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Chapter 460: Historic Monster Incarnate

The Human Emperor’s Palace had long disappeared.

However, the paragons who managed to survive and the Sealers of the super sects looked in its direction for the longest time with conflicted expressions in silence.

They felt an inexplicable sense of repression.

“That man… should be dead, right?”

A long time later, Heavenly Dipper Sect’s paragon asked hesitantly.

Overlord Palace’s Pang Yue nodded. “He should be,”

After a moment, as though he was trying to convince himself, Pang Yue repeated with conviction, “He must be!”

“That’s right, he’s definitely dead.”

“He’s already so badly injured! Unless there’s some divine method to resurrect the dead and regrow flesh, he’s definitely dead for sure!”

“That’s right. The Human Emperor’s Palace only contains its inheritance, how could there be anything to save his life?”

Almost at the same time, the remaining paragons heaved a sigh of relief, as if a burden was lifted off their shoulders. All of them looked at ease and smiled gently.

The Sealers present were expressionless as they exchanged glances – all of them could tell of the worry in the others’ eyes.

To old people like themselves who had lived for hundreds of years, the reactions and deductions of their juniors felt more like lies to make themselves feel better.

Even they were unsure if the successor of Divine Phoenix Island was still alive.

That was because nobody knew what was inside the Human Emperor’s Palace!

It would be fine if the Divine Phoenix Island’s successor died in the Human Emperor’s Palace. If he survived and was reborn…

Everything else aside, none of the paragons who had entered the ancient battlefield this time round, Hang Qiuyu, Pang Yue, Monk Jue Chen and the others included, would be a match for that man.

That was because all of those paragons would be fearful.

Subconsciously, all of them were hoping that the successor of Divine Phoenix Island would die instead wishing for his survival so that they could fight him once more!

In this battle, the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were defeated so badly that their confidence was destroyed.

Clear Heart Nunnery’s Sealer murmured, “The fact that they’re able to produce such a paragon is a clear sign that the light of providence is shining on them. Could this generation be the rise of Divine Phoenix Island once more?”

“It’s probably unsuitable to refer to him as a paragon anymore.”

“That’s right. Given his potential, bearing, guts and methods, he can be called a monster incarnate!”

“Not just that, he’s a rare monster incarnate throughout history!”

The few Sealers were clear about how much of a stir it would cause once news of this spread to Tianhuang Mainland.

The entire cultivation world might be moved because of this!

“It’s alright.”

Hollow Monastery’s Sealer said calmly, “No matter how strong that lad is, he’s only at Foundation Establishment realm. His future is still unknown. Given the firm foundations of our sects, we have rare monster incarnates as well!”

“That’s true. If he meets against the legacy disciples of our sects, he shouldn’t have much of a chance of winning.”

Everyone conversed for a little more before separating.

The battlefield was left with nothing but a pile of corpses, as though telling a tale of how tragic that battle was.

A month later.

Xuantian City.

The arrival of a piece of news caused a huge uproar!

“A monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island and this generation’s Pure Maiden of the fiend sects entered the Human Emperor’s Palace and their fates are unknown!”

“Where did you get that news from? It’s fake, right? Throughout history, the Human Emperor’s Palace has only allowed a single person in. How can both of them enter together?”

“It’s absolutely true! A senior brother of mine witnessed it personally! It’s said that the corpses beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace can form a mountain and there are rivers of blood. More than half of the paragons from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects are dead and some were crippled on the spot!”

“How can that be? Aren’t there Sealers?”

“The Sealers died as well!”

“I heard that at the end of it all, a few Sealers tried joining hands to fight the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island and were even killed in return!”

“Wow! What’s the name of that person?”

“Mad Blade.”

In a small little mansion with two stories within Elixir Yang Sect, Tang Yu stood in front of a window. Her hands were behind her back and she frowned slightly in deep thought.

The news of the Human Emperor’s Palace was truly shocking indeed.

However, what she was more worried about was Su Zimo’s situation.

The strangest thing was that although she tried scouting for news from multiple sources, nothing returned, as though Su Zimo had vanished into thin air as nobody caught sight of him at all.

At the side, Uncle Liang could read Tang Yu’s mind and said with a smile, “Young Master, you don’t have to worry. Given Su Zimo’s methods, even if he can’t win, he can definitely escape alive.”


Tang Yu nodded. “I’m not worried about him, but I’m confused. Given his personality, since he chose to fight for the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance, how come there is no news at all?”

For certain people, their glamors can never be contained.

Ever since he entered Xuantian City, Su Zimo caused an earthshaking change to the state of the entire place!

The Four Mounted Bandits were the first to be removed, followed by Poison Sect. Even powerful super sects with formidable foundations such as Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect were swept away by him!

How could there be no news of a cultivator that was so aggressive and domineering?

“Uncle Liang, when I heard that the name of monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island was called Mad Blade, I even suspected that he’s Su Zimo,”

Tang Yu said coldly, “Both of them make use of sabers and have knowledge of the Sea Calming Manual. Furthermore, they are both at the tsunami blood realm and are at seven meridian Foundation Establishment…”

“That’s impossible,”

Uncle Liang shook his head, “Although both of them use sabers, Su Zimo has his perfect-grade Blood Quencher while this monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island merely used a supreme-grade spirit saber. Moreover, it’s said that this person is extremely tall and bulky and is a burly man with a rough appearance. The two of them differ too much in terms of appearances.”

Tang Yu nodded.

There was truly no way to explain it; although they had their similarities, their differences were even more.

Uncle Liang continued, “Also, although Su Zimo is strong, he isn’t at the state where he’s able to take down the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects, let alone a couple of Sealers as well.”

Back then, in the Elixir Pool Sect ruins, Su Zimo had to take a long time before baiting the Sealer of Glass Palace to death.

In terms of actual combat strength, Su Zimo was clearly far inferior.

However, the monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island fought against a couple of Sealers and even killed them in return – the difference between them was too great.

Tang Yu nodded. “No matter what, I hope that Fellow Daoist Su can return safely.”

At the entrance of the mansion, Su Xiaoning hugged her knees and sat on a stone step with a worried expression.

There was a pitch-black demon beast beside her. A cold glint shimmered between its half-opened eyes – it was Night Spirit who was guarding Xiaoning.


Sighing gently, Xiaoning murmured, “All the cultivators in the city are discussing that monster incarnate of Divine Phoenix Island and Mad Blade, but there’s still no news of brother. I don’t even know how he’s doing right now.”


Night Spirit opened its eyes and yawned listlessly.

Xiaoning frowned and asked, “You’re saying that brother is fine? How do you know that, brother? You’ve been with me the entire time and you haven’t received any news either.”

Sitting up, Night Spirit extended its paw and gestured in a human-like manner while crying out repeatedly.

Xiaoning’s eyes widened.

While others may not have understood, Xiaoning did.

Her heart skipped a beat as she exclaimed, “You mean to say that Mad Blade is…”

Night Spirit gestured with a shushing hand sign.

Understanding, Xiaoning clutched her cherry lips immediately. Instantly, the worry on her face disappeared and she grinned, causing her eyes to look like crescent moons in a painting.

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