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Chapter 465: True Dragon?


Sensing something, the mysterious old man looked towards Su Zimo.

Beside the lake, Su Zimo assumed a lotus position with an upright back. His eyes were closed as his black hair swayed without any wind; a terrifying aura was coming forth from within his body, climbing rapidly!

It was as though an ancient power was being awakened!

An extremely long living being appeared in midair, coiling several rounds around Su Zimo upwards. Finally, it stopped in midair and its gigantic head stared in the direction of the mysterious old man.

Dragon race!

Compared to adult dragons which can be thousands of feet long, this could only be considered as a young dragon.

Although it was only a phantom of a young dragon, the aura that it produced was shuddering, as if it could conquer all living beings!

Gradually, green scales appeared on the young dragon’s body one after another, shimmering with a cold glint. The bone spikes on its back and its sharp claws were bared while its horns stood gloriously.

The phantom of the green dragon was actually turning corporeal. Even the scales, bones and claws were condensed with flesh, life-like and no different from a true dragon!


The mysterious old man gasped and his expression changed. Disbelief filled his eyes as he exclaimed, “How is that possible?!”

The Ancient Dragonification Manual was meant to conjure the phantom of a divine dragon by using the blood qi of the dragon race; the shape of a divine dragon could only be made out faintly.

That alone was heavenly-defying.

However, Su Zimo had conjured an actual true dragon!

Even the Human Emperor who created this secret skill was unable to reach this point – how did this Foundation Establishment Cultivator manage it?

Could this young man have achieved a new comprehension of the Ancient Dragonification Manual within a mere six months?

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s eyes burst wide open with a lightning gaze.

At the same time, the coiling dragon above him opened its eyes as well. Cold and mighty, it could not be ignored!

The man and dragon opened their eyes at the same time!

The moment the dragon opened its eyes, it was as though it had awakened and possessed actual life as it surveyed its surroundings with an overwhelming might.

Given the mysterious old man’s cultivation realm, he was composed and felt nothing much as the dragon’s eyes swept past him.

However, the incredible beasts in the surroundings sprawled onto the ground motionlessly.

The fishes in the lake went silent, not daring to swim, and the birds in the skies fell one after another fearfully.

Against the dragon’s might, all the living beings felt a sense that came from the depths of their souls!

The dragons were one of the strongest living beings back in the primordial era where the thousands of races reigned. It had once ruled over the world above all the thousands of races!

Although Su Zimo was merely a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, with the protection of the dragon, he exuded a dominance that looked down on the world; it was peerless, as though he had control over all divine beings in the universe!


Su Zimo swayed a little and the dragon coiling around him dissipated before disappearing gradually.

The immense pressure vanished.

Once again, the incredible beasts went back to play and everything returned to normalcy.

Heaving a sigh of relief, the mysterious old man came before Su Zimo and said, “Since you forcibly released the Ancient Dragonification Manual without your cultivation realm being high enough, you won’t be able to sustain it for long. Once you’re at Extreme Foundation Establishment, you’ll be able to release the secret skill and use it against your foes.”

Su Zimo nodded.

He had summoned that small dragon for a couple of seconds but the spirit energy within his body was thoroughly expended and his spirit sea was almost dry!

Right now, he was at the peak of eight meridian Foundation Establishment.

The fact that he was still unable to release the Ancient Dragonification Manual given his immense spirit energy was proof of how terrifying that secret skill was!

The mysterious old man’s gaze lingered around Su Zimo, sizing him continuously.

It was only until Su Zimo’s hairs stood on end that the mysterious old man asked, “How did you manage to conjure an actual true dragon?”

Hesitating for a moment, Su Zimo shook his head. “I don’t know either.”

He had a guess in his heart but he wasn’t certain.

The fact that he was able to conjure a true dragon might have a lot to do with his consumption of half a dragon egg!

The elixir that the mysterious old man fed him was merely a Blood Flesh Elixir made from the flesh of a dragon. However, he had devoured half of an actual dragon a couple of years ago!

After entering his stomach, the essence and vitality of the dragon race filled every single part of his body.

Cultivating the Ancient Dragonification Manual caused that power within his body to awaken, causing yet another unaccounted change!

“Master truly has good judgment.”

The mysterious old man did not press on and merely lamented.

A moment later, he said, “The year is almost up and the lass that entered together with you has left first. It’s about time for you to do so as well.”

Su Zimo was relieved when he heard that Demoness Ji was fine. Bowing deeply to the mysterious old man, he said, “Thank you for your lifesaving grace and the guidance for the past half year, senior.”

He had truly benefited way too much this time round.

He had attained greater mastery of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and was only a step away from forming an Inner Core!

In terms of cultivation, he was already at the peak of eight meridian Foundation Establishment. As long as he consumed the Meridian Unlocking Elixir and continued cultivating, he would have a chance of unlocking the ninth spirit meridian.

He would be able to cultivate to the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment realm!

At that point, even without taking on his demon form, he would be able to fight against Golden Cores with the might of the Ancient Dragonification Manual!

The mysterious old man waved it off. “You don’t have to thank me. If you’re truly able to reach my master’s level one day, thank him personally face to face.”

“Where do you want to descend? I can send you there.”

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo said, “Xuantian City.”

Upon reentering the ancient battlefield, Su Zimo could clearly sense that the place seemed to have gotten more unstable.

It meant that the year was almost up!

Xuantian City was a little empty and quiet without the bustle from before.

Most of the cultivators have already left and only a few remained. They traveled through the city with hurried expressions – it was clear that they were also preparing to leave.

There was already no one at the territory of Elixir Yang Sect.

Su Zimo went straight to Xiaoning’s room and caught sight of her handwriting etched on a stone table after looking around.

“Brother, Elixir Yang Sect is located in the Middle Continent of Tianhuang Mainland. Because their teleportation spot is extremely far from Xuantian City, I’ll have to make a move with Sister Tang Yu first. Once I cultivate the Longevity Elixir, I’ll return to Yan Country to look for big brother. Both Night Spirit and I are fine, don’t miss us.”

“Regards, Xiaoning.”

The writing was scribbled a little hurriedly – it was obvious that Xiaoning truly had no time at the end and had to leave.

Smiling to himself, Su Zimo reached out and gave a simple swipe.

Even though it was a casual move, an entire layer of the stone table’s surface was wiped off and the words disappeared completely.

Before leaving Xuantian City, Su Zimo had already instructed Night Spirit to stay by Xiaoning’s side and head to Elixir Yang Sect with her.

He had to return to the Great Zhou Dynasty and was unable to stay by Xiaoning’s side. As such, the only way he would feel relieved was if Night Spirit was with her.

Now that he knew that Xiaoning was fine, Su Zimo was at ease and did not linger further in the city; he headed straight for the cave abode that Ji Yaoxue and the rest were cultivating in.

Previously, he promised her that he would return for her.

Suddenly, Su Zimo could not help but frown when he recalled a person.

Jun Hao!

Previously, he suspected that there was something wrong with that person but he had no proof.

Before leaving, he even reminded Ji Yaoxue to keep something up her sleeve to guard against that guy.

“I hope Yaoxue’s fine.”

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with a cold glint and a massive pair of wings spread out behind him. Blood qi burst forth and he sped forward at full speed – his speed was already at its limits!

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