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Chapter 467: Monster

Although she was behind a formation in the stone chamber, Yaoxue could still sense the repressive pressure that was arriving!

It was as though a supreme monster was rapidly approaching!

Jun Hao’s expression was dark and his gaze was cold. “I can’t deal with something that Su Zimo left behind? Yaoxue, do you really think that he’s the only one with an ace up his sleeve?”

Following Jun Hao’s fallout, both parties were on the brink of fighting.

The two Great Zhou guards looked serious and withdrew their spirit weapons one after another, ready to fight.

Si Yutang’s eyes were filled with shock. He retreated slowly upon realizing that something was amiss with the situation, wanting to stay out of things and find a chance to escape.

On the one hand, it was the third princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty – he did not dare to offend her.

On the other hand, although it seemed like the other party was a cultivator of Azure Frost Sect, his background did not seem simple.

More importantly, Jun Hao was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment – Si Yutang did not dare offend him.

How unlucky!

He cursed internally.

Jun Hao’s gaze shifted towards Si Yutang as he asked murderously with a cold glint in his eyes, “Si Yutang, whose side are you on?”

He was straightforward, leaving Si Yutang with nowhere out at all!

If Si Yutang chose to be on Jun Hao’s side, once this matter was exposed, he would definitely be hunted down in the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty and would be in dire straits!

However, if he chose to be on Ji Yaoxue’s side, he would be faced with a fierce battle right away!

Although they had the advantage in numbers, they were all at six meridian Foundation Establishment – they had little chance of winning against Jun Hao who was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment.

Right then, a cultivator walked over from the tunnel; his feet did not touch the ground and he was like a ghost!

Si Yutang was scared out of his wits.

Wearing white robes, that person’s face was frightfully pale and his skin was pale. Reeking of death, those listless eyes that resembled dead fishes bulged out in a bloodshot manner, looking extremely terrifying!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Heavy footsteps approached.

A tall and mighty figure followed right after and arrived. A full ten feet tall, he was silent and wore black robes with a hood that covered his body tightly – this was like a guardian of Hell.

The expressions of the two Great Zhou guards changed slightly as they subconsciously gulped, trying hard to compose themselves.

Against the black-robed cultivator, the two of them seemed like children.

Both of them turned their attention over.

Most of the black-robed cultivator’s face was covered by the hood, revealing only his chin such that it was hard to catch his appearance.

Initially, Si Yutang was still hesitant.

However, he made up his mind after the black-robed cultivator appeared and suddenly said, “Senior Brother Jun, I’m definitely on your side.”

Jun Hao’s eyes flickered with a mocking expression as he nodded. “Very good, at least you can read the situation.”

Si Yutang heaved a sigh of relief.

The reason for his decision was because he could sense danger exuding from the black-robed cultivator!

By standing on Jun Hao’s side, he was exposing himself to the danger of being hunted by the Great Zhou Dynasty.

However, he would have to die right away if he chose to stand on Ji Yaoxue’s side!

Jun Hao had already composed himself. Arriving before the white-robed cultivator, he bowed deeply and respectfully. “Thank you for rushing over, Senior Brother Li. I’m afraid I’ll have to depend on you to dispel this formation.”


The white-robed cultivator raised his head slightly.

Si Yutang’s gaze shimmered and he frowned to himself.

He noticed something odd.

Jun Hao merely greeted the white-robed cultivator and was oblivious to the tall black-robed cultivator at the back.

However, Si Yutang could clearly feel that the black-robed cultivator was scarier!

How could that be?

Turning around, Jun Hao could not conceal the killing intent in his eyes as he glared at the two Great Zhou guards and said coldly, “Si Yutang, it’s time for you to shine.”


With no other way out, Si Yutang could only abide by Jun Hao.


Slapping his storage bag, Si Yutang hollered softly and summoned a supreme-grade flying sword.

A resplendent glow filled the sword in a bedazzling manner.

The two Great Zhou guards retaliated as well, churning their spirit energies with all their might. Six spirit meridians appeared as they summoned their flying swords to fight against Si Yutang.

Cling! Clang!

The three of their flying swords collided repeatedly in midair, causing sparks to fly.

The guards who were qualified to enter the ancient battlefield were carefully selected from the capital of Great Zhou.

Since the three of them were at six meridian Foundation Establishment, Si Yutang did not have any advantage against the two guards and was instead losing slowly.


Waving his robes, Jun Hao sent forth a green azure qi that condensed into a gigantic palm in midair.

The temperature on the battlefield dipped instantly!

The two Great Zhou guards were shocked.

Both of them could not deal with the full might of a spirit art released by a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

“Azure Frost Palm?”

Right then, a cold laugh sounded from within the stone chamber.

The stone door opened and Ji Yaoxue strode out. Waving her robes in the same manner, she conjured hand seals and let out an azure frost qi, creating a massive palm.

The two palms collided in midair!


Spirit qi dissipated evenly!

“Hmms, seven meridian Foundation Establishment?”

Jun Hao’s eyes lit up and he could not help but clap his hands in laughter. “Well, well! To think that you’ve also unlocked your seventh spirit meridian, Yaoxue! It’s no wonder why you’re my junior sister.”

Ji Yaoxue was wearing the long pale yellow dress. Although she was merely standing there, she exuded an air of nobility that was filled with dominance.

“Princess, hurry back! It’s dangerous here!”

One of the Great Zhou guards urged after seeing Ji Yaoxue leave the stone chamber.

“Yaoxue, you’re finally willing to come out,”

Jun Hao whipped out a flying sword from his storage bag and shook his head. “However, since you walked out of that stone chamber, you don’t have to return anymore!”


The sword tore through the air, turning into a streak of light that arrived instantly.

Ji Yaoxue did not panic at all as she circulated the spirit sea in her dantian with her full might. Her seven meridian spirit energy surged wildly as she similarly brought out a flying sword and fought against Jun Hao.”

Since they were both at seven meridian Foundation Establishment and had cultivated in Azure Frost Sect before, they were rather familiar with one another’s moves.

In a short period of time, neither could overpower the other.

On the other hand, although the two Great Zhou guards had the advantage against Si Yutang, they could not kill the latter right away either.

The fight between the five of them carried on in that stalemate.

Spirit qi surged furiously on the battlefield and sword qi was merciless, but no victor could be decided.

Jun Hao became increasingly frustrated.

Distracted momentarily, his arm was cut by Ji Yaoxue’s flying sword and blood flowed out.

“A bunch of trash!”

The white-robed cultivator that was initially standing at the side was finally getting impatient. Waving his hand gently, he said in a cold manner, “Go and kill those two six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators and capture that woman alive!”

The black-robed cultivator that was originally standing motionlessly behind him walked forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With each step taken, the cave abode would quake violently in a terrifying manner!


Charging in the direction of the battlefield, the black-robed cultivator suddenly let out a deafening roar!


His black robes were ripped apart, turning into countless pieces of cloth that danced in the air.

The black-robed cultivator revealed his true appearance.

Apart from the white-robed cultivator, everyone else present was shocked and their pupils constricted – their scalps prickled as they felt their hairs stand on ends!

“W-W-What’s that monster?!”

One of the Great Zhou guards asked with a trembling voice; his limbs had gone cold.

Even though Jun Hao knew what the black-robed cultivator was right from the start, he was still shocked when he caught sight of his true appearance and nearly lost control of his flying sword.

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