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Chapter 438: Sword Cultivator

Su Zimo finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Demoness Ji avoid him. Internally, he felt a tinge of guilt.

He had no other choice in order to hide his identity.

“Why? You’re unwilling?”

Su Zimo’s expression darkened.

Since he was acting, he had to go all the way.

Demoness Ji was stunned for a moment when she saw that the burly man was displeased. Instantly, she smiled with a charm that struck at one’s soul and replied tenderly, “Please don’t be angry, benefactor. There’s been a misunderstanding and I mistook you for an old friend of mine.”

“Let me express my apologies,”

With that, she bowed over with an apologetic look.

Su Zimo harrumphed and did not say anything more.

With a flicker in her eyes, Demoness Ji asked again, “Are you not going to ask me who my old friend is, benefactor?”

“Not interested.”

Su Zimo waved it off and walked into the distance at an extremely fast speed while saying from far away, “I’m only interested in the Human Emperor’s Palace!”

“I want to head to the Human Emperor’s Palace too! Shall we go together?”

Demoness Ji yelled from behind.

There was naturally no way Su Zimo would reply as he went silent, pretending to have heard nothing.

They had only met and he was nearly exposed by Demoness Ji. If they were to travel together, she might truly see through his disguise!

“Su Zimo!”

Suddenly, a shout sounded from behind without any warning at all.

Instinctively, Su Zimo wanted to stop in his tracks and turn back.

That was the most natural reaction for anybody.

However, in a flash, he realized what was going on and continued moving ahead, disappearing from Demoness Ji’s line of sight in the blink of an eye.

When she saw that, Demoness Ji frowned slightly and murmured in deep thought, “Seems like it’s not him.”

Su Zimo only slowed down after he was far away and heaved a sigh of relief.

That was close!

Demoness Ji was the one who shouted earlier on!

If Su Zimo reacted slower against her sudden shout, he would have definitely revealed a flaw and would be exposed to Demoness Ji.

“That lass truly is…”

Muttering softly, Su Zimo shook his head and flew towards the Human Emperor’s Palace that was at the center of the ancient battlefield.

10 days later.

The Human Emperor’s Palace descended slowly. As it got closer to the ground, the aura that it exuded also turned increasingly terrifying.

500 kilometers around the range of the ancient palace, all the ancient living beings and remnant beasts have shifted away, not daring to linger near it.

Although countless years have passed, the remnant might of the Human Emperor was massive and could still suppress the eight desolates while instilling fear in the demons!

“So, that’s the Human Emperor’s Palace. It’s truly impressive.”

“The pressure is way too immense. Even though I’m at seven meridian Foundation Establishment, I don’t even dare to head forth. It’s hard to imagine the type of pressure that one has to endure if they start fighting within the perimeter of the Human Emperor’s Palace’s shrouded area.”

“Hurry, look! Is that a divine dragon that’s etched on that stone pillar? It looks so realistic that it seems like it’s alive!”

The appearance of the Human Emperor’s Palace attracted cultivators from all over the ancient battlefield.

One layer after another, everyone in that dense crowd looked up at the ancient palace that was in the middle of an electric ocean and a vortex of dark clouds with shocked expressions.

Not everyone was as logical as Tang Yu to be able to repress their curiosity to avoid being implicated in the bloodshed.

“I’ll give you guys three breaths worth of time to leave. Anyone who is still here after that will die!”

Right then, an icy voice sounded from outside the perimeter, carrying a sharp edge that could slice through everything!

Everyone turned over.

Behind them, a long-robed cultivator strode over with a sheathed long sword hanging casually from his waist. Twirling his long, slender fingers casually, he had a cold expression.

“How do we leave this place within three breaths?”

Many cultivators frowned.


Expressionlessly, the long-robed cultivator lowered his head and declared.

“Who is that? He sure is arrogant!”

Someone could not help but sneer.


The long-robed cultivator remarked once more.

A sharp-eyed cultivator caught sight of the sect badge hanging from the person’s waist and yelled with a shocked expression, “Sword Sect! He’s probably the successor of Sword Sect, Hang Qiuyu!”

A massive commotion broke out from the crowd the moment they heard the words ‘successor of Sword Sect’.

Right then, Hang Qiuyu’s voice sounded once more.


Unknowingly, his slender fingers were already on the hilt of the sword on his waist. Gazing coldly at the crowd in front of him, he said, “You’ve already missed your final opportunity.”


A peerless white flash shone.

Nobody could describe the speed and power of that slash.

The Startling Sword was bound to startle upon making its appearance!

In that instant, all the cultivators facing Hang Qiuyu were blinded by that bedazzling sword beam and could not open their eyes.

The next moment, they felt their throats turn cold as a warm, sticky liquid started spewing outside with a nauseating stench!

It was fresh blood.

Dozens of cultivators that stood in front of Hang Qiuyu fell at the same time. Collapsing to the ground, their throats were slit by the sword and they died, unable to rest in peace.

Almost everyone who came to the vicinity of the Human Emperor’s Palace were at seven meridian Foundation Establishment and were rather capable.

However, those dozens of cultivators died on the spot without even having the chance to take out their spirit weapons.

That was how terrifying the might of his single slash was!

The cultivators behind him were horrified as they took out protection talismans from their storage bags and crushed them instantly. Right after, they summoned their flying swords and defensive spirit weapons such as shields and heart protecting mirrors before calming down.


By the time they were prepared and looked ahead, Hang Qiuyu had already vanished.

A gentle breeze blew across.

Hang Qiuyu had already charged into the crowd with his Startling Sword!

A sword beam rose followed by a bloody flash.

Some of the cultivators were cut in half with fresh blood spewing and countless nauseating internal organs flowing out.

Protection talismans were nothing but paper against Hang Qiuyu’s sword.


A cultivator defended the Startling Sword with his shield and a crisp sound echoed upon the collision.

The joy in his eyes appeared for a brief moment before freezing on his face. With a dimmed gaze, his head tilted to the side as his life was cut away from him!

A white scar appeared on that person’s shield and it broke into two by the time it fell to the ground.

A superior-grade defensive spirit weapon could not even withstand a single slash from the Startling Sword!

Many cultivators were terrified and fled into the distance, not daring to linger.

That was the terror of a sword cultivator!

Although the sword reigned supreme in Tianhuang Mainland, not all cultivators who could use flying swords were considered as sword cultivators.

For true sword cultivators, their swords never left their hands and vice versa.

Unlike flying swords, sword cultivators used long swords with hilts.

Sword cultivators were particular about the sword techniques, force, intent and focused on cultivating the Dao of the sword so as to become one with the sword, to become one with the world and in fact, to become one together with the sword and world together!

In the cultivation world, it was difficult to declare that a particular lineage of cultivator, be it immortal, fiend or Buddhist, was the strongest – the end results would only be determined in a fight.

However, there was a universally recognized fact in the cultivation world.

The killing power of a sword cultivator was the strongest!

Furthermore, among the immortal, fiend and Buddhist sects, the sword cultivators of Sword Sect, one of the nine immortal sects, were the most famous.

The founder of Sword Sect was the number one Sword Emperor of the ancient era.

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