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Chapter 500: The Tricks of Fate

Putting away his flying sword, Su Zimo descended slowly and silently into the courtyard.

He headed forward and pushed the door open.

Instantly, he was welcomed with a suffocating medicinal smell.

Within it was a hint of a woman’s fragrance and a faint flowery scent.

Frowning, Su Zimo strode inside.

A woman laid down on the bed silently with her eyes shut. Her face and lips were pale and she was covered in a large blanket, breathing weakly.

Arriving before the bed, Su Zimo looked at the woman quietly without any joy nor sadness internally.

The woman was reeking with the aura of death.

Her pulse was weak and her organs were starting to fail.

Even an immortal wouldn’t be able to save her at this point!

Eight years.

Who would have thought that the impressive young girl selected by an immortal eight years ago would end up in such a state.

This was how fate loved to play tricks.

Probably sensing something, Shen Mengqi’s eyelids twitched and she opened her eyes slowly.

The pair of brilliant and moving eyes from Su Zimo’s memories were now empty and lifeless with a cloudy shade.

Her gaze was seemingly dazed, as though she could not adapt to the environment.

Arriving at Su Zimo’s face, her stare lingered for a long time before her eyes gradually widened, shimmering with a glint of light.

Shen Mengqi looked slightly more spirited as well.

“You’ve come,”

Her lips twitched as she revealed a smile.

However, she did not have much strength left and even her voice was as soft as a mosquito.

“What happened?”

After remaining silent for a long time, Su Zimo finally asked with a calm tone.

“I was in too much of a hurry to try and form my core. Sigh, there’s no way it would be so easy to form a core,”

Shen Mengqi chuckled bitterly. “My foundation wasn’t stable and I lost control of my spirit energy, causing my meridians to sever. I entered Qi Deviation and failed in my core formation, nearly losing my life. Thankfully, my master stepped in and managed to save my life.”

At the mention of the word ‘master’, Shen Mengqi glanced at Su Zimo. When she saw that the latter was expressionless and wasn’t bothered by it, she continued, “Since I knew that I didn’t have much time left, I wanted to return to Ping Yang Town and return to my roots.”

“Because he dotes on me, master even sent me back personally.”

Su Zimo remained silent but a hint of pity could be seen within his eyes.

He wasn’t pitying Shen Mengqi for her fate, but her ignorance.

Even up till now, she had not realized that she was sacrificed and abandoned by Perfected Being Cang Lang!

Shen Mengqi murmured, “I know that I owe you too much. T-The fact that you’re willing to come see me and listen to me is enough for me to leave without regrets.”

Su Zimo surveyed the room and finally, his gaze lingered on a scarlet flower that was on the wooden table beside the bed, frowning.

“This flower…”

He narrowed his eyes, seemingly pondering about something.

All of a sudden!

A cold voice sounded from the void outside the door.


The moment the voice ended, a bedazzling light shone outside, bright as day.

It was the light of formation patterns!

Su Zimo was a Sword Formation Master to begin with. Even without heading out to take a look, he could sense the aura of a massive formation being activated.

Shen Mengqi had a stunned expression, not understanding what was going on.

The next moment, the entire room was ripped apart by a tremendous power, causing dust and gravel to fly everywhere.


An arrogant laughter rang in the courtyard, reverberating endlessly.

When she heard that laughter, Shen Mengqi asked in disbelief with a shocked expression, “Master?”

Su Zimo turned around, completely unaffected.

After the dust settled, five Golden Cores could be seen in a line in the skies above the courtyard, bearing sharp gazes and murderous intent.

Iridescent Clouds Palace’s Perfected Being Cang Lang was among them!

“Master, you guys…”

Shen Mengqi’s lips quivered and the shock in her eyes vanished gradually; she did not continue speaking.

She was no fool and had already understood when she saw that lineup.

Glaring at Shen Mengqi, Perfected Being Cang Lang remarked coldly, “Traitor, if I didn’t need you to lure this b*stard here, I would have killed you personally a long time ago!”

“Why? Why…?!”

Shen Mengqi struggled to sit up and trembled, looking at Perfected Being Cang Lang and asking with a quivering voice, “W-Was it because I didn’t accompany you in the fight against Ethereal Peak?”

“It’s because your death is the only thing that can bring Su Zimo here!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang’s expression was frosty. “Additionally, today, I’ll let you understand how you die as well. As a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, you had a high chance of succeeding in your core formation. Yet, you failed…”

At that point, Shen Mengqi’s mouth opened slightly as she shook her head repeatedly, as though she could tell that something terrifying was coming!

Smiling sinisterly, Perfected Being Cang Lang said, “Do you remember the elixir I gave you before you entered seclusion?”

“Indeed, that elixir does help in circulating spirit energy and aiding one in core formation. However, I’ve added some extra ingredients into that elixir! Hahaha!”


Shen Mengqi spat out a mouthful of blood and her face was frighteningly pale. Her face was veiled with an aura of death and she looked even more frail.

“I’ve noticed long ago that you haven’t given up on this b*stard,”

Perfected Being Cang Lang continued, “Indeed, you’re a good disciple of mine and didn’t let me down. After I sent you back, you could not wait to send a paper crane message to Ethereal Peak. Everything was as I had predicted.”

“I’ve given you a chance but you didn’t cherish it. Stupid lass, the only thing awaiting you if you go against me is death! Since I can take you onto the path of immortality cultivation, I can naturally destroy you as well!”

“Eight years! Did our eight years of relationship as master and disciple mean nothing…” Shen Mengqi’s voice was shaking and her eyes were brimming with tears.


Perfected Being Cang Lang stifled a laugh. “Good disciple, let me give you one last truth as your master.”

“There’s no such thing as a relationship in the cultivation world! In my eyes, you’re nothing but a chess piece!”

Steaming tears rolled down as she sobbed silently.

By now, Shen Mengqi could no longer feel the pain coming from her body.

All she felt was a gutting wrench of her heart, as though she was about to faint as her limbs went cold!

Every single sentence from Perfected Being Cang Lang struck her already injured body relentlessly like arrows.

Shifting his gaze, Perfected Being Cang Lang looked at Su Zimo and asked with a slight frown, “Su Zimo, you don’t seem to be surprised?”

Sima Zhi stroked his beard and laughed smugly. “You don’t have to fake your composure. I’m sure you must be frightened to death by now, right?”

“Do you think that the five of you along with this lousy array formation is enough to scare me?”

Su Zimo smiled as well.

In the ancient battlefield, he was in a much deadlier situation going against the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects alongside their Sealers!


“He truly doesn’t know his limits!”

Liang Heng, Gao Hu and the others yelled, exuding their might as Golden Cores to suppress Su Zimo endlessly.

“Su Zimo, I’m even using an ancient fiend flower just to set this trap and kill you!”

Perfected Being Cang Lang said coldly, “I’m sure you’ve already realized by now that your spirit energy has been locked. Your death today is certain!”

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