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Chapter 462: Mysterious Old Man

Looking at his brand new body, Su Zimo lamented to himself as he experienced the power surging within him, “The Human Emperor’s Palace is truly an ancient mythical object. To think that a single elixir from it would possess such wondrous effects!”

At that moment, Su Zimo’s appearance had already returned to normal after being washed by the energy of the elixir. With his elegant features, he wore a set of green robes once more.

There was no one else around other than that mysterious old man who had disappeared.

Since his disguise methods were most probably child’s play that would be seen through instantly in the eyes of the old man, Su Zimo had no intention of continuing with it.

He looked around and saw that the place was extremely spacious and boundless. Rather than a palace, it seemed like they were in another world.

The air was refreshing and the spirit qi was richer – the environment was even better than the ancient battlefield!

Concerned about Demoness Ji’s safety, he sped forward with his spirit wings.

Life was vibrant in that spacious land and it was filled with greenery.

Far away, at the side of a gigantic lake, a white deer was drinking water. It had a pair of wings on its back and its eyes darted around with spirit.

Raising its head, the white deer was not afraid in the slightest bit when it caught sight of Su Zimo. Its ears twitched slightly, as if it was curious.

Su Zimo sped across the surface of the lake.

Thud! Thud!

Gigantic scarlet fishes leaped out of the lake, as if they were startled. Each of them was around eight feet long and was shaped like a carp with a pair of tiny horns on its head.

Each of them looked like they weighed a few kilograms. When they twitched and fell back into the lake, ripples were formed.

“Those are…”

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s heart stirred when he caught sight of those gigantic scarlet fishes as he exclaimed, “Henggong Fishes!”

Henggong fishes had succulent flesh and were extremely shiny. Containing extremely few bones, they possessed a massive amount of energy and it was a great tonic to strengthen one’s tendons and bones when consumed.

That was definitely a pure-blooded living being of the primordial era and had long gone extinct on Tianhuang Mainland.


In the skies far away, a clear cry could be heard.

A gigantic bird streaked through the skies; the left half of its body was green and the right half of its body was red.

Focusing his gaze, Su Zimo’s was shocked and nearly fell from midair.

That wasn’t a gigantic bird, it was a pair of birds!

The ancient manuals back in the sect had a few short sentences describing a bird of the primordial era.

The Biying Bird only had a single eye and wing and the males were green while the females were red. Together, the couple must fly in tandem.

Back when he saw that description, Su Zimo even shook his head and laughed to himself thinking that it was impossible.

How could there be a type of bird in the world that could fly with only a single eye and wing?

Now that he was seeing it for himself, Su Zimo truly experienced how incredible the universe was.

At the same time, a thought flashed through his mind as he spun around and looked at the white deer with wings beside the lake.

Leaping, the white deer spread its wings and flew into the skies. It came to Su Zimo’s side and lowered its head, brushing against his arm intimately before flying off.

Bai Ze!

That was an auspicious mythological beast of the primordial era, Bai Ze!

Legend has it that the Bai Ze was snow-white with wings and could speak in human tongue. It understood the emotions of all living beings and could distinguish between all the beings in the world, be it ghosts, gods or any other living beings – this was an auspicious beast that could change one’s luck for the better.

“The legends are real…”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

Taking a deep breath of air, he soared into the skies and looked around before shuddering uncontrollably. He stood rooted to the spot as shock filled his eyes!

Countless mythical and different beasts roamed this vast land!

There was a three-legged brutish beast with flames on its leg, a purple chicken with eyes under its wings, a rat that was a hundred kilograms and filled with raging flames, a three-legged golden toad with scales…

The beasts were so incredible that Su Zimo had never heard of them before – he couldn’t even name them!

In fact, he even suspected if he had reversed through time and returned to the primordial era.

All of a sudden!

His heart skipped a beat and his gaze froze.

Not far away, an old man stood with his hands behind his back – that was the mysterious old man who fed him the elixir.

Without thinking twice, Su Zimo arrived before the mysterious old man in a flash. Bowing deeply, he said with sincerity, “Thank you for rescuing me, senior. I’m truly immensely grateful.”

The mysterious old man merely nodded and stared at Su Zimo with scrutinizing eyes.

At that moment, Su Zimo had countless questions on his mind.

Who was the old man before him? What was that elixir? Was this the Human Emperor’s Palace? Why were there so many incredible beasts…

However, those questioned merely fluttered through his mind as he asked, “Senior, may I ask where the girl who entered the Human Emperor’s Palace together with me is?”

Expressionlessly, the mysterious old man replied, “She’s not here.”

“Not here?”

Su Zimo’s heart clenched up as he asked hurriedly, “Where is she? We entered the Human Emperor’s Palace together! How can she not be here?”

“What are you getting anxious about?”

The mysterious old man rolled his eyes and harrumphed gently “I was merely saying that the lass is not in the same stone chamber as you.”

“Stone chamber?”

Su Zimo was confused.

Pointing at his feet, the mysterious old man remarked casually, “The world we are in right now is merely a single stone chamber in the Human Emperor’s Palace.”

Gradually, Su Zimo’s mouth fell open; he was dumbfounded and shock filled his eyes.

This world with skies and stars, possessing boundless land with mountains, lush greenery and countless incredible beasts… was actually just a stone chamber within the Human Emperor’s Palace!

What sort of powers were these?

The mysterious old man’s next sentence gave Su Zimo an even bigger shock such that he could not snap out of it for a long time.

“There’s billions of such stone chambers in the Human Emperor’s Palace,” The mysterious old man said casually with a calm expression.

Su Zimo: “… ”

A long time later, still worried about Demoness Ji, he asked, “How is that girl in pink?”

“Don’t worry, she won’t die. She’ll follow her own destiny,” The mysterious old man replied.

Su Zimo only heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that.


Suddenly, the mysterious old man sneered, “Young man, you’re truly brazen to challenge the rules set by my master! If it wasn’t because my mistress was kind enough to speak up for you seeing how pitiful that girl is, she would have died long ago!”

Master, mistress…

Su Zimo blinked and asked in a testing manner, “Senior, the master you’re referring to is…”

“Can you get any dumber?”

Frowning, the mysterious old man glared at Su Zimo and said in a deep tone, “Since this is the Human Emperor’s Palace, my master is definitely the Human Emperor!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

Needless to say, the mistress should be the Human Emperor’s Dao companion!

The mysterious old man glanced at Su Zimo from the side of his eyes and sized up the latter while muttering, “This young man seems dumb. Could master have made a wrong judgment?”

Actually, Su Zimo was not entirely to blame.

Everything that he had seen and experienced after entering the Human Emperor’s Palace was way beyond his imagination.

There were things that he could not dare to believe even if he had guessed it.

Furthermore, even now, he wasn’t clear of the identity of the old man before him.

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