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Chapter 437: Doubt

Since he wanted to change his appearance and hide his identity, there was no way Su Zimo could acknowledge Demoness Ji.

He turned to leave after forcing Monk Jue Chen back.

All of a sudden!

A fragrance wafted over.

A beautiful figure stood in front of him and blocked his path. Closing in, a smiling face looked at Su Zimo with deep interest without blinking.

Under Demoness Ji’s stare, although Su Zimo looked calm on the surface, he felt a little weak internally.

He was worried that he might have revealed any mistakes, exposing his disguise to Demoness Ji.

Each time he was faced with this quirky demoness, Su Zimo always had headaches.

Frowning slightly, he was about to avoid Demoness Ji and walk to the side when a thought struck him. ‘If I leave just like this, she’ll definitely suspect me and might even deduce my identity.’

At that thought, he turned to Demoness Ji and glared at her expressionlessly, asking coldly, “What’s the matter?”

“Who are you?”

“Mad Blade.”

Su Zimo had already thought up of a name for himself.

“Do we know one another?” She asked again.


“Since we don’t, why did you save me?”

“Save you?”

Momentarily stunned, a mocking look flickered through Su Zimo’s eyes as he sneered, “You’re overthinking it, miss. I merely wanted to fight that monk. Saving you was just a matter of convenience.”

“You’re lying!”

Suddenly, Demoness Ji’s eyes shone brightly as she declared.

Su Zimo raised his brow.

Harrumphing coldly, Demoness Ji continued, “When you first appeared, you saved me immediately and protected me behind you. It was an extremely natural reaction without hesitation. Do you still dare to claim that you don’t know me?”

“You were blocking my line of sight and affected my performance. It’s only natural that I had to drag you to the side,” Su Zimo sneered in reply.


Demoness Ji nodded and took a step forward aggressively. “By standing in front of me, you revealed your back entirely to me. I’m someone from the fiend sects and yet you were totally unguarded and trusting towards me. Despite that, you claim that you don’t know me?”

It was undeniable that Demoness Ji was truly too smart.

Su Zimo thought that he had not made any mistakes after changing his appearance – to think that he had revealed such a flaw.

Just as Demoness Ji had said, how could one of two people who had just met trust the other party so easily as to reveal their backs exposed entirely?

After a moment of silence, Su Zimo replied indifferently, “Even if I expose my back to you, do you think that you can injure me?”

Although it was a brazen statement, in reality, it avoided Demoness Ji’s question.

She declared again, “Also, now that I’m not wearing my veil, there’s no way anyone who’s seeing my face for the first time can be as calm as you! You must have seen me before!”

Demoness Ji was truly qualified to say something like that.

The Pure Maiden of the fiend sects was different from the fiend heirs.

There was a fiend heir that corresponded to each cultivation realm within the fiend sects.

For example, Xue Yang of Malevolent Earth Sect was the number one amongst all the Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the sect and hence, he was the Foundation Establishment fiend heir.

There was another fiend heir at Golden Core realm.

Upon entering the Golden Core realm, Xue Yang would lose his title as the fiend heir and if he wanted to become one, he would have to challenge the Golden Core fiend heir.

The Golden Core fiend heir cannot deny the challenge as well.

The fight to be a fiend heir of the fiend sects was extremely cruel and every single fiend heir was exceptional. They stood above countless corpses of their fellow sect mates and their hands were tainted with the same blood.

Such competition was encouraged among the fiend sects.

However, it was different for the Pure Maiden.

From the Qi Condensation realm all the way to the Golden Core realm or even higher, there was only a single disciple of Pure Maiden Sect that could obtain the true inheritance of the sect.

Unless the current generation’s Pure Maiden dies or loses her qualifications, Pure Maiden Sect would not select a new successor.

Pure Maiden Sect had extremely high expectations for their Pure Maidens and it was not an exaggeration to say that the candidate is one in a billion.

Every generation’s Pure Maiden was born with a natural charm that could topple worlds with every wink, smile and action of theirs. Once they were truly grown up, they would definitely be peerless demonesses who could bewitch the masses.

In the battle earlier, Demoness Ji was totally countered because she was dealing with the successor of Diamond Monastery.

If it was the successor of any other sect, they would have to consider if they could handle the bewitchment of the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects.

Countless years ago, there was a generation’s Pure Maiden who even managed to bewitch a legacy disciple of that generation’s Diamond Monastery. The latter was totally subdued and joined the fiend sects, shocking the entire cultivation world!

That generation, Diamond Monastery turned into a laughing stock of the cultivation world.

That was the reason why Diamond Monastery and Pure Maiden Sect had a longstanding feud that spanned beyond their different Daos.

Ever since Su Zimo appeared, he was too composed despite seeing Demoness Ji’s face – there was no ripple in his eyes.

It was only natural that Demoness Ji became suspicious.

Turning around, Su Zimo’s gaze shifted slowly on Demoness Ji.

Finally, his bold gaze landed on Demoness Ji’s flawless and almost breathtaking face, grinning. “Woman, you’re quite interesting. Are you hinting to me that you want to be my Dao companion?”

Demoness Ji furrowed her brows slightly.

She was extremely familiar with the look that the burly man was giving off.

It was a kind of gaze that made her disgusted.

Although Pure Maiden Sect and Cloud Rain Sect seemed similar, they were vastly different.

Cloud Rain Sect cultivated the Dao of indulgence. Although every generation’s Pure Maiden cultivated the Dao of bewitchment, they had to maintain their chastity for the sake of their Dao!

If a Pure Maiden became someone’s Dao companion, it would be equivalent to them crippling their entire lives’ cultivation.

They would also be stripped of the title of Pure Maiden and expelled from the sect!

If a Pure Maiden lost her cultivation and the backing of the fiend sects while retaining her flawlessly charming looks, their fates were clearly imaginable – they would most likely become the slaves of other cultivators and live a life worse than death.

Although countless cultivators had fallen to Demoness Ji’s charms up till this point of her cultivation, she had never had any physical contact with any man.

Apart from a single person.

A green-robed figure flashed through Demoness Ji’s mind and she bit her lips.

That day, the two of them were stuck in a stone coffin that was extremely cramped. Coupled with the fact that they were being washed away by the river undercurrent, that man had taken quite a bit of advantage of her in the darkness.

Initially, Demoness Ji thought that the burly man before her was that man.

But now, given the burly man’s crude actions and language, she shook her head and lamented internally, “Have I really thought too much?”

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