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Chapter 436: Retreating in Defeat

If this carried on, Monk Jue Chen would be dead within three breaths!


Suddenly, a ferocious beast roared deafeningly.

A dark shadow darted over and covered the skies, carrying forth a tragic aura that was suffocating.

The Lu Wu that was dozens of feet tall lunged over with a stench of blood. Its eyes were vicious as it bared its sharp fangs and claws with a menacing expression.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Pure-blooded ferocious beasts were extremely strong and even perfect spirit weapons were not superior against their fangs and claws.

In fact, there were even some special weapons that were crafted from the bones, fangs and claws of pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

“Good move!”

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he continued suppressing Monk Jue Chen with one hand. His other hand turned into a fist and his large tendons pulsated with his bloodline.

Expanding swiftly, his fist was akin to a purplish-green seal with a torrential blood qi!

He stood on the spot like a towering ancient god as he smashed that purplish-green seal of a fist heavily towards the Lu Wu’s head!

The aura of that punch was terrifying and in an instant, even the air ruptured with a deafening bang.

As a pure-blooded ferocious beast, the Lu Wu naturally knew how powerful that punch was.

Although its bones were tough, it did not dare to fight head-on against Su Zimo’s fist as it hurriedly received the blow with its claws.


There was a deafening sound.

The Lu Wu shuddered and fell from midair.

Su Zimo stood where he was without budging at all as his tendons and bones sounded loudly. His eyes were bright, filled with a torrential combat intent.

Demoness Ji felt her heart skip a beat.

This was a truly ruthless man!

Humans were born with weak bodies without sharp fangs or claws. The fact that someone was able to cultivate to a point where he could contend against pure-blooded ferocious beasts was simply too rare!

What was even scarier was that the burly man was actually fighting against two beings at the same time.

Suppressing Monk Jue Chen with one hand, he fought against the pure-blooded ferocious beast with the other. Despite that, the shocking thing was that his combat strength was not diminished and he was not disadvantaged even though his strength was divided.

When did such a ferocious person appear on Tianhuang Mainland?

Which sect did this cultivator belong to?

The thing that confused Demoness Ji the most was that she could not detect traces of secret skills or techniques from any sect from this burly man.


Although the Lu Wu fell from midair, it was not injured and leaped up once more with a jerk.

It shook its nine tails and the thousand corpses that were skewered on them exploded!

Blood spewed everywhere, forming a mountain of corpses and blood.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The Lu Wu tread on that mountain of corpses and blood and charged over with its nine tails swaying like whips. The wind howled as it engulfed Su Zimo.

The reason why pure-blooded ferocious beasts were so strong was not purely because of the purity of their bloodline and their terrifying strength.

It was because they possessed killing moves that other demon beasts did not have!

Take the Hook Snake back in the Fog Valley for example, its tail had a gigantic hook that was laced with poison!

That hook was indestructible and sharp – even Night Spirit would not be able to defend against it with its body!

It was the same for the Lu Wu before them.

Swaying behind, its nine tails formed a sealed space and they could attack from various directions. It was like dealing with nine steel whips that were extremely difficult and troublesome to defend against.


Reaching out, Su Zimo scooped in midair and grabbed one of the Lu Wu’s thick tails.

However, he could not defend against the other eight tails.

Even with his physique, his organs would suffer from the impact of eight tails smashing on his body!

Left with no other choice, Su Zimo released his palm that was holding Monk Jue Chen down.

Instantly, Monk Jue Chen seized the moment of opportunity and his diamond heart pounded, surging his body with his diamond bloodline. Leaping from the ground, he ran off into the distance without turning back at all.

He wouldn’t have been able to hold on if it lasted for two more breaths!

Drenched from head to toe in cold sweat, he felt as though he had just passed through Hell’s gates.


Su Zimo stomped on the ground and he retreated rapidly. He gripped a tail with both hands and exerted strength in his arms just as he was retreating!

The tremendous force was transferred to the Lu Wu through its tail.

It shuddered immensely and its body nearly broke apart. Instantly, the other eight tails lost their strength and directions.

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and yanked that thick tail, lifting the massive body of the Lu Wu into the air before swinging it to slam onto the ground!

It was a deafening crush.

Dust clouds rose everywhere.

Even Demoness Ji was dumbfounded.

Everything happening before her had completely exceeded her expectations.

How terrifyingly strong must one be to be able to do this?

A short moment later, the dust dissipated and there was a huge crater on the ground with cracks all around it. Lying in the middle, the Lu Wu’s eyes were dim and it groaned weakly.

Demoness Ji’s throat moved as she subconsciously gulped.

The Lu Wu’s bones were most likely crushed with that!

In that short period of time, Monk Jue Chen had already escaped to the horizon in the distance.

Gazing back, his face had a faint golden shade and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

This time round, he had suffered a huge setback.

Su Zimo’s first attack wasn’t that bad – after all, Monk Jue Chen managed to defend against it.

However, with the second attack, Su Zimo’s aura rose! Coupled with the fact that he was pinned on the ground, Monk Jue Chen’s body could not take it at all and the flesh on his arms were ripped while his organs had shifted positions!

It was truly an aggrieving battle for Monk Jue Chen.

While Su Zimo’s strength was shocking, he felt that if it came to a life and death battle, he might not necessarily lose to the former.

As soon as they clashed, he was pinned to the spot by Su Zimo and he couldn’t use any of his skills at all.

He could not even manage to bring out his Buddhist spirit weapons which were the bare basics.

If he had two of his Buddhist spirit weapons in his storage bag, the Diamond Staff and Golden Bells, his fighting strength would have been doubled at least and he would have definitely killed the burly man here!

Although those were his thoughts, Monk Jue Chen no longer dared to fight Su Zimo given his current condition.

“Burly Patron, I underestimated you today. If I meet you again, I’ll definitely take you down!” Monk Jue Chen’s voice sounded from the distance, filled with endless indignance.


Su Zimo threw his head back and laughed, declaring loudly, “Monk, if we meet again and you dare go against me, you won’t be able to run again!”

Monk Jue Chen thought that he did not display his true strength.

However, little did he know that it was the same for Su Zimo!

If Su Zimo took on his demon form and burst forth with his blood qi, he would have taken Monk Jue Chen’s life with the first palm strike!

In his opinion, even though Monk Jue Chen was a Buddhist, this was no kind soul.

There were a thousand corpses on the nine tails of the Lu Wu behind him. In other words, it meant that there were even more cultivators who had died in his hands in the ancient battlefield!

That was the reason why Su Zimo made the remark about how the reverend had plenty of blood on his hands too.

Furthermore, there was no way that Su Zimo could sit by idly and watch Monk Jue Chen attempt to kill Demoness Ji without understanding the situation at all.

Watching by the sidelines the entire time, Demoness Ji even forgot to step out and assist the burly man.

On the one hand, it was because the burly man’s methods had stunned her.

On the other hand, there was a doubt she had in her mind.

With a cool gaze, she looked at Su Zimo intently, as though she was trying to decipher something.

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