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Chapter 431: Eternal Human Emperor

Uncle Liang said, “The ancient war lasted for a whole time and almost spanned across the entire ancient era. Among that, countless human cultivators risked their lives to save the commoners from the disaster, creating a tragic song among the glorious era of the human race.”

“The Primordial Nine Races were way too strong and had already reigned over Tianhuang Mainland ever since the primordial era where there were thousands of races! Under the lead of the Primordial Nine Races, the hundred races joined forces and pushed the humans back. Slowly, the territories occupied by the humans decreased and they were about to be engulfed by the hundred races that were led by the Primordial Nine Races at any moment…”

“The human race was on the brink of extinction!”

Although everyone already knew that the outcome of the ancient war was that the human race stood victorious, everyone could not help but get nervous at that point.

Uncle Liang took a deep breath of air and said deeply, “In that chaos, the Human Emperor appeared domineeringly and overturned the situation! He conquered the four regions and three seas almost singlehandedly, killing multiple emperors among the hundred races and severing the light of providence on the Primordial Nine Races! Sweeping across Tianhuang Mainland, everyone had to bow down everywhere he passed!”

“The Dragon Emperor of the dragon race and the Celestial Emperor of the celestial race? Against the Human Emperor, all of them had to die! Later on, descendants even referred to the birth of the Human Emperor as the subduing of all hundred races as his subjects!”

The cultivators opened their mouths in shock and it took a long time for them to calm their hearts.

“The result of the ancient war was that the hundred races lost massively and were almost extinct. Even the Primordial Nine Races were severely injured and had to each hide in a corner of Tianhuang Mainland, living ignoble existences and rarely showing their faces. The nine areas are known today as the nine forbidden grounds.”

Su Zimo shuddered when he heard that.

Previously, he heard Demoness Ji mention the nine forbidden grounds where any living being that entered was bound to die.

It was only until now that the doubts in Su Zimo’s hearts were resolved.

The origins of the nine forbidden grounds came from the Primordial Nine Races that once ruled over Tianhuang Mainland!

What Uncle Liang meant was that if the Human Emperor hadn’t appeared in the ancient era, the humans wouldn’t have been a match for the Primordial Nine Races.

Although the Human Emperor was already long gone, the Primordial Nine Races survived.

Suddenly, a thought struck Su Zimo.

If the Primordial Nine Races were to show themselves again and come out from the nine forbidden grounds one after another in this era, who could stop them now that the human race no longer had the Human Emperor?

It wasn’t a completely unfounded worry.

The reason why Su Zimo thought about that was because of the appearance of the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord.

Shaking his head, Su Zimo stopped letting his imagination run wild.

He merely heard Uncle Liang continuing, “From then on, the human race has prospered and the ancient era came to an end, bringing us to the current era. Right now, no one knows of the Human Emperor’s name. However, because he reigned through history and conquered all regions, the human race refer to him as the emperor and we descendants call him the Eternal Human Emperor!”

“Furthermore, it’s because of the Human Emperor’s appearance that the hundred races are destroyed and the Primordial Nine Races have to live an ignoble existence, bringing a close to an era. The ancient era was also known as the Human Emperor’s era.”

Eternal Human Emperor!

Uncle Liang continued, “Ever since the ancient era, time has passed and the world has changed. Generation after generation, emperors have appeared on Tianhuang Mainland, but none of them dare refer to themselves as the Human Emperor and neither did any of them have the qualifications to attach ‘Eternal’ to their titles!”

Su Zimo finally heaved out a sigh of relief when he heard that as a phrase filled his mind.

The title of the Human Emperor was totally deserved!

Tang Yu said, “The Human Emperor’s Palace was the bedroom of the Human Emperor and contains his inheritance. Ever since the Human Emperor left Tianhuang Mainland, the Human Emperor’s Palace has only appeared seven times and there were a total of seven people who had entered it, leaving their marks. Each of the cultivators that came forth from it underwent complete transformations!”

