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Chapter 459: Human Emperor’s Palace’s Compromise

Su Zimo did not say anything but he did not let go.

Throughout history, there would only be a single successor chosen for the Human Emperor’s Palace’s appearance.

Right now, as long as Su Zimo let go of Demoness Ji, he would be able to enter the Human Emperor’s Palace rightfully.

However, he knew that if he were to let go, she would definitely have no chance of surviving!

Su Zimo did not care about the relationship between Demoness Ji and Ji Yaoxue or ponder about what it meant to be her tripod.

The only thing he knew was that if Demoness Ji had not sacrificed herself to buy time for him earlier on, he would have been killed by the Sealers of Formless Monastery and Illusion Fiend Cult and would not have lasted till now!

He held onto Demoness Ji obstinately and refused to let go.

To the many cultivators, this was a choice that seemed foolish, even stupid.

It was precisely because of this reason that the both of them stopped in midair during the rise, unable to head up or down.

It was an undeniable rule that the Human Emperor’s Palace would only select a single successor.

Right now, Su Zimo’s choice was challenging the rule of the Human Emperor’s Palace, challenging the might of the Human Emperor himself!

The Sealers were delighted upon seeing that.

If Su Zimo were to enter the Human Emperor’s Palace successfully, they would miss their chance of seizing the divine phoenix bone!

“How foolish! He doesn’t know what’s good for him!” A cultivator sneered.

Another cultivator shook his head and sighed. “To think that Mad Blade would be such a sentimental man.”

“Isn’t that right? Not many people would have the courage to make such a choice.”

If he entered the Human Emperor’s Palace, not only would he be able to survive, he would also be able to obtain the Human Emperor’s inheritance – who could resist such a temptation?

Snowdrift Valley’s Ling Han bit her lips and looked on with a conflicted expression.

What did his choice represent?

It meant that at this moment, this man was willing to abandon his life and the Human Emperor’s inheritance in order to save Demoness Ji!

Even if there was only a sliver of hope!

As a woman, she felt a tinge of envy towards Demoness Ji from the bottom of her heart.

“Let go!”

Demoness Ji frowned deeply; her eyelids were so heavy that she could not make out Su Zimo’s face clearly and her frail voice carried a hint of anxiousness.

“Don’t feel… guilty. The reason I saved you… is because you saved me before as well. If not for you, I would have been killed by that damned monk long ago. I’m just repaying you right now…”

There was still no response.

“Let… me go.”

It was still silent.

However, Demoness Ji could sense him hugging her even closer.

The both of them hovered in midair in a stalemate with the Human Emperor’s Palace.

The remaining few Sealers were already on their way!

The two of them were already at the end of the road with no strength to fight back. Even without releasing their powers as Golden Cores, the Sealers could kill the two of them with just power at the level of Foundation Establishment realm.


The first Sealer to arrive was from Sword Sect.


The sound of a sword buzzing rang out and an unparalleled sword beam flashed. Instead of aiming for Su Zimo’s vitals, it tried to sever his wrist!

Su Zimo looked at that sword without moving.

Given his current condition, any Qi Refinement Warrior would be able to kill him, let alone the Sealer of Sword Sect.


The sword beam struck the column of light from the Human Emperor’s Palace and created a ripple before vanishing instantly.

Su Zimo was unharmed!


The Sealers were alarmed when they saw that.

All of a sudden!

As though it was agitated, that column of light shone brightly in a bedazzling manner!

Countless beams of light shot forth and instantly penetrated the body of Sword Sect’s Sealer.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Flashes of blood gushed out continuously!

The Sealer’s body was punctured by the illusionary beams of light and the next moment, he exploded into a blood mist without a corpse left!

Upon seeing that, the remaining few Sealers were shocked and terrified.

Among them, Heavenly Dipper Sect’s Sealer had already released his secret skill which struck the column of light.

The column of light shook and shot forth countless beams once more, engulfing the Sealer of Heavenly Dipper Sect.

That person was rather impressive as a glint of determination flickered through his eyes. Roaring, he released his power as a Golden Core, wanting to fight against the light beams before him.


He turned into a mist of blood and died on the spot.

Although it was only a column of light beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace, its might could not be challenged and it was enough to suppress everything, killing with a single touch!

The others hurriedly stopped in their tracks and escaped, not daring to linger.

They only came to a stop outside the boundaries of the Human Emperor’s Palace before turning back to look with fear in their hearts.

The man and woman were still hovering in midair within that gigantic column of light, hugging together without separating.

The Sealers looked grim with indignant expressions.

There was no way they could get their hands on the divine phoenix bone given the current situation.

“Let’s wait a little more, there might still be a chance,”

After a moment, Hollow Monastery’s Sealer composed himself and said slowly with a shimmering gaze.

“That’s right.”

Overlord Palace’s Sealer said in a dark tone, “He’s only a mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator and yet he dares to challenge the Human Emperor’s Palace? He’s bound to fail! If this carries on, the both of them will definitely die!”

The few Sealers nodded in agreement.

If the two of them were dead, the Human Emperor’s Palace would either disappear or select a new successor.

No matter the outcome, the successor of Divine Phoenix Island would lose the protection of the Human Emperor’s Palace.

At that time, they would have the chance to sever his wrist and fight for the divine phoenix bone!

Right now, all the Sealers had to do was wait.

Demoness Ji leaned in Su Zimo’s embrace motionlessly and it was unable to tell if she was dead.

Su Zimo’s aura was also getting increasingly weaker.

Raising his head, he looked at the mysterious entrance of the Human Emperor’s Palace and narrowed his gaze with a resolute expression – it was as though he would never relent nor compromise!

A long, long time later…

Just as Su Zimo was gradually losing his consciousness, a change happened in midair!

The two of them started rising slowly, as though they were pulled by something.

In the blink of an eye, both of them entered the Human Emperor’s Palace and disappeared!

There was a deathly silence.

Upon seeing that, everyone was dumbfounded and even forgot to breathe.

“How… is that possible?”

A long time later, Hollow Monastery’s Sealer murmured to himself with widened eyes and a lost expression.

“The Human Emperor’s Palace actually came to a compromise?”

Overlord Palace’s Sealer chuckled bitterly.

Since the Human Emperor’s Palace was sentient, it naturally possessed the intent of the Human Emperor.

Throughout history, the Human Emperor had been the strongest emperor and was unparalleled. Since the Human Emperor’s Palace represented him, how could it bow down and relent?

Furthermore, how could it do so for the sake of a mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator?

If everyone had not seen it for themselves, none of them would have believed it.

Was it pity… or was there some other reason?

Nobody knew.

The entrance of the Human Emperor’s Palace closed.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The ancient palace shook and dust fell endlessly as it rose into the air slowly, disappearing beyond the horizons of the heavens.

The clouds dissipated and the thunderstorm subsided, spilling warm sunlight everywhere.

The skies were clear once again.

Yet, there was a murky fog in the hearts of all the Sealers.

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