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Chapter 449: Kill!

As if a figure was shifting in front of him, the Thousand-faced Assassin paused in his tracks hurriedly.

Unknowingly, Su Zimo had already arrived before him with an imposing aura, blocking his escape path!

It was too fast!

Even with the Thousand-faced Assassin’s calm personality, at that moment, he felt a series of chills. His expression changed slightly and his dead fish eyes flickered with a hint of panic.

A mighty and tall figure stood up slowly from the ground, surrounded by rumbling demonic qi. The illusion of a malefic ancient demon was formed, baring its teeth and claws in a menacing, life-like manner!

It was as though countless stars were revolving around a moon, shrouding the gigantic ancient demon in the center – Su Zimo’s eyes were deep and pitch-black as he looked down at the Thousand-faced Assassin.

It was a cold, taunting gaze.

It was the same way an emperor was looking at an ant that was struggling to escape!


Instantly, the Thousand-faced Assassin’s heart skipped a beat and he felt chills run down his spine.

The next moment, Su Zimo suddenly reached out with his gigantic palm that covered the skies, grabbing at the Thousand-faced Assassin’s head with a torrential aura.

The Thousand-faced Assassin was extremely swift to react and he raised his sword while crushing a protection talisman at the same time. The blade of his sword quivered like a snake, emitting a sinister and chilling aura.

To him, no matter what, Su Zimo was fighting barehanded after all.

There was no way a person’s body could defend against the sharpness of a spirit weapon!

All of a sudden!

The Thousand-faced Assassin’s pupils constricted.

From the massive palm that was shrouded over his head, dagger-like fingernails suddenly shot out from its fingers, shimmering coldly like swords and sabers!

Those fingernails looked like the claws of an ancient demon that were indestructible!

In the blink of an eye, five fingernails struck the Thousand-faced Assassin’s thin sword.


As though it was coiled by a venomous viper, the Thousand-faced Assassin’s sword struggled repeatedly but it could not break free and could only buzz and tremble.

With a snap, the sword shattered!

There was a commotion.

A supreme-grade spirit weapon was crushed by Su Zimo’s bare hands, turning into dim shards that scattered onto the ground near to the Thousand-faced Assassin’s feet.

The next moment, the Thousand-faced Assassin’s vision darkened and he lost consciousness.

His protection talisman was as fragile as tofu against Su Zimo’s hand.

The five fingernails pierced the barrier produced by the protection talisman instantly and landed on the Thousand-faced Assassin’s head with a dull sound.

By the time Su Zimo retracted his hand, there were five bloodied holes on the Thousand-faced Assassin’s head, oozing out with a white, gooey liquid.

The Thousand-faced Assassin’s dead fish eyes no longer lit up as he collapsed while standing upright, his life snapped away.

The fiend heir of Hidden Death Sect was killed right beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace!

Everything went silent.

A paragon had just died.

It did not matter how strong or how glorious the Thousand-faced Assassin was prior to this. At this moment, he was no different from one of the lifeless corpses under the Human Emperor’s Palace.

The heavens are often jealous of those who are talented.

Since they were the objects of jealousy, they would often encounter ordeals unimaginable by the ordinary cultivator.

At the end of the day, talents that fall are eventually forgotten by the masses.

Not every sect among the major factions of Tianhuang Mainland sent in Sealers.

Poison Sect, the fiend sects’ Pure Maiden Sect and Hidden Death Sect did not send in Sealers.

To Hidden Death Sect, the Thousand-faced Assassin would definitely be able to roam freely and undefeated across the ancient battlefield. Even if he failed in his assassinations, he could flee far away.

Throughout history, there had been fiend heirs of Hidden Death Sect who have failed in the ancient battlefield, but there was never one that was killed.

Right now, there was no Sealer from Hidden Death Sect to take revenge for the death of the Thousand-faced Assassin.

