bang.

The silver metal chain broke into dark pieces against Su Zimo’s supreme demonic strength and turned into a pile of scrap metal.


With a maddened roar, Su Zimo took huge strides and arrived before Liang Heng within a couple of steps. He reached out with his massive palm and engulfed the latter.

It was heavenly-encompassing!

After witnessing the terror of Su Zimo’s physique, there was no way Liang Heng dared to be careless as he grit his teeth tightly. Channeling the Golden Core in his body, he roared, “Golden Core phenomenon, Heavenly Essence Swords!”

Clang! Clang!

The sound of swords streaking rang through the world and reverberated within the formation.

Behind Liang Heng, a massive cyclone made up of incomparably sharp swords howled over, connecting heaven and earth like a divine dragon sucking water.

Before the Heavenly Essence Swords arrived, Su Zimo already felt his skin being torn slightly.

Golden Core phenomenons were the strongest methods available for Golden Cores.

When cultivators form their cores and their Golden Cores were of a certain quality, they would start harmonizing with the spirit qi in their surroundings and form phenomenons.

The greater the quality of one’s Golden Core, the deeper their understanding of the Dao of the core and the more spirit meridians they had, the stronger the Golden Core phenomenon created!

Humans were innately weak and at Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment realm, apart from some of the strong body tempered cultivators,most other cultivators would be dead if they were closed in by demon beasts.

However, after they formed their cores, cultivators would have a chance of cultivating Golden Core phenomenons and that would make up for their disadvantage.

If they were able to release their Golden Core phenomenons in time during a fight, it would be difficult for demons to go against the might of the phenomenons!

Not only that, if the Golden Core phenomenons were strong enough, they could easily take down ancient remnant beasts or even pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

For Golden Cores such as the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking, even pure-blooded ferocious beasts would have to avoid crossing their paths.

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