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Chapter 448: Trying to Escape?

“Zenith Sect’s Bai Yu?”

When he saw Bai Yu charging over from the sides, Su Zimo already realized that his identity was being suspected!

At that thought, Su Zimo’s killing intent rose massively as well!

All of a sudden!

An unprecedented sense of danger surged into his heart.

Su Zimo’s hairs stood on end and his scalp prickled.

The feeling of danger did not come from Hang Qiuyu, Ao Yuxiao, any of the eight paragons or Zenith Sect’s Bai Yu who was charging towards him from behind – it was someone else!

It was someone that Su Zimo could not see with his eyes.

However, his keen spirit perception gained from cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness informed him that an extremely scary cultivator was hidden in a corner, waiting to deal him a fatal blow!

The attacker’s angle could be considered as perfect as it was in Su Zimo’s blind spot.

The timing of the attack was also perfect without any flaws at all!

At that moment, Su Zimo had just released Raging Tides and was in the weakest state as he was recovering from the momentum of his action.

Furthermore, the eight paragons had just released their trump cards and Hang Qiuyu and Ao Yuxiao were counterattacking; a connate spirit weapon was even brought out.

Coupled with the fact that Bai Yu was arriving from the back, Su Zimo was already cornered by enemies on all fronts!

Given those circumstances, the unknown cultivator’s attack was a complete deadlock for Su Zimo such that it would be difficult even for deities to save him!

Suddenly, a vague, blurry figure flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

It wasn’t because his memory was bad. Instead, nobody had seen that person’s appearance before.

It was the Thousand-faced Assassin of Hidden Death Sect!

Prior to this, that killer from the fiend sects had not made his appearance.

Now that he attacked, he was aiming for Su Zimo’s life!

“It’s him!”

A few Sealers close to the Human Emperor’s Palace narrowed their gazes and exclaimed.

One of the Sealers shook his head. “It’s over. That lad’s a dead man now.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

To them, there was no way Su Zimo would be able to reverse this deadly situation given his abilities!

“What a pity. Even a paragon as such has to die at the Human Emperor’s Palace.”

“There’s nothing to be pitied about. Throughout history, there have been countless paragons who suffered early deaths. He’s merely one of them.”

Suddenly, the tides changed on the battlefield!

The eight paragons released their skills respectively and six of them defended against Raging Tides while Hang Qiuyu and Ao Yuxiao counterattacked!

A purple beam tore through the layers of tides and slashed towards Su Zimo.

With a calm expression, Su Zimo spun his saber and slashed forward, intending to make use of his power of bloodline to fight Purple Firmament Sect’s secret skill head-on.

Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, a silver circlet tore through the air and buzzed while quivering.

Six blinding spirit lights shone like a blazing sun, emitting a terrifying aura.


The silver circlet collided against the saber.

Su Zimo shuddered.

With a creak, cracks started appearing on the blade and it exploded!


A supreme-grade spirit weapon was destroyed just like that!

That was how terrifying connate spirit weapons were!

After circling in midair, the silver circlet reversed towards Su Zimo again!

At the same time, Ao Yuxiao’s Purple Firmament Slash descended.

Arriving at the back, Bai Yu’s Zenith Saber slashed out at a sinister angle with a nauseating blood stench; the sounds of ghosts howling could be heard vaguely.

Saber force!

After losing to Su Zimo the previous time round, Bai Yu managed a breakthrough as well and comprehended a saber force of the Zenith Saber!

Three ultimate killing moves descended at the same time!

At the exact moment, an imperceptible figure appeared, wielding a long, slender sword that was as thin as cicada wings.

The person’s appearance was ordinary and his eyes were listless like a dead fish. The killing intent that he possessed was completely innate but his sword was aimed at the back of Su Zimo’s head and was almost instantaneous!

The destruction of the spirit saber made the situation even worse.

Su Zimo was barehanded and had nowhere to retreat now!

Upon seeing that, Snowdrift Valley’s Ling Han and Demoness Ji stopped in their tracks instinctively.


Blood drained from Demoness Ji’s face as she exclaimed. A deafening sound rang in her mind and it went blank, as if someone had gripped her heart and stopped it from beating.

All of a sudden!


A holler that sounded like thunder booming tore through metal and stone while quaking one’s mind!

In reality, that was Su Zimo’s Thunderclap Kill.

However, in order to hide his identity, he changed the word from ‘kill’ to ‘battle’ without diminishing its strength.

Even the cultivators who were watching from afar were so shocked that they shuddered in fear.

They could not imagine how the four paragons closest to Su Zimo in the center of the battlefield were going to endure that terrifying blow!

The four of them winced in pain at the same time.

Be it the Purple Firmament Slash, Hang Qiuyu’s connate spirit weapon, Bai Yu’s Zenith Saber or the Thousand-faced Assassin’s slender sword, everything paused for a brief moment.

That momentary pause was Su Zimo’s chance!


Leaping upwards, his tendons and bones sounded at the same time and his entire body crumpled into a ball.

The burly man that was initially two meters tall turned into a meatball the size of an infant right in front of everyone!

While his methods may seem ordinary if they were performed by an ancient mighty figure or patriarch, the fact that a Foundation Establishment Cultivator was doing it was unbelievable!

His move, coupled with the burst of Thunderclap Kill, caused the attacks of the four paragons to miss!

Not only that, Hang Qiuyu’s connate spirit weapon was even repelled towards Bai Yu.

Ao Yuxiao’s Purple Firmament Slash landed in front of the Thousand-faced Assassin.


Bai Yu shuddered and blood oozed from the corner of his lips.

The power of a connate spirit weapon was not something that everyone could withstand.

The Thousand-faced Assassin managed to retract his sword in time and made a decisive move to retreat swiftly after blocking the Purple Firmament Slash by making use of its momentum.

After missing his attack, he fled a thousand miles away.


A shuddering aura suddenly burst forth from within Su Zimo’s body!

It was as though a seal was undone, releasing a frightening fiendcelestial!




A series of strange sounds echoed from within Su Zimo’s body – there was a dragon’s roar, a tiger’s howl, a horse’s neigh, a phoenix’s cry…

Scarlet demonic qi burst forth and covered the skies!

The infant-sized meatball disappeared and in its place was a mighty figure that could faintly be seen as it was shrouded in thick demonic qi. A pair of ink-black eyes shone forth with a frightening shimmer.

It was cold, sinister and filled with endless killing intent!


The paragons, Sealers and cultivators watching from afar were shocked and gasped!

Hang Qiuyu and the other three shuddered.

In that instant, they had an illusion that the ‘human’ before them who was surrounded by demonic qi seemed like he was about to devour them alive!

“You guys really think that you can kill me with your skills?”

In that endless scarlet demonic qi, Su Zimo’s voice sounded, sending chills down everyone’s spine as though he came from the primordial era where thousands of races stood mightily amidst torrential blood qi.

Invoking his blood qi, Su Zimo took on his demon form, causing his strength and speed to explode!

“You’re still trying to escape?”

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s voice sounded in the Thousand-faced Assassin’s ears – it was sinister and right beside him!

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