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Chapter 430: Primordial Secret

Xuantian City.

Su Zimo arrived beside Tang Yu and asked softly, “What’s the background of the Human Emperor’s Palace?”

Gazing at Uncle Liang, Tang Yu said, “It’s better to let Uncle Liang explain. He knows more about these ancient secrets than me.”

“It’s just a pity that I’m reaching the end of my life and I won’t be able to witness the arrival of this glorious era, sigh.”

Uncle Liang sighed gently with a wistful expression, revealing endless indignance in his eyes.

After a momentary pause, he said slowly, “There’s a person who has to be mentioned in order to explain the Human Emperor’s Palace. He’s none other than the Human Emperor!”

The moment those words were said, it seemed to possess a divine might that caused the entire ancient battlefield to tremble.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

It was easy to deduce that this person was an emperor just by the title alone.

However, even when Tang Yu mentioned the Saber and Sword Emperors previously, she did not reveal an expression as such – it was an innate reverence and respect.

This was no longer a mere title, but an eternal energy that ran through the ages!

As though he could understand Su Zimo’s confusion, Uncle Liang explained, “Throughout history, there would always be an emperor for every era. The Saber Emperor that left behind the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea was merely the Saber Emperor of that era. Later on, there was someone else who succeeded the emperor of the Saber Emperor.”

“In other words, be it the Saber, Sword, Immortal or Demon Emperors, they were not the only ones and every single era would have paragons attaining the title of emperor!”

At that moment, Uncle Liang paused for a moment before saying deeply, “However, throughout history, there has only been a single Human Emperor! For the other emperors, those were merely titles. However, he was the one and only Human Emperor! THE Human Emperor!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

At that point, he gradually understood the significance of those two words, Human Emperor.

Even the Immortal, Buddha and Fiend Emperors could not take on the Human Emperor’s title.

Immortals, Buddhas and fiends were merely different Daos of the human race. However, the Human Emperor was the emperor of all humans and was above the Immortal, Buddha and Fiend Emperors!

What sort of a peerless genius was befitting of such a title?

Uncle Liang reminisced and said slowly, “Throughout history, the Human Emperor was the strongest and most powerful emperor with no equal. In the face of the Human Emperor, all the other emperors could only be considered as subjects!”

“The Human Emperor experienced no failures throughout his life and reigned across history, arriving at the peak. Sweeping through the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, nobody dared to challenge his glory as he looked down on the world and is revered till now!”

Su Zimo could barely contain his emotions.

A life without failure… that was a true emperor!

Someone who singlehandedly reigned across history!

There was no Human Emperor before him and no one dared to claim themselves as one after him!

Letting out a breath of air gently, Uncle Liang continued, “Of course, the reason why the Human Emperor received his title was not only due to his combat strength, but mostly because of his peerless achievements. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the Human Emperor’s credit that the human race is able to occupy more than half of Tianhuang Mainland right now.”

“Do you know why the human race is able to enjoy its glory today despite the fact that we humans are born weak and fragile?”

Suddenly, Uncle Liang paused and changed the topic, asking.

“I don’t,”

Su Zimo shook his head.

In reality, he had pondered over this question before as well.

Humans were born weak in constitution and had short lifespans without any claws or fangs. Even an adult human is unable to fight a ferocious tiger singlehandedly.

It was then needless to even compare about the dragon race and whatnot of the legends.

Su Zimo let out a curious expression.

He could vaguely sense that a shocking ancient secret was about to be revealed to him.

Uncle Liang said, “It was said that back in the primordial era, there were thousands of different races. Among them, the nine fiercest races reigned supreme and later generations referred to them as the Primordial Nine Races.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he recalled something.

Back in the primordial ruins back in the Great Zhou Dynasty, he heard the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord plead to the divine dragon when he was hiding in the cave with Lin Xuanji, “We’re both from the nine races…”

If the dragon race was one of the Primordial Nine Races, it meant that the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord had the same background!

That would also explain why even the Emperor of Great Zhou was wary towards him!

Uncle Liang continued, “In the primordial era, the humans were extremely weak and were enslaved by the thousands of races without any shred of dignity. Bullied by everyone else, it was a life worse than death. That was a tragic era of the human race that is unbearable to think of.”

There was a hint of sadness in Uncle Liang’s tone.

An image seemed to appear in Su Zimo’s mind.

There were countless humans living a wretched life under the whips of the thousands of races. In the vast lands, human corpses could be seen everywhere, trampled wantonly by the other races.

“Humans were enslaved and reared by the thousands of races and were the most popular type of food for them. From time to time, they would devour our flesh and drink our blood for enjoyment. That situation continued for a long time until the end of the primordial era where a change happened for the humans!”

“For some unknown reason, a massive war broke out between the thousands of races and corpses and blood filled the entire world! It was an apocalyptic battle that lasted for many years. Tragic and terrible, blood filled the air and countless races were exterminated.”

“After the war of the thousands of races ended, there were only a hundred races left and the primordial era ended.”

All the cultivators were immersed in the primordial secret that Uncle Liang was recounting.

No one noticed that Night Spirit, who was initially sleeping beside Xiaoning, had opened its eyes out of nowhere.

A cold killing intent flickered in those black eyes from time to time. In fact, there was even a hint of confusion, as if it was trying hard to recall something.

“The ancient era came after the primordial era.”

Uncle Liang heaved a sigh of relief before continuing, “Because of the war, the thousands of races could barely fend for themselves and the human race finally got a respite, seizing the opportunity for an uprising.”

“Born weak, humans relied on comprehending the Heaven and Earth to create many secret skills to modify their bodies. Since we had no fangs and claws, we created weapons and talismans, using swords and spears in place of claws and fangs!”

“Humans established civilization and multiple emperors rose. In order to break free from our fates of being slaves, under the lead of multiple emperors, humans started resisting! We fought against the hundred races that were led by the Primordial Nine Races for our future and finally, a glorious era that belonged to the humans arrived!”

At that point, many cultivators were streaming with warm tears, as if they had traveled back in time to the ancient era and were living in it, witnessing the rise of the human race!

Gripping his fists tightly, Su Zimo was emotional as well as his hands trembled slightly.

Uncle Liang sighed gently and said, “A historic war was invoked between the human race and the hundred races, lasting for a long time and countless experts and mighty figures of the ancient era fell. The emperors were soaked in blood and it was extremely tragic.”

“That was the ancient war which all of you have heard of.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Back when Tang Yu was recounting the legend of the Saber Emperor, she mentioned the ancient war.

It was just that Su Zimo did not know the reason for the ancient war because Tang Yu’s explanation was rather vague.

It was only until now that Su Zimo finally understood.

The ancient war was the war that broke humans free from their fates!

It was also a war that determined the destiny of the human race.

It was a war that the humans couldn’t afford to lose.

If they lost, humans would be met with a fate worse than it was in the primordial era and they would definitely not have further chances of rising!

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