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Chapter 447: Raging Tides, Faint Killing Intent!

It was a shocking battle.

On the battlefield, spirit light filled the skies and sword qi intertwined with the saber beam as spirit energy surged. With each collision, a blinding light would shoot forth and fill the nine heavens with a deafening boom!

There were still some cultivators who were more gutsy and remained to watch the battle beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace from afar.

Because they were too far away, all of them could not make out the appearances of the paragons.

However, they could still make out a mighty figure streaking through the battlefield against all odds. Although he was surrounded by eight paragons, he was not nervous in the slightest bit!

It did not matter how famous or bedazzling Sword Sect’s Hang Qiuyu and Purple Firmament Sect’s Ao Yuxiao were prior to this. At this moment, in the face of Divine Phoenix Island’s successor, they seemed so lackluster.

That was a true paragon!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Clashing sounds echoed repeatedly from the battlefield.

Despite the fact that he was fighting one against eight, Su Zimo was getting fiercer and he was even showing signs of turning the tides as he shrouded all eight paragons!

With his immortality and demonic cultivation, coupled with the fact that he had cultivated to the legendary tsunami blood realm, he had a strong physique and terrifying stamina – he was confident that he could overwhelm any strong foes at the realm of Foundation Establishment.

He used his full strength with every strength, swinging widely like a supreme emperor that could sweep through the nine heavens with an invincible might, looking down on everything!

Even the Sealers that were watching from outside the Human Emperor’s Palace were stunned, let alone the cultivators who were watching from afar.

He was way too strong!

Apart from Su Zimo’s terrifying strength, his stamina was limitless like a bottomless pit!

It was extremely frightening!

To think that Divine Phoenix Island would have produced such an amazing monster with unparalleled potential!

The Sealers were expressionless as they exchanged glances – all of them could make out fleeting killing intents in the other’s eyes.

If this person was already producing such an invincible aura at such a young age, who could stop him in the future?

They had to murder this talent!

At that moment, all the Sealers had the same thought.

However, they were Sealers after all and the moment they attacked would be the moment they died – unless they had no other choice, they wouldn’t attack recklessly.

On the battlefield.

The eight paragons were no longer as nimble as before.

Monk Jue Chen had minor injuries to begin with. After clashing head-on with Su Zimo, he triggered his internal injuries once more and he looked terrible; there was even a faint blood stench when he panted!

His internal organs were already shaken!

Su Zimo was equally lively with a raring fighting intent.

If the battle carried on as such, Monk Jue Chen’s organs would be ruptured and he would die before Su Zimo was even exhausted!

The other paragons were starting to look pale and panted as well.

Suddenly, Sword Sect’s Hang Qiuyu shouted, “Fellow Daoists of the fiend sects, only one of us can obtain the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance! Look at how strong this guy is! If you guys don’t start attacking, by the time we fall, all of you from the fiend sects are going to be suppressed too!”

The cultivators who were watching from afar were stunned and shocked when they heard that.

If the fiend heirs were to take part in the fight, it would mean that the paragons of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects would be ganging up on a cultivator of the same cultivation realm!

Even ancient emperors would not have been treated the same way!

The few fiend heirs had conflicting expressions.

However, in their opinions, Hang Qiuyu’s words made sense as well.

Once the paragons of the immortal and Buddhist sects fall, the few of them won’t be a match for that person.

There was a high chance that he would be the one to obtain the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance!

Overlord Palace’s Pang Yue loved to fight to begin with. Upon encountering someone as strong as Su Zimo, he was naturally raring to fight and wanted to join the battlefield.

At that thought, the few fiend heirs were tempted but they were still hesitant.

Among them, there was only a single person who made his decision.

It was Bai Yu, the fiend heir of Zenith Sect!

He had a feeling that the successor of Divine Phoenix Island definitely had something to do with the green-robed cultivator!

Suddenly, a roar sounded from the battlefield.

“Raging Tides!”

His words were accompanied by a deafening boom, as if a massive tide had crashed onto the shore in a terrifying manner!

In the center of the battlefield, Su Zimo wielded his saber and spun a circle in midair. Massive tides seemed to form everywhere his saber sliced, surging towards the eight paragons in a ferocious manner!

Saber force!

Against the combined attacks of eight paragons from the immortal and Buddhist sects, the unprecedented pressure had finally allowed Su Zimo to comprehend the Raging Tides stance of the Sea Calming Manual!

Countercurrent was the toughest saber technique to target a single cultivator with.

However, Raging Tides was suited for dealing with opponents in all directions!

With that slash, raging tides were formed, roaring and threatening to drown everything, destroying the eight desolates!

At this point of the battle, Su Zimo burst forth with a massive counterattack and the raging tides rumbled, engulfing the eight paragons into the series of saber forces!

Instantly, all eight paragons were on the brink of danger!

“That’s enough!”

Suddenly, Hang Qiuyu’s cold voice that was filled with killing intent could be heard from the flurry of saber forces.

“Break it!”

Hollering, he slapped his storage bag and a silver circlet flew out, hovering in midair before bursting with a blinding radiance!

One, two… six spirit patterns!

It was a connate spirit weapon!

The fact that a connate spirit weapon was given to a Foundation Establishment Cultivator was evident of how much Hang Qiuyu was valued in Sword Sect!

This was his final trump card. Initially, he had intended to keep it until the final fight for the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance to suppress everyone.

But given the current circumstances, he had no choice but to use it in advance!

“Purple Firmament Slash!”

Against Raging Tides, Ao Yuxiao could not hide any longer as well as he conjured a hand seal, releasing a secret skill of Purple Firmament Sect.

Shrouded by purple qi, an extremely sharp purple sword was condensed in midair before slicing the incoming Raging Tides fiercely!

“Indestructible Diamond,”

Monk Jue Chen’s hands were shifting continuously as he conjured a hand seal of the Buddhist sects while chanting obscure scriptures. Instantly, his body seemed as though it was covered by a layer of saintly glow that illuminated brightly!

Against the raging tides, Monk Jue Chen was calm like a Vajra of the Buddhist sects. His eyes were closed and he was unmoved even as the wave washed over him.

The three of them were not the only ones; the other five paragons released their final trump cards one after another as well.

Some of them brought out perfect-grade defensive spirit weapons, some of them crushed protection talismans with resplendent patterns and others released ultimate secret skills of their sects – they were all proving their capabilities!

Almost at the same time, Zenith Sect’s Bai Yu’s figure flashed as he wielded a spirit saber and charged towards Su Zimo’s back with a torrential killing intent.

“Bai Yu, you…”

Demoness Ji exclaimed when she saw that, wanting to strike and force back Bai Yu.

However, Snowdrift Valley’s Ling Han’s flying sword was moving swifter and swifter, restricting Demoness Ji to the spot such that she was unable to break free.

The situation on the battlefield was shifting rapidly and Su Zimo’s Raging Tides expanded widely, looking as though it was about to defeat the eight paragons soon.

Yet, all eight of them released their trump cards unexpectedly and withstood Raging Tides head-on!

Furthermore, Hang Qiuyu and Ao Yuxiao managed to counter attack and a connate spirit weapon was even brought out!

Between the saber and sword flashes, an imperceptible figure appeared without warning like a ghost, creeping towards Su Zimo…

There was a faint killing intent that appeared!

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