Su Zimo did not stop after killing the Thousand-faced Assassin. Taking huge strides, he arrived before Zenith Sect’s Bai Yu in the blink of an eye and smiled sinisterly with a cruel glint.

This is bad. He wants to silence me!

Bai Yu was scared out of his wits as his blood flowed so quickly that his heart almost exploded!

When Su Zimo shrank into a meatball earlier to avoid the four killing moves, Bai Yu’s questions were all answered.

If one could shrink to that state, wouldn’t it be extremely easy for this person to change his figure and alter his appearance?

Despite the fact that he was faced with eight other paragons, this person ignored them and rushed right in front of him.

Bai Yu was even more certain now that this was the green-robed cultivator!

As the fiend heir of Zenith Sect, Bai Yu was able to compose himself instantly and swung his Zenith Saber, slashing towards the incoming Su Zimo while yelling, “You are…”


Before Bai Yu could complete his sentence, Su Zimo roared.

The distance between them was too close.

Bai Yu shuddered violently and he swallowed his words back from the shock. He lost his hearing and blood oozed out from his ears – the pain was so bad that his features were all contorted!

Using his palm like a cleaver, Su Zimo chopped down on the wrist that Bai Yu was wielding his saber with.


The sound of bones cracking rang out and his wrist was snapped.

Sneering, Su Zimo closed in and reached out, grabbing Bai Yu by the throat and lifting the latter up.

Wringing his arm, he gripped Bai Yu’s throat violently and shook.


Accompanied by a crisp sound, Bai Yu’s skeleton was shaken out of position by Su Zimo – even if he had immense strength, he wouldn’t be able to use a single bit at this moment.

Bai Yu’s entire body was flaying limply as Su Zimo lifted him up.

Because he was choked by the throat, his entire face was bloated and purplish such that he couldn’t speak at all.

“How dare you!”



The first statement came from a blood-robed old man who was watching from afar – he was Zenith Sect’s Sealer.

The second statement came from the few fiend heirs.

The third statement came from Demoness Ji.

“Zenith Sect’s Sealer is already rushing over. If you kill him, the Sealer will definitely attack you using his strength as a Golden Core. D-Don’t be reckless!”

Demoness Ji tried persuading anxiously.

Su Zimo said nothing and merely shook his head.

Notwithstanding the fact that Bai Yu attacked him multiple times, the fact that Bai Yu knew his identity meant that Su Zimo could not let this guy survive!

Demoness Ji’s heart sank in dread.

“Junior, if you dare kill him, I’ll make sure you are buried with him!”

Not far away, the blood-robed old man sped over while yelling. His killing intent was surging, as though a hurricane of blood was forming!

Su Zimo was unmoved despite hearing that as he merely looked at the old man coldly.

On the other side, Overlord Palace’s Pang Yue shouted grimly, “Mad Blade, let him go! Otherwise, you will be going against the fiend sects and will be forcing us to attack!”


When he heard that, Su Zimo looked up into the skies and roared in laughter. Looking at everyone with a condescending manner, he hollered, “The fiend sects are allowed to attack me but I’m not allowed to kill in return? Do you really think that makes sense?”

The fiend heirs went silent.

“To begin with, you guys wanted to join forces with the immortal and Buddhist sects. But now, you’re just forcefully looking for an excuse,”

Su Zimo sneered, “How hypocritical!”

Pang Yue’s eyes flickered – clearly, Su Zimo was spot on.

If not for the fact that it was the Human Emperor’s Palace that was before them, given the pride of the fiend sects, they would definitely not join forces with the immortal and Buddhist sects.

However, that was the inheritance of the Human Emperor!

How could anyone in the world not be tempted?

The combat strength that Su Zimo displayed was way too terrifying and they had no other choice but to join forces to take him down!

At that moment, Su Zimo’s cold voice sounded as he said everything word by word, “Since that’s the case, I’ll give you guys a reason to attack.”


Exerting force in his palm, Su Zimo crushed Bai Yu’s throat instantly.

The fiend heir of Zenith Sect was dead!

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