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Chapter 466: Fallout

A steep mountain stood at the borders of the ancient battlefield.

Halfway on the mountain, a man stood in front of the cave abode with his hands behind his back. He was handsome and had a noble aura, but his expression was grim and his eyes flashed with coldness occasionally.

Azure Frost Sect’s Jun Hao was the prince of the Great Xia Dynasty.

The reason why he courted Ji Yaoxue painstakingly previously was because he knew about her identity as the princess long ago!

If the two of them could develop further, he could make use of the opportunity and her identity to understand the background of the Great Zhou Dynasty fully!

However, it was a pity that Ji Yaoxue maintained a neutral attitude towards him all these years, similar to how she would treat all the other senior and junior brothers in the sect.

Although Jun Hao was a little frustrated, he was extremely scheming and was in no hurry.

The path of cultivation was long and there were many chances for them to interact since they were in the same sect.

However, it was a pity that a monstrous cultivator appeared in the sect competition, giving him a sense of threat!

When Ji Yaoxue wore that long pale yellow dress and circled around that man, smiling with a bedazzling wink, that scene stabbed Jun Hao’s heart like a thorn!

“Su Zimo!”

He gripped his fists slowly and narrowed his gaze.

Ji Yaoxue’s attitude towards that man was clearly different from others; even the way she looked at him was enough to make Jun Hao jealous!

After entering the ancient battlefield, his plans were further destroyed when Su Zimo unleashed terrifying methods and suppressed all enemies domineeringly.

Almost all the Great Xia cultivators that entered the ancient battlefield were killed!

The scariest thing was that Su Zimo had already begun suspecting him!

In that period of time, Jun Hao lived his days on thin ice, hiding carefully, afraid to let out a single mistake.

During normal times, that man looked like a scholar with a friendly appearance and calm gaze.

However, Jun Hao knew in his heart that this was a man who was decisive to kill!

As long as he revealed a single mistake, that man would definitely kill him without giving him a chance to explain!

Finally, that day, Su Zimo left.

It was only then that Jun Hao heaved a sigh of relief and felt relaxed.

However, it did not take long for him to be frustrated once more. In fact, he was even seething with hatred!

There were five stone chambers in the cave abode.

Before leaving, Su Zimo had actually set up a formation outside the fifth stone chamber!

Ever since that day, Ji Yaoxue had not stepped out from that stone chamber at all!

No matter how Jun Hao tried to invite her, she would always have excuses to push him away.

At the same time, she did not allow anyone in, including the remaining two guards of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

“Yaoxue, have you started suspecting me as well?”

Jun Hao’s gaze flickered. Slowly his expression turned cold as he murmured, “Since that’s the case, don’t blame me for falling out with you!”

He withdrew a spirit crane from his storage bag and wrote a few words on it. After injecting spirit energy to it, it spread its wings and flew, disappearing into the void instantly.

Turning around, Jun Hao entered the cave abode and walked towards the fifth stone chamber.

He did not walk far when Si Yutang of Iridescent Clouds Palace approached him.

The latter greeted with a smile. “Brother Jun Hao, the year is almost up. When are we leaving?”

After consuming the Meridian Unlocking Elixir, Si Yutang cultivated to six meridian Foundation Establishment.

Jun Hao was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment right now.

With a fake smile, Jun Hao replied, “I’m about to look for Junior Sister Yaoxue to discuss this. Come along.”


Si Yutang agreed readily without suspicion.

After passing the long tunnel, they arrived before the fifth stone chamber where the remaining two guards of the Great Zhou Dynasty stood on each side.

Both of them were also at the peak of six meridian Foundation Establishment.

Most of the cultivators at the center of the ancient battlefield were at seven meridian Foundation Establishment and the paragons of super sects were even at eight meridian Foundation Establishment.

However, in reality, most of the cultivators in the ancient battlefield were only at six meridian Foundation Establishment.

“Greetings, fellow Daoists.”

The two guards greeted with cupped fists.

Since there were only five of them here, all of them were long familiar with one another.

Jun Hao’s gaze was fixated on the stone door as he said loudly with a smile, “Junior Sister Yaoxue, the year is almost up. Let’s move today and return to the teleportation spot.”

A moment later, an unhurried voice sounded from within the stone chamber.

“Senior Brother Jun, there’s no need to hurry. Zimo promised me that he will return. There’s no difference waiting for a couple more days!”

Jun Hao’s expression froze when he heard that. Lowering his head slightly, his gaze was ghastly and his face was frighteningly dark!

“Wait for him?”

Si Yutang sneered, “That person didn’t know what’s good for him and ventured deep into the ancient battlefield. Since there’s been no news of him for so long, he’s definitely dead!”

Ji Yaoxue replied indifferently, “I believe that he won’t die and will definitely return.”


Si Yutang stifled a chuckle and shook his head.

He was absolutely sure that Su Zimo was dead after venturing into the depths of the ancient battlefield!

Jun Hao took a deep breath of air. By the time he looked up, he had a smile once more. “Junior Sister, there’s only ten odd days left. If that man wanted to return, he would have done so long ago.”

“We only need two days to reach the teleportation spot from here. We can still make it even if we move a couple of days later,” Ji Yaoxue replied firmly.

“Brother Jun Hao, since she won’t leave, let’s leave!”

Si Yutang sneered once more, “We can definitely return to the teleportation spot safely given our current cultivation realms.”

The smile on Jun Hao’s face had vanished as he said slowly with a cold expression, “Yaoxue, I’ve already given you your last chance. Since you didn’t cherish it, don’t blame me for not showing mercy on account of us being in the same sect.”

The moment he said that, the atmosphere turned strange.

The two guards frowned and looked at Jun Hao in confusion.

Si Yutang was stumped as well.

Things were fine earlier on – why did he suddenly have a change in attitude?

What did it mean by last chance and not showing mercy?

With a cold gaze, Jun Hao glared at the stone door, as though he could see the woman inside, and said word by word, “Yaoxue, you’ll be leaving today whether you want to or not. The choice isn’t yours!”

“Jun Hao, what do you mean by that!”

Sensing Jun Hao’s hostility, one of the guards hollered warily.

Inside the stone chamber, Ji Yaoxue sighed. “You still couldn’t hide it after all.”

“Since you’ve already begun to suspect me, there’s no need for me to pretend any longer.”

Jun Hao admitted readily.

“I was initially skeptical when Zimo reminded me at the start.”

Ji Yaoxue shook her head. “However, you’ve been too anxious for the past half a year, trying to find excuses to either enter or to get me out. At that time, I knew that Zimo’s guess was right.”

“Indeed, he was the one who spoiled my plans!”

Jun Hao cursed and pointed at the stone chamber, sneering, “Yaoxue, do you think that a few layers of formations laid down by a dead man would be able to protect you?”

“Zimo mentioned that even an eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator would have to take a few days to dispel this formation.”

Ji Yaoxue replied, “However, it’s a pity that you’re at seven meridian Foundation Establishment. Given your strength, there’s no way you’ll be able to dispel this formation. Jun Hao, give it up. Even if it’s something that Zimo left behind, you won’t be able to deal with it either!”

Jun Hao was furious upon hearing Yaoxue’s words and lost control of his emotions. He snarled as an ugly expression showed on his face and green veins popped from his neck, “Yaoxue, once I break through this stone chamber, I’ll let you enjoy for a long time beneath my crotch!”

A series of dull, heavy footsteps sounded, approaching from afar in the tunnel.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The entire cave abode was shaking as dust fell endlessly. Instantly, an aura of death gushed over with a suffocating stench!

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