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Chapter 461: Resurrection and Regrowth of Flesh!

Hugging the unconscious Demoness Ji into the Human Emperor’s Palace, Su Zimo could no longer hold on either and was fainting.

He was too badly injured and had lost too much blood. His flesh and skin were burnt to a crisp and his organs were failing – he had already gone beyond his body’s regeneration capabilities.

If he hadn’t cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and possessed shocking vitality, he would have long been dead.

In his daze, Su Zimo suddenly felt his hands get lighter.

A long time later, he finally snapped out of his stupor. Enduring the immense pain, he turned to his side with extreme difficulty.

Demoness Ji who was initially lying in his embrace had disappeared!


Before he had time to think, his body shuddered and he collapsed onto the cold, hard ground with a throbbing headache!

Su Zimo struggled to sit up, wanting to look for Demoness Ji. However, he caught sight of a hazy fog that was approaching him from not far away.

The fog billowed and surged over.

Just as it was about to arrive before him, the gray fog condensed into a hazy figure. Although the person’s face was old, he was energetic and his eyes had a wise, deep look, as if he had seen through everything in the world.

Su Zimo was stunned on the spot.

He had not imagined that there would be a living being within this ancient palace!

The Human Emperor’s Palace was a relic of the ancient era and had been through countless years in the sands of time where endless supreme and mighty figures have been buried.

Time was the scariest thing which even emperors could not defend against.

Who was that old man?

Was he a character from the ancient era or was he a cultivator who had entered the Human Emperor’s Palace later on but was trapped here?

Or perhaps, was this old man the legendary Human Emperor?!

Su Zimo did not have the energy to contemplate those questions and neither could he hang on any longer as he collapsed. Gazing at the ceiling, he found his vision blurring.

The old man approached him and suddenly reached out.

Between his fingers was an elixir the size of a longan; it gave off a faint smell of blood.

For some reason, the aura the elixir gave off felt extremely familiar to Su Zimo.

The old man peeled open Su Zimo’s mouth and put the elixir inside.

Su Zimo had no strength to resist and the elixir melted in his mouth, sending a spicy warmth down his throat. Upon entering his stomach, it lingered for a moment before suddenly letting out a terrifying burst of energy!

The energy felt like a tidal wave as it surged and cruised through his limbs.

An intense blood qi shot forth, wrapping Su Zimo in it as an extremely rich aura of vitality spewed out. One after another, beams of rainbow lights shot out in a divine manner, nourishing every single bit of his flesh.

His body that was initially defeated was reignited with vitality!

His injuries healed internally and externally as his charcoal black flesh peeled away. Pieces of flesh started regenerating on his bones with endless vitality.

It was a regrowth of his flesh!

This was a miracle almost akin to resurrection.

A numbing sensation prickled through Su Zimo’s nerves, almost causing him to go insane.


Su Zimo could not help but let out a long bellow.

The power within the elixir nourished his broken body like the way dew healed barren land. His dried flesh regrew and the tears on his organs closed, returning to normal.

Su Zimo’s vitality was regenerating continuously.

With the help of that energy, his physique’s strong regeneration capabilities were awakened once more as his blood qi ran rampant within his body.

Flesh could be seen growing at a visible speed near the wound on his abdomen, forming in pieces before combining together, merely leaving a faint scar.

It was the same for the injury on his left chest.

Although his collarbone was snapped earlier on, it was now piecing back together rapidly!

Some time later, cracks appeared on Su Zimo’s charred skin and his scabs fell one after another, revealing jade-smooth skin beneath.

In the blink of an eye, all of his scabs had fallen off without any scars left behind as he emitted a massive wave of vitality.

All his injuries were healed!

That was not all the changes brought about by the elixir.

Not only did the elixir possess a massive vitality essence, it also contained terrifying blood qi and pure spirit energy!

Initially, the spirit sea in Su Zimo’s dantian had already dried up.

Right now, spirit energy was gushing in endlessly, forming a sea with massive waves that was even fiercer than before!

Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was rising swiftly and he was at the peak of seven meridian Foundation Establishment before long.

He did not even need to guide it.

The spirit sea surged and a series of pure, rich spirit energy pushed against his body’s eighth spirit meridian!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were a series of loud bangs and almost no time was wasted as the momentum brought him through.

He had unlocked his eighth spirit meridian!

Throughout history, there may have been no other cultivator who managed to unlock their eighth spirit meridian as easily as Su Zimo without the need to even consume a Meridian Unlocking Elixir.

Even after unlocking his eighth spirit meridian, his spirit sea did not calm down and was still roaring furiously!

His cultivation realm was still climbing!

A long time later, it finally came to a stop when he was at the peak of eight meridian Foundation Establishment!

At that moment, Su Zimo was finally certain.

After the eighth spirit meridian, there was definitely a ninth spirit meridian – the legendary Extreme Foundation Establishment!

He was still in possession of a Meridian Unlocking Elixir.

Su Zimo planned to attempt to unlock his ninth spirit meridian after stabilizing down at this current cultivation realm so as to become the second person to reach the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm after the Human Emperor!

At the same time.

The terrifying blood qi in the elixir restructured Su Zimo’s body as well.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of crackling sounds echoed from within his body as his tendons and bones rang together. His blood qi climbed and he was surrounded by a thick demonic qi, causing multiple ancient demons to form!

A mysterious glow shone from his seven orifices, turning brighter and brighter!

A moment later.

Su Zimo’s body shuddered and his seven orifices shone brightly. His power of blood qi exploded and his skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrow, organs and orifices synergized with one another, forming a Major Heavenly Cycle.

He had attained greater mastery of the Orifice Clearing section!

All of a sudden!

His eyes jolted wide open and a beam of light that tore through the night shot forth in a bedazzling manner.

Rising upright, Su Zimo felt his blood qi rumble like a tsunami as a rainbow light shone from his organs. His major tendons were firm, his bones were lively and his flesh was flawless. Upon closer inspection, he could even see a mysterious luster cruising through them!

It was as though he had attained a perfect body!

Su Zimo could clearly sense that his body was different and his five senses were even more keen.

Without even opening his eyes, he could hear the sounds of fishes playing in a pond nearby as the image was visualized in his mind.

Meek as a virgin with the burst power of a rabbit, his body was even more coordinated with the fusion of toughness and flexibility. With every single motion of his arm, he could produce limitless power with a rampant might!

“At this point of your cultivation, you would have perfected your technique and cultivated universal sight and hearing. With the help of the spirit perception, you will be able to avoid danger without seeing or smelling it. Be it whether you’re moving, sitting, or lying down, your heart will be able to sense and you will be able to defeat your enemies within ten feet with your bare hands!”

Su Zimo could not help but recall the words that Die Yue left him with as he murmured to himself, “I’m here now.”

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