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Chapter 463: Inheritance

The mysterious old man’s statement revealed another important message.

The Human Emperor was alive!

He was an emperor of the ancient era after all. Through the endless years, countless emperors have already died.

To think that the emperor who was lauded as the strongest and most domineering throughout history was still alive!

Could it be that after endless cultivation and breakthroughs, living beings are truly able to extend their lifespans and age with the universe or even reach the realm of eternal indestructibility?

Since the Human Emperor was still alive, what cultivation realm was he at right now?

“Senior Human Emperor, he’s… still on Tianhuang Mainland?”

A moment later, Su Zimo composed himself before asking.

“Of course not,”

The mysterious old man waved it off. “Master isn’t here either. You don’t have to dream about getting to meet him either, you’re not qualified yet.”

Su Zimo was not ashamed upon hearing that and merely took it in his stride and smiled.

Right after, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Suddenly, he recalled that before she left, Die Yue said with a chuckle that she was about to return to her world.

Was that the same world as the Human Emperor?

Since there had never been any signs of immortals found on Tianhuang Mainland, did it mean that after attaining immortality, cultivators could pass through the void and travel to another world?

Could that world be filled with countless immortals like Die Yue and the Human Emperor? What sort of a vast and vibrant place was that?

Instantly, countless thoughts filled Su Zimo’s mind and he developed a longing interest towards that foreign world.

“Before you, a total of seven people entered the Human Emperor’s Palace and each of them received a different inheritance. The inheritance you’re about to receive is different from theirs. It can be considered as the true legacy of the Human Emperor.”

At that point, the mysterious old man looked deeply at Su Zimo before waving his sleeves gently, causing two objects to float in midair.

It was a piece of paper and a gigantic seal.

The paper was written with endless tiny words – Su Zimo merely swept his eyes across and felt them prickle slightly.

The gigantic seal was squarish and golden throughout. On it, a divine dragon was etched, coiling around it in a life-like manner.

The gigantic golden seal hovered in midair, emanating waves of powerful might, as though it could crush the stars and suppress the entire world!

The mysterious old man remarked, “This is the Coiling Dragon Seal. It’s a connate spirit weapon, keep it well.”

A connate spirit weapon!

Su Zimo was shocked.

Prior to this, Su Zimo witnessed how terrifying connate spirit weapons were in that battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace.

The shimmering silver circlet that Hang Qiuyu brought out shattered his supreme-grade spirit weapon instantly.

That was also the reason why Hang Qiuyu managed to survive with a sliver of health after receiving Su Zimo’s punch!

Furthermore, Foundation Establishment Cultivators were unable to unleash the full might of connate spirit weapons.

The terrifying burst power of connate spirit weapons could only be released in the hands of Golden Cores!

“Thank you, senior,”

Su Zimo did not reject and took over the Coiling Dragon Seal, injecting spirit energy into it.


A bright light shone on the Coiling Dragon Seal and Su Zimo seemed like he was holding a blazing sun with an intimidating might!


Suddenly, Su Zimo’s expression changed and he shuddered as his wrist sank.

It was heavy!

After it was injected with spirit energy, the Coiling Dragon Seal almost caused Su Zimo to embarrass himself as it weighed down on him.

Now that Su Zimo had attained greater mastery of the Orifice Clearing section, his physique had the strength to suppress all other eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators without even taking on his demon form!

However, despite that, his body experienced pressure from the Coiling Dragon Seal.

The mysterious old man nodded to himself.

He thought that Su Zimo would definitely embarrass himself since he was unprepared and would be squashed by the Coiling Dragon Seal. The fact that the lad could remain standing without moving had exceeded his expectations.

Clearing away his spirit energy, Su Zimo put the Coiling Dragon Seal away in his storage bag.

That was a great treasure!

Delighted, Su Zimo’s gaze shifted towards the page of sutra at the side expectantly.

The mysterious old man pointed to the page and remarked indifferently, “This is a secret skill created by my master in the past. If you manage to master it, you can already fight against Golden Cores at Foundation Establishment realm.”

“In fact… you can even challenge Golden Core phenomenons!”


Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly.

The difference between cultivation realms were divided into minor and major realms. For example, in Foundation Establishment, early-stage, mid-stage, late-stage and perfected were minor realms whereas it was a major realm between Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realm.

There was an insurmountable gap between major realms.

It symbolized one breaking free of the restrictions of the universe and extending their lifespans; the difference in strength was even worlds apart.

But right now, the Human Emperor’s secret skill could allow Su Zimo to challenge the strength of Golden Cores even at Foundation Establishment realm!

The mysterious old man’s final statement was even more shocking.

“In fact… you can even challenge Golden Core phenomenons!”

Every single cultivator knew that Golden Core phenomenons were the extremes of spirit arts and there were extremely few people who could cultivate them.

The reason why many Foundation Establishment paragons wanted to enter the ancient battlefield so that they could progress in their Foundation Establishment realm was because they wanted to be able to cultivate the strongest Golden Core phenomenons when they form their cores!

Without further description, the mysterious old man’s simple statement had already revealed how terrifying that secret skill was!

Sighing gently, the mysterious old man continued, “The conditions required to cultivate this skill are extremely stringent and after my master created it, nobody else managed to learn it. I hope that you’ll be able to succeed.”

Even though he said that, it was clear that the mysterious old man did not bear much hope through his tone.

Su Zimo received the page of sutra and focused his attention. There were three tiny golden words in the middle of the first row – Ancient Dragonification Manual!

Those three simple words caused a terrifying pressure that was shuddering.

For some reason, Su Zimo felt his body heating up; it was as though an inexplicable power was surging within him!

The mysterious old man’s voice sounded once more, “Although you won’t be able to transform into a divine dragon after attaining greater mastery of the Ancient Dragonification Manual, you’ll be able to conjure the phantom of a divine dragon that possesses the true might of the dragons!”

“Humans are weak and have ordinary bloodlines; they can’t be compared against the dragons who are extremely powerful from birth. If you want to cultivate the Ancient Dragonification Manual, you will have to steal the blood qi of the dragon race!”

“The elixir you consumed earlier was a Blood Flesh Elixir made from the flesh of a young dragon.”

Instantly, Su Zimo had a look of realization.

That was the reason why he had a sense of familiarity towards the aura given off by the elixir.

Su Zimo’s eyes flickered and he frowned in deep thought.

According to the mysterious old man’s words, one could only succeed in cultivating the Ancient Dragonification Manual after consuming the blood qi of the dragon race.

He was in a rather unique situation.

A couple of years ago, he had consumed half a dragon!

Although it was not formed yet, that was the egg of a divine dragon after all!


The mysterious old man chuckled coldly. “Don’t look down on the fact that it’s a young dragon. You were able to receive such immense benefits just by consuming an elixir made from the flesh of a young dragon. If it was an adult divine dragon, the power of a single drop of its blood would be enough to destroy you, let alone its flesh!”

Su Zimo did not doubt that statement at all.

Back then, after he and Night Spirit consumed that dragon egg, their bodies almost gorged to the point of explosion and it took them a full three years to digest it completely!

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