“Among those seven people, three of them became emperors. The other four cultivators became the strongest paragons of their respective generations. It was just a pity that they died midway and could not make it to the end.”

No one could ensure that the path of cultivation would be smooth.

Even the cultivators with the most heavenly-defying potentials would meet with countless calamities and no one could guarantee that they could make it through everything safely.

Tang Yu remarked, “From the point of view of the later generations, if the remaining four of the seven cultivators who entered the Human Emperor’s Palace hadn’t died, they would have definitely become emperors with their achievements as well!”

“What’s inside the Human Emperor’s Palace?”

Su Zimo could not help but ask.

Tang Yu chuckled bitterly and shook her head. “I’m afraid other than the seven cultivators who entered the Human Emperor’s Palace, no one else knows.”

Uncle Liang said deeply, “It’s said that each of the seven cultivators received different inheritances. For example, the three of them who became emperors were the Immortal, Buddha and Fiend Emperors respectively.”

Tang Yu looked at Su Zimo and suddenly asked, “Fellow Daoist Su, you’re interested in the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance?”

Su Zimo remained silent and did not reply.

Tang Yu continued, “Only a single person is allowed into the Human Emperor’s Palace. If you wish to obtain its inheritance, you will naturally meet with the strongest cultivators in the ancient battlefield.”

“Furthermore, all of them are bound to be at eight meridian Foundation Establishment. Right now, you’re only…”

She did not continue.

In her opinion, Su Zimo was indeed truly strong and could in fact challenge eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

However, it was unrealistic to think that he could suppress multiple geniuses and enter the Human Emperor’s Palace.

After all, he was only at seven meridian Foundation Establishment no matter what.

The difference between seven and eight Foundation Establishment was way too great!

Furthermore, there were Sealers of super sects watching from the sidelines.

Not all Sealers could be baited to their deaths by Su Zimo.

He might be able to survive against the attacks of a Sealer. But, what if there were two… or three?

“Is Elixir Yang Sect intending to go?”

Suddenly, Su Zimo asked.

“We’re not,”

Tang Yu shook her head decisively. “I can almost predict that the area beneath the Human Emperor’s Palace will be filled with blood and corpses. There might even be many innocent sects that might get implicated just because they want to watch the show.”

“We’re in possession of many ancient manuals from Elixir Pool Sect and we can’t afford to lose them. I’ll not let Elixir Yang Sect take the risk.”

Nodding, Su Zimo replied, “This is an extremely rare occasion. I’ll head over to take a look but I won’t participate.”

At that moment, Su Zimo told a lie.

Tang Yu more or less understood Su Zimo’s personality and knew that he wouldn’t change his mind easily after deciding on something.

She no longer tried persuading him but merely reminded, “Make sure to stay away the moment you sense something amiss. Don’t get implicated.”

“Thank you,”

Su Zimo greeted with cupped fists.

“Actually, there’s something else about the Human Emperor’s Palace that draws in Foundation Establishment Cultivators.”

Suddenly, Uncle Liang spoke, “It’s said that after the eighth spirit meridian, one can actually unlock a ninth spirit meridian! Nine represents extremity and as such, the nine meridian Foundation Establishment cultivation realm is also referred to as the Extreme Foundation Establishment cultivation realm.”

The mention of that had Su Zimo’s heart skipping a beat.

He had a hunch about that.

When he was unlocking the seventh spirit meridian, he felt that it was not as difficult as what everyone had described.

Su Zimo deduced that it might be because of his spirit energy’s purity.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had not consumed any elixirs with impurities.

“Legend has it that only the Human Emperor has managed to unlock that ethereal ninth spirit meridian!”

Uncle Liang continued, “Of course, that’s only a legend. After all, throughout history, apart from the Human Emperor, no one has managed to unlock the ninth spirit meridian. Even the seven cultivators who stepped foot into the Human Emperor’s Palace did not manage to do it as well.”

“That’s also why some people want to enter the Human Emperor’s Palace to seek out the secret of the Extreme Foundation Establishment.”

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