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Chapter 499: Make a Clean Break

The handwriting towards the end was slightly messier, as though she couldn’t muster her strength.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm after he finished reading it and there wasn’t a single bit of emotion in his eyes.

Out of curiosity, Nian Qi could not help but inch forward to take a look.

“It’s her?!”

She had some recollection towards Shen Mengqi.

Back then, the woman behind Perfected Being Cang Lang outside Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop was Shen Mengqi.

Nian Qi said, “Young Master, could this be forged? It might be a trap!”

“The handwriting is hers,”

Su Zimo said before sneering, “However, there’s definitely a trap.”

The longer time passed by, the more afraid Perfected Being Cang Lang would be.

Therefore, Su Zimo predicted that Perfected Being Cang Lang would definitely make his move!

However, there was no chance for Perfected Being Cang Lang to do anything if Su Zimo remained in Ethereal Peak.

Therefore, no matter what kind of message it was, whether it was at Ping Yang Town or anywhere else, Perfected Being Cang Lang only had a single motive – to lure him away from Ethereal Peak!

When Nian Qi saw that Su Zimo was calm and did not lose his cool, she felt relieved.

However, immediately after, Su Zimo’s next sentence alarmed Nian Qi.

“I’m going to leave the peak,”


Nian Qi frowned and asked, “Young Master, you’re going to continue despite knowing that it’s a trap?”

“That’s right.”

Su Zimo smiled and gazed into the distance.

A breeze blew over and his black hair swayed gently. As if he was reminiscing, Su Zimo looked a little emotional and murmured, “It’s just nice that they’re all around. It’s time to make a clean break and settle all the grievances of the past.”

“However, the other party is prepared and must have set up an impenetrable trap for you, young master!”

Nian Qi had a worried expression as she analyzed calmly, “You’re not at Golden Core realm yet, young master. There’s truly no need for you to take the risk.”

“Don’t worry. If the situation doesn’t seem right, I’ll retreat first,”

Su Zimo smiled slightly. “Furthermore, I haven’t been getting much progress recently in my attempts in core formation. Continuing that way isn’t going to be helpful and I’ve been meaning to head out as well.”

Before Nian Qi could persuade him further, Su Zimo already rode on his flying sword and turned into a streak of light, tearing through the void.

Ten days later.

Ping Yang Town, night.

It was dead quiet on the streets without anyone around.

Within a room in a mansion not far away from the Shen family, everything was pitch-black.

All of a sudden!

In the darkness, a pair of eyes lit up and a skinny figure appeared faintly.

The person’s ears twitched before whispering, “Someone’s here!”

Immediately after, a hushed voice sounded from the side, “Brother Liang Heng, you’re indeed impressively strong. We didn’t even detect anyone at all.”

As he spoke, another few pairs of eyes lit up in the room as a couple more figures appeared one after another – it was Perfected Being Cang Lang’s group of five.

Before long, the sound of clothes fluttering through the air arrived at an extremely fast speed.

The sound of it definitely indicated that the person was headed for Ping Yang Town!

The five of them exchanged glances and their killing intents surfaced.

Perfected Being Cang Lang went to a window and peered outside through a slit.

Before long, a green-robed figure arrived above the Shen residence. His robes were fluttering as he stepped on a flying sword, standing upright in the air with a calm expression.

Perfected Being Cang Lang could not help but smirk when he saw that.

“He took the bait!”

Turning around, he nodded to Liang Heng and the other three.

“Are we going to make a move now?”

Gao Hu rubbed his palms with a murderous look – he was raring to go.

“Let’s wait a little more, there’s no hurry,”

Perfected Being Cang Lang was extremely calm and whispered, “Let’s observe further to see if the kid has any expert on his heels. Otherwise, we might be the ones falling into a trap!”

“That’s right,”

Sima Zhi nodded.

“Expert? What expert?”

Liang Heng sneered, “If they are Golden Cores, it doesn’t matter how many of them come because I’ll be able to take them down singlehandedly! As for Nascent Souls…”

“Ha, do you guys think that any Nascent Souls would be so free as to accompany this lad for such a long distance just so he could meet his ex-lover?”

Gao Hu nodded in agreement.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a little more careful,”

Perfected Being Cang Lang added with a slight frown.

Although Su Zimo had already fallen into the trap and everything was proceeding as planned, for some reason, he felt uneasy as though something was amiss.

“Isn’t everything going too smoothly?”

A moment later, Perfected Being Cang Lang suddenly asked.


Liang Heng could not help but stifle a chuckle and shake his head. “Cang Lang, you’re truly overly suspicious. We’ve planned this for so long with so many backups, what are you still worried about?”

“I have no idea as well.”

Perfected Being Cang Lang shook his head.

He could not help but recall the scene eight years ago back in Ping Yang Town when Su Zimo provoked him through words intentionally and survived because of that.

As he recounted, he thought about how Su Zimo played him like a fiddle in front of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop and humiliated him completely…

“This kid is so difficult to deal with. How is he falling for this so easily?”

Perfected Being Cang Lang was still worried.

With a cold expression, Tan Hao asked with a hushed voice, “When you saw him earlier on, what was his cultivation realm?”

“Foundation Establishment realm,”

Perfected Being Cang Lang was the first to freeze after replying.

The other four could not help but laugh as well.

“Perhaps I’m overthinking it,”

Perfected Being Cang Lang chuckled. “Since he’s at Foundation Establishment realm, there’s truly nothing to worry about.”

“Even without everything we’ve prepared, if the five of us rush up, it’ll be nothing much for us to take down a Foundation Establishment Cultivator!” Gao Hu grinned.

The sky above the Shen family.

Su Zimo stood upright on his sword with ridicule in his eyes.

Before he attained greater mastery of his Orifice Clearing section, he had already reached the state where he could hear everything.

Now that he had formed his Inner Core, his hearing was even more terrifying!

If Su Zimo wanted to, he could even listen to the sounds of ants crawling underground and mosquitoes buzzing within a thousand feet loud and clear, let alone the whispers of Perfected Being Cang Lang and the others.

Initially, Su Zimo had the intention of rushing over to kill Perfected Being Cang Lang and the other four instantly.

However, his gaze soon shifted towards the courtyard of the Shen family beneath him and his eyes turned slightly cloudy.

It was cold and quiet in the Shen family and of the four rooms around the courtyard, only two were occupied.

The person in the room to the south had a racing heartbeat, panting in a seemingly nervous manner – it was a man who had never cultivated before.

If he was not wrong, that should be Shen Nan.

In the room to the west, there was an intense twilight aura and the person within it had a weak and faint breathing – this person should not have long to live.

Twitching his nose, Su Zimo caught a whiff of medicinal fragrance.

The person in the room was severely injured and was beyond cure!

“How could this be?”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

To him, since the handwriting on the paper crane was authentic, it meant that Shen Mengqi was in cahoots with Perfected Being Cang Lang and everything that was written was all a ruse just to lure him here.

If that was the case, why was Shen Mengqi truly on the brink of death?

In that instant, two possibilities flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

First, Shen Mengqi wanted to trick him here despite her impending death so that she could drag him down with her.

Second, she was just an… abandoned chess piece.

Su Zimo had a conflicted expression and sighed gently internally.

At that moment, he already had an answer in mind.